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Samson » July 11th, 2022

A deputy explains the absence of legislation in Parliament

11th July, 2022

The State of Law coalition explained, on Monday, the absence of legislation from the House of Representatives.

The representative of the coalition, Faisab Al-Naeli, said in an exclusive interview with Mawazine News, that most of the legislation comes from the government, and that the latter is now a caretaker that does not have the right to send any law to the House of Representatives.

He added that except for legislation that has not been resolved, such as the oil and gas law and some controversial laws that need political consensus and resolve the government’s file because of its importance not to challenge it and to be passed and applied by the government.    LINK

Tivon » July 11th, 2022


What have I been telling you all? The EFSL is for stalled laws and projects. We got one major obstacle out of the way by having the EFSL published in the Gazette. Now we need to give it legs so the citizens can run with it.

Right now we have the arms to sign it into law. But the heads need to come together during the session and use the constitutional powers to ensure its passed and voted on. This is where the Purchasing Power for the citizens lie.

Do they have to wait to reinstate until the Oil & Gas Law is done? I wouldn’t explicitly say so. But’ securing this particular law can contribute to the citizens having PP out the gate from the onset of the CBI releasing the rate on the same day or week which would prompt them to turn in their 3 zero notes at a much faster pace.

But why wouldn’t they without the Oil & Gas Law if they now have an international operational rate?

I presume the citizens are aware of the extra bonus every month on top of their income would be a welcoming gift. So aside from that the price of goods & services will be fair and affordable given that the IQD/USD pairing would be equal.

But the extra incentive to spend money you didn’t have to work for as an allowance every month can boost spending tremendously. Which is the goal that would expedite the phasing out of the old notes. Blitz Play coming up. IMO

DallasDude » July 11th, 2022


Before the EFSL law was ever mentioned I was in the camp of got to have a government with a budget being passed..My train of thought has changed based on tremendous well thought out,very educated breakdown of the true purpose of the EFSL..and I thank those on here who have done that,you know who you, the writings not just on the wall but in the articles to back it up..enough said.

Jeffrey » July 11th, 2022

I love reading your posts as well as everyone’s opinions. And IMO you are still correct cuz guess what NON OF US ARE AT THE BANK YET!

DallasDude » July 11th, 2022

True we are not in the banks yet, but in fairness we are waiting on the next session to reconvene which should be no later than this weekend I hope..After that the opposition needs to prepare for the BLITZ..I don’t believe they have the personnel in position to stop it..

Tivon » July 11th, 2022

Understandable. The reason you are not at the bank yet is because they will not enrich us at the expense of their citizens. Which is what we are basically asking them to do. So how will they protect themselves from the onset of the reinstatement? The Oil & Gas Law because that currently makes up 95% of their revenue. Why would they release the new exchange rate and lose trillions of dollars by not having the HCL in place prior to the reinstatement? Let’s not be selfish here. All they needed was a legal standing to support the move. Now they do thanks to the publication of the EFSL in the Gazette. It’s tied directly to the constitution which stipulates that the Oil & Gas Law belongs to the citizens and not the aristocracy in Kurdistan. IMO

Hammy14 » July 11th, 2022

IMO Kazemi and his Cabinet qualify completely as a “seated government.”  The EFSL will legally work in place of the budget for the remainder of this year.  Kazemi has ALL he needs to bring forth the reforms that will also include the reinstatement of their currency, which will be tradable internationally.  All these reforms, including monetary, is the entire reason for passing the EFSL in the first place!!!  Once again, this law gives Kazemi FULL LEGAL AUTHORITY to move forward now.  The show is just beginning.  Sit back and watch it all unfold.

Tivon » July 11th, 2022


The EFSL Gazette/PDF literally states this in the 33 page document that refers to Al-Kazemi as a current seated government. This is substantiated factual information. I even posted statements from Walkingstick saying the same thing.

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