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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 7-12-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday July 12th and you’re listening to the Big Call – welcome everybody wherever you are listening in whether it is live or on the replay

So let’s get into some intel and see where we are  – fortunately we got some really good information yesterday and today that are giving us a pretty good perspective on where we are for us  tier 4B the internet group –

What’s really cool is – remember how I said we need the bond holders to actually start being paid – We need the bondholders to get their funds. We finally found out that the bondholders were started being paid just in the last couple of days. They started being paid so they have funds in their account, but they can see because these people have accounts that they’ve already set up to receive these funds.

They can go into those accounts, they can see the funds and they will have access those that have their bond money in their accounts. Can and will have access to that money starting tomorrow. That’s Wednesday. Okay, you see the 13th. That’s when they get access to it. I don’t know exactly what time it could be late morning. Seems like I remember something around 10:30 and 11 in the morning, that they would have access to that.

Now – There are about 20,000 bondholders and so far about 10% of that number has received there plugged into their account. And just so you know, this is an ongoing thing of these bond sellers essentially being hydrated, their accounts being paid for the next three weeks. That’s tier three, getting liquidity and access to it over the next three weeks.

We in tier four B are not dependent on tier three being completed. We don’t have to wait for that to happen. I’m being told that we should and that’s the operational word here the operative word we should receive notifications in the next couple of days.

And I believe our exchanges are to start either Thursday the 14th or Friday the 15th that came from a very, very high up source just today. So we have some liquidity already in these bond holder accounts. And it’s interesting because the bond holders they’re paying these accounts from the smallest amounts to the largest amounts.

So those that will have to wait two or three weeks for their accounts to be to be funded so let’s call it those are going to be the bigger players in tier three. The ones that have their money in the account showing now that will have access tomorrow. But it’s still big money. It’s still big money, but it’s the lower and the bondholders it’s from lowest to highest. Okay, so that’s really an interesting piece of it right there.

A lot a lot of things so we should I don’t know for sure if we’re gonna get notified tomorrow or Thursday. Or we’re supposed to go Thursday or Friday? That’s what I believe that’s what I’ve been told from a very high up source. So I’m gonna go with that.

When it comes to other things happening around the globe, we’ve got a lot of geopolitical events happening, you know, with the assassination. of former Prime Minister Ave Shinzo Abe, of Japan.

We’ve lost I believe, the current prime minister, his wife of Haiti, they were a were executed I guess you could call it assassinated. There are things happening all over the globe – with government structures, with people being taken out of position of power and new people coming in. This is going to be the norm. This type of activity.

And it’s sort of as part of GESARA in a way, because GESARA isn’t gonna allow for a lot of things that aren’t going to allow lend ourselves to a peaceful, non War world. Things are really moving in that direction. I think now, and there’s a lot happening. Behind the scenes, a lot of cleanup on aisle three, all kinds of things that are taking place.

The Euro, as I mentioned, has dropped precipitously against the dollar Thursday was at 98 cents it’s hovering near $1 now, I don’t know you guys it’s just it’s just an amazing thing. We know that that the digital US dollar is tradable now – online as a as a virtual essentially a virtual currency. This thing is coming together before our eyes, but most of it is still behind the scenes. Most of it is happening behind the scenes.

There are a lot of structure and process that’s moving in place for certain people to return to Office – for certain people to be removed from office, et cetera, et cetera. And I think it’s a it’s going to be interesting we’ll see how quickly the Emergency Alert System gets actually fully implemented.

And whether or not it’s a short period of time, and then whether or not we have 10 days of disclosure, which I’ve understood that was more of a term to use than 10 Days of Darkness. I think it’s more disclosure, I think we’re going to see lot of truths be revealed, hopefully, the truth be revealed, even on mainstream media and even on all channels could be on all channels depends on how broad the EAS is when it kicks in. We know it’s been tested – We know it’s been utilized in a number of few cities where they needed to get the word out and they’ve done it all took them us to get certain things out on radio in certain markets. So that is all taking place.

Now another thing I wanted to bring out was, this is something that is affecting those that are the bond holders that are going to see their funds and be able to get access starting tomorrow. That’s our best understanding right now is that tomorrow they’ll start –

There is a limit to the spending that they’re going to be allowed to do – And that same criteria is going to apply to us in tier four B. And I think I can bring this out without hurting anybody’s feelings. You’re going to be for the first two months let’s call it 60 days – two months – limited to purchasing no more than two homes – No more than two cars – And more than one airplane or some people say aeroplane it’s really airplane or jet – one helicopter if needed. And did I say two cars? Yeah, I did. Right? And maybe one or two boats depending on the kind of boat. Okay, depending on it.

So there’s a little bit of restriction, but think about it’s only for two months. So it’s not gonna be such a big thing. Bond holders are held to this. We are understanding we’re going to be held to that. That same kind of a thing. All right.

And say why? Why are they limiting that because they don’t want things that we purchased that are just going to sit, sit around or hope places that are bought they want things that we buy to be used to be usable to be used. Okay, so let’s just go with it.

NDA understood today our actual NDA which is only zim holders by the way, is primarily only like a page and a half. Understand the main three points that are Shut the front door – don’t talk about your newfound Wealth, or where you got it. Any of that you have to come up with a story. A True Story history as you can make it on how to keep that quiet if you’re asked about certain things.

The main thing is don’t put yourself in a position where you’re asked about what how do you get on? Well, how did you get so rich? You know, don’t be talking about that –

The second thing is you can’t talk about the appointment where you had it where the redemption center was who helped you who helped you have redemption center, no names, none of that, which that doesn’t even cross my mind. I mean, you think I’m gonna tell somebody about the redemption center that people know neither one or the bank that you did this in? If you use it to your one or two bank, none of that information.

Everything around the aspects of these transactions that you’re going to do will remain private. You don’t talk about it. You shut your mouth and you don’t don’t let that out. You just you know what after this go to be looking forward into your projects into some vacay time. Maybe a staycation maybe a real vacation.

You’re going to be looking at taking up you know a new ride maybe two you know, there’ll be some stuff to do that you’ll be doing before we get our projects cranked out or started down. We are going to start our planning stages of starting yearly on our projects, but we’ll be revisiting those pretty quickly and talking about how, for example, you would be held involved with rebuild America. We’ve talked briefly about it, but we’ll have more input and more information that we will send out to you –

So this could be the last live call, we’ll see. So take this initial time to make sure you’re completely out of debt that you find in either redo the home that you’re in, if you love where you are, or get ready to move new location, doing the things you know, for your family, for yourself, for your immediate community to start with.

Okay, I’ve talked about NDA – I talked about just let’s call it slight limitations, and making purchases in first two months. shouldn’t be anything too restrictive for us I don’t think – we are going to receive perk sheets. This is a list of benefits or perks that banks will give us for banking with them. And understand some of these may be renewable every year. They are not supposed to cost us anything that it would matter, but it’s not going to be something they have paid for or pay taxes on.

So these are going to be sheets maybe I’m gonna say three, maybe four pages from each bank. I understand that because of competition all the banks be offering the same perks. Now they may vary somewhat. They may vary. So when you get that that’s something you’ll get at the redemption center appointment, but then you take those home and look those over and decide just saying what you want.

It’s like the old days, like 60 years ago – When you set up an account, certain bank accounts would give you a toaster, you know, well, we’re not going to need a free toaster. But some of the perks might be worth it – Nice. I’d like to take advantage of that. Check one off your list. I hope there’s nothing said about a free toaster. No, I don’t think so. Not when it comes to the kind of money we’re talking about – otherwise guys, I think that’s how close we are two – three days. From what I’m hearing from a super high source

And we know that the bondholders are supposed to get access to funds starting tomorrow and I know and one other piece that was that a lot more bond holders are going to be happy after 8:30pm Let’s call it Eastern Daylight Time tonight.

That meant a whole batch of emails would be going out to those bondholders – I have no idea how many – I just know we’ve got 20,000 total that need to be paid out. So there’s probably a pretty good chunk that are going out tonight and they’ll continue to get us out of it. Good news. For us.

We do not have to wait to complete we will get started. It may not be a true shot gun start but it could be and also possible that we get some notification tomorrow. I’m not going to hold my breath for tomorrow I’m looking more to Thursday and Friday – we will see –

Stay positive we are getting down to the wire – so that’s all I wanted to show you guys tonight. appreciate everybody that’s tuned in faithfully some of you may without missing a call over the last seven years which is tremendous even I’ve missed I think two of my own calls for the last 11 years maybe but everybody that is helped to make this a reality It’s just been wonderful.

Thanks everybody for being part of this big call universe wherever you are located around the globe. So thank you everyone.

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins 1:11:41

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