Silver Report Uncut: Bank Runs Turn Bloody, It’s So Much Worse than you Imagine


Silver Report Uncut
Jul 12, 2022

(Bank Runs PART ONE) Chinas financial system is the largest and also the fakest. Thats right, China is filled with ghost cities, ghost companies, etc… some small banks in China just told clients they can have their money after the ceo of one disappeared over legal problems. Thousands showed up to get their money and the bank had paid extra security to beat the depositors who just wanted their money. this video was too good and too long for one show.

Silver Report Uncut
Jul 13, 2022

The Bank Run Turned Melee Was The Beginning, It’s So Much Worse Than You Imagine We Will 0wn N0thing! According to Chinese media the frozen deposits across the various local banks could be worth up to $1.5 billion and authorities are investigating the three banks.


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