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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 7-14-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Thursday July 14th an it’s a National Holiday in France and they celebrate Bastille Day on the 14th of July – welcome everybody wherever you are listening in on the Big Call whether it is live or on the replay –

Well, let’s go into the scenario where we find ourselves. Number one this is really the crux of it. We have it on good authority that Iraq will do their RV – if we call it that – do their RV that should mean bring their rate out. Have it officially announced on Friday – that’s tomorrow.

Now we know we have a certain delegation from the United States that is on their way tonight to Iraq I know that announced and getting that as a done deal. This weekend – Totally done deal. It’s really interesting because one moment, please, I think Hold on a second.

Okay, so this is where we stand. We know Iraq is going to do their thing. Officially tomorrow. We know Hashemi or Kazemi, however you pronounce his name is prime minister. He is seated and will be announcing that as Prime Minister tomorrow or Saturday. But I think it’ll be tomorrow. And it could be very well that the Iraqi dinar rate will make its way finally into the printed gazette Saturday. It was supposed to be last Wednesday.

I didn’t get any confirmation that it made it in I doubt it did. But I believe Saturday and Wednesday since those are the two days that the official record for Iraq, the Gazette is in print. I believe it’ll show up on Saturdays gazette okay, which is only a couple of days away.

When it comes to the bondholders, I told you guys, the bondholders are the key for us to get started. And we’re hearing a lot of good things about the bondholders even last Tuesday, two nights ago at 8:30pm – you remember on the big call Tuesday I told you that there was a group of bondholders that would be receiving emails at 830 Tuesday night. Yes, that did occur. That did give them access to funds.


Okay, now some of these earlier bondholders that are finally being sent emails are what they call the lower smaller fish if you will. Now they’re not little – because the amounts are running – the lower ones that were talking about last Tuesday was running from 800 million to 1.4 billion. Okay, so that’s a pretty good chunk of change – As you guys know, nothing to sneeze at.

Then, the next night, Wednesday night which was last night, there was another group that was to be notified at 8:30pm – and they were – and they received emails giving them access to funds. Then we are Thursday night, and we’ve got three more groups that would be considered in the small – Let’s call it smaller phase of bondholders -meaning slightly smaller amounts.

Now these are going to be bigger than they were. We went from 800 mil to 1.4 billion now we’re in the group that’s bigger than that. Yesterday, and then the group tonight, tonight, Thursday, Friday, Saturday – these next three groups tonight, Friday and Saturday – they may hold those off I’ve heard until Saturday.

Those are supposed to be notified with emails after 5:30pm tomorrow, Friday – that’s after the markets closed at four o’clock on the east coast. So around 530 those emails to those bondholders, as I mentioned in the so called smaller phase, are to be notified with emails and given access to funds, I believe on Saturday.

So that’s a group let’s call it let’s call it group three, four and five are in the first phase of bond holders receiving access to funds. Okay, so, group three, four and five which are still considered a smaller payouts are going to be getting notified after 5:30pm Friday that’s tomorrow, and then having access to funds according to the best information we had today – on Saturday, the 16th of July –

Now where does that put us?

I told you guys that the bondholders could take up to two and a half to three weeks to complete. But we don’t have to wait for that. That’s just what they have to wait for to get their full payouts of their bonds and I’m sure if you if you can imagine the smaller group being the first five groups in the first phase of payouts being into the up to $8 billion dollars – that’s – imagine what the top players are going to be the top people in tier three.


There’ll be quite a bit more than that. So they’re starting with a smaller amounts and moving up to the larger amounts. Okay, that’s what they’re doing now.

Now how does it affect us? They want the release of those funds for groups three, four and five in the first phase, I’m calling it – okay to get access to those funds on Saturday.

Now, I think what they’re trying to do was – what I’m hearing – is to coordinate that with our notifications – now, and possibly our start of exchanges. So we have been told, as I told you, last Tuesday, that we could get exchanging the 14th which is today or the 15th, which is tomorrow.

That has been revised to me to say, well, it might be more like 14 or 15 for notification. Then that’s been re revised to me today to talk about fourth 15th which is tomorrow, Friday, 15th and 16th. To be notified on tier 4 B 15th or 16th . Well, either way we win.

And if it were to be tomorrow, the 15th  that we’re actually notified – my gut is would be in line with that email that’s going out for that group three, four, and five of the bondholders that’s going out at 530 in the afternoon. We could be in that same timeframe. We could be in that same timeframe.

Now – if it does come out tomorrow afternoon – we’re probably setting appointments for a start of Saturday. On the other hand, if we don’t get notified tomorrow, we could very well get notified Saturday. I’m hearing that our RV meaning here for tier 4B our RV will occur Saturday. Now does that mean exchanges, or does it mean notifications and exchanges? We think it means exchanges – starting Saturday.

So it’s a matter of interpretation and it’s not absolute. It is not absolute. But – we do know that the redemption center staff are on call – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – with I believe it’s one hour notice notification – with one hour notice there to be in the redemption centers and at their desk, ready to set appointments. That’s tomorrow, Saturday and quite possibly Sunday. We’ll see what happens.

So if you see what I’m saying, there’s a lot that should be happening this weekend. And I’m saying starting tomorrow afternoon at 530 for these for three groups – group three, four and five of the phase one, bondholders. And by getting those guys paid out with liquidity, they may shotgun start us with their email with the timing of our emails with the toll free number coming out – and with us starting essentially to set appointments and getting started as early as Saturday.

Now all of this is subject to movement as you guys can tell. We’ve been moved from 1415 to 1516 which is Friday, Saturday. We know that we’re expecting some very positive geopolitical changes to take place over the weekend, which is wonderful – and there’s a lot of you guys have been seeing it.

There’s a lot that’s already happened this week geopolitically – globally. Okay, now, where do we stand on the NESARA and GESARA? NESARA already started months ago in small ways, very small ways, but GESARA it could very well be brought out, starting this weekend, and I’m gonna say possibly starting Saturday.


So we’ll see how that plays out. And with that, is there a possibility that we use the Emergency Alert System, the EAS, maybe, but maybe they don’t need to? Okay, maybe they don’t need to do that.

What about disclosing events that have happened? I think that’s something that could start right away. this week or next week – But it’s also something that we may a lot of the stuff that is deep, deep information that we all kind of know a little bit about – Some of that could come out even this fall.

It could be brought out sort of in phases, not all at once, it might be too much to handle. Really, it could be too much for the American people to swallow – So I’m sure they’re thinking about how to bring it out where people can assimilate the information comfortably or as comfortably as they can before they move on to the next phase. I think that’s what it’s gonna be like – but we could very well see some GESARA announcements this weekend, which is great – and they could be made here starting Saturday –

So I wanted to get that out to you guys – and say I really do believe this is going to be the timing for us and I say that based on the fact that the bondholders have started receiving emails with giving them access to funds. That’s huge.

And we have had a gold back dollar called the USN – United States note or US New. The new gold back dollar since last Sunday – the 10th the 10th of July.

It was signed into law and it was absolute – and that’s why Sunday night – the trading with all of these countries globally with asset backed currencies – began last Sunday – the 10th banks – and as far as we know right now all the countries have been able to participate in those currency trades – and we are only receiving US and gold backed dollars Digital – now this is digital – digital.

Okay. It’s not the USTN currency or money that we keep in our pocket or in our wallets or purses. It’s not that yet. It’s the digital form of our gold backed dollar. Okay – called the USN – that’s the only currency that we’re accepting as the United States – in trade for goods and services from countries outside of North America.

What’s North America? It’s Canada. Oh, Canada. It’s Canada, the United States and Mexico. Those three are considered North America. We’re still using our Fiat dollar now for probably through some time in August, and then that will go away. That could be changeable, very changeable.  But that is usable.

That’s why we can still use our money now. Until the new USTN bills come out. And once the USTN currency comes out from our banks, then we’ll be able to turn in or spend out our Fiat dollars that we have left to spend those out as we get the new currency coming in to us.

Now, will that be explained at all in any way on this weekend? They may wait to talk about our new USTN money. I just call it the money, the paper currency that’s backed by gold. They may wait on that but the things are definitely moving and they’ve been moving heavy duty behind the scenes.


And now it’s time for this to come to the fore and bring this type of information out –Finally – and it may just be that GESARA is coinciding with the RV for tier 4B and tier 4A, that may be why the timing is set up for Saturday. Let’s hope so.

And hopefully, notifications do come out tomorrow afternoon after the markets closed – hopefully – along the lines of the emails going out to the bondholders in groups, three, four and five, which are still small potatoes in the great scheme of things.   But it’s hard to call 8 billion dollars small potatoes okay, but it’s still mine.

Thanks, Sue. Thanks, Bob GCK Pastor Scott, Jeanne and Marie everybody that’s helped behind the scenes of the big call. Thank you, Intel providers and thank you those that are taking the big call and translating it simultaneously into other languages around the globe. Congratulations to France for their Bastille Day, their national day, today and the 14th of July.

And thank you everybody for listening all of those around the globe. Whether you’re listening live to this call, or whether you’re listening on the replay link or on the replay number. Thank you for tuning in. So thanks, everybody. Appreciate everything you’ve done over 11 years now. And everybody have a great weekend. I look forward to the weekend. And everything that’s coming with it. All right, good night, everybody. Have a great weekend.

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins 1:24:54

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