“Spiritual Motive vs. Practical Application” by Jai Guru Dev – 7.13.22



Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 7:29 PM ET on July 13, 2022

We are living in the most interesting times in the creation of this Universe. A time where Free Will is manifested (almost) instantly. The higher your consciousness, the quicker the manifestation. The lower your consciousness the more time it takes to manifest.

A bold statement that needs further clarification.

Why is it that the more conscious entities manifest reality quicker in our current space/time existence? – It is because they are more closely aligned to the unprecedented nudges from First Source’s intentions to assist in effecting the changes from Dark to Light.

Less conscious entities are afforded a period of time to reflect on their choices and decisions to see if they are aligned with Divine Intent. A small window (time) to reflect on their ‘Dark’ intentions and change their focus to ‘Light’ intentions. 

If one does this in that ‘gap of reflection’ (the extra time afforded before their intent manifests}, there are minimal consequences. If one continues on the path of negative (Dark) negative outcomes, the Universal Entity allows them to manifest their intentions as the 2nd law of Manifestation is Free Will and must be honoured. Of course, there are consequences to every choice and decisions we make.

I can assure you, if your intentions are not aligned, the the Universal Entity will shove its foot up a strategic part of your anatomy that is extremely uncomfortable.

I have said it before, but I will reiterate it again in a different manner. You and I are living in the most momentous times of the creation of this 7th Universe, (the most conscious Universe of the preceding 6 Universes]. In other words. we are living in the most pivotal times in all of Creation. 




These momentous times are way beyond my frame of reference, but I have the absolute faith that these changes are inevitable. That the magnificent future for inhabitants of this plant will be an experience we will all be a part of. I have no doubt. No stress. No worries. Nothing can deter me from this path, but me. 

As the Me that believes this with every fibre of my being is intact, my 3D world has become so much easier. Is your 3D world stressful or free flowing? We are now at the point when the pure of heart are being assisted and the less pure are experiencing challenges. Thoughts are almost instantly manifesting.

Understand that if you are a Light Worker you will be tested to the full extent of your belief. If you hold faith and pass the test, you will receive Divine Blessings {which come with a responsibility to assist in effecting the new consciousness amongst the masses).


Look at the NEWS (mainstream). Boris Johnson resigning, Sri Lanka govt. being overturned, fires in the Vatican. Here in South Africa every bank will tell you that their staff are undergoing training for the new banking system, Zimbabwe announcing the move to a gold coin for trade, BRICS countries announcing a new asset backed blockchain banking system. 

There is so much information out there that this change is happening in an accelerated manner. If you choose to see. It all depends on your level of belief in this process as to how much information you can see.

I have an absolute that I will always have food in my stomach, a roof over my head, good friends, good health, good cash flow. And it is so.




If you want to change your circumstances, change your belief.

On a practical level. Watch for the announcement of the new banking system. Only then can the PPP programs and Historical Assets be paid out.

We are close, extremely close. Keep the faith. It helps the process.

Jai Guru Dev


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