Dinarland Highlights for July 16, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 7.16.22


…What we are waiting on has in fact started quite a while ago. They are working through the different tiers. We are not waiting for anything to start. It has started. What we are waiting on is the release at our level…


Clare (KTFA)

Framework: Choosing the Prime Minister during the next few days, and we call for a parliamentary session next week urgent



[via PDK]

[Any news on Iraq setting their new rate?]

Lots of rumors about them setting their rate…on Saturday or possibly next Wednesday are options…  There has been leaked information about Christine Lagarde talking about a flipping of the financial system that is supposed to occur on the 21st… I can’t imagine they can keep this under wraps but there really is a lot of chatter from Christine Lagarde on that front…

I’m getting fantastic chatter out of Iraq… I’m hearing things look good for this coming Wednesday…including a rate in the Gazette…. I am hearing from all my sources that short of a serious curve…they are pushing for it very soon. I hope this is accurate but we all need to manage our expectations… My redemption people have not been called in today…so I believe this weekend is out…. I really hope to be proven incorrect and get a call to the contrary…but, I am hearing phenomenal things to happen over the next 5 days or so…


Tivon (KTFA)

I am showing you why we basically have not seen the exchange rate. They need the Oil & Gas Law in place on a constitutional basis in order to maximize profits for the new exchange rate to mean anything for the overall GDP internationally. This is why the 1:1 out of the gate makes sense. Because of the oil price.

“Parliamentary Finance excludes the existence of a budget for 2022 and explains the reason”

They do not need the general budget for this year. The EFSL will take care of everything that matters for the citizens and the economy. And whatever funds are leftover from the EFSL can go into the 2023 Budget. So now you can see they have no choice but to pick PM Al-Kazemi for the remainder of the year into the next. Passing a budget would not make an iota of sense. Now they are forced to play a different game.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Alia Nassif comments on the revenues achieved by customs in Iraq

That 95% oil revenues is going to be batched [matched?] by the borders, liquid natural gas, mining, tourism, etc.. The size of the money flow is going to be staggering. Everyone knows it…



Excellent interview tonight posted with the deputy governor of the central bank on Iraq…Ihsan Shamran.  He mentions the money printed in Iraq now is 83 trillion dinar.  Clearly, one who is reasonable understands there can never be a RV with that much dinar in circulation…Exchange rates are tools used by central banks to counter economic issues such as inflation, economic growth etc. Therefore, any change in the exchange rate would be gradual as the economy grows.


Samson (KTFA)

Al-Kazemi and his government enter a closed meeting with Biden in Jeddah



So the big question is once the Forex starts trading Iraqi Dinar would $1.71 be approximately the actual rate of the dinar?  ...Let’s just say for the sake of it that this is going to be close to what the actual rate of the dinar is going to be…to get this particular exchange rate they’re going to have to decrease the amount of Iraqi dinars in circulation.  That’s why we hear so much talk about the deletion of the zeros…


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground TV report]

FIREFLY: Interviews by the advisor to Kazemi are talking about how things are looking great for the economic change to take place and reforms accelerated all do to the white papers…

FRANK: …You know very well that the new exchange rate is in those white papers…Kazemi had a plan.  You’re watching it unfold.

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