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Samson » July 17th, 2022

Al-Nusairi: Sustainable development in Iraq is achieved by strategic economic agreements with brotherly and friendly countries

17th July, 2022

Based on the final statement of the Security and Development Summit, which concluded yesterday, Saturday in Saudi Arabia, and the speech of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi at the summit meeting, in which he emphasized Arab economic integration through the agreements signed by Iraq with Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Egypt and Jordan in electrical interconnection projects.

And his proposal to establish the Middle East Bank for Sustainable Development Adviser to the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Samir Al-Nusairi, stressed the need for the new government to move towards building and securing infrastructure and investment and strategic projects that achieve sustainable development

And this is achieved through strategic agreements with Arab, regional and foreign countries and institutions sponsoring and supporting the economy, and entering Iraq into long-term agreements and contracts with countries with advanced economies. With the aim of developing the production and service sectors and the oil industry in particular

In an interview with “Economy News today“, he called for the implementation of Iraq’s Vision 2030 and the strategies prepared by the committees and the advisory body in the Council of Ministers in cooperation with the international organizations of the United Nations, and the comprehensive reform plan for economic reform set by the government, which needs to be put into actual application and not only on paper


Al-Nusairi urged working towards defining a clear methodology or strategy for the Iraqi economy, and policies and programs in all fields, especially in the areas of food security, development, climate change, green economy and renewable energy in line with the world’s current great and complex economic challenges, most notably the inflationary stagnation, low rates of economic growth and high prices, in particular. Especially in foodstuffs and energy products in most major countries and developing countries, including Iraq and the Arab countries, which is expected to suffer from these challenges within the coming months, and there will be a vision of the importance of having tight financial management and policies, as well as combating financial and administrative corruption, which represents a stumbling block in the path of sustainable development brought by Iraq

Al-Nusairi stressed that the current stage requires standing at the laws concerned with economic affairs and working to refine, refine and amend them, and not to maintain the application of laws that are inconsistent with the reality of the Iraqi economy, which were enacted after 2003, including the Banking Law 94 of 2004 and the Law of the Iraq Stock Exchange 74 of 2004, Investment Law 11 of 2006 and Companies Registration Law 20 of 1997 These laws regulate banking and economic work in Iraq

Al-Nusairi stressed the importance of careful study and analysis of the efforts of the Central Bank in carrying out its tasks, achieving the objectives of monetary policy, stimulating and revitalizing the economy, evaluating and classifying banks and developing them structurally, structurally and technically, and focusing on coordination with the financial policy regarding the implementation of programs of a financial system with clear goals for all relevant parties.

And benefiting from the ideas and goals presented. In the Central Bank’s strategy for the years (2021-2023) with the aim of reforming the Iraqi banking sector and clearly focusing on creating banking infrastructure and applying modern technologies in banking work with the completion of technical projects implemented by the Central Bank of Iraq

It must be emphasized that sustainable development cannot be achieved without the practice of real banking, which is the banking sector’s orientation towards strengthening and activating the initiatives of the Central Bank in banking financing for small, medium and large projects   LINK


MilitiaMan » July 17th, 2022


On the conclusion of the SA Summit – GCC meetings Al – Nusairi (bank advisor) comes out to say it is time to put reforms into application. Even has mention of the ISX.

We know they have companies that were having issues with non disclosure and a platform was created for those to be traded on. The ones with full disclosure were to at some point interconnect with the NASDAQ. Like many things, they all have in common a need for a new exchange rate to be applied.

The activation to a private sector economy will require it just as it is likely the WTO is waiting for that as well. The WTO didn’t just get started on the road, they are in the middle of it and hauling #ss..

lol imo There is no coincidence that the above comes out today. The Bankers all know what is about to take place. I like it.. 

Add in the GCC BUNA Platform and the AYSCUDA system at the borders and we can see the lines painted on the road to internationalism bright, fresh and clean.. imo ~ MM


Iraq is moving to prepare special documents for joining the World Trade Organization

She pointed out that “the International Trade Center is working to help Iraq to provide technical and technical support in harmonizing laws and agreements with regard to its accession to world trade, and there are important documents that are being worked on.” She pointed out that “the main part of communicating with the organization in order to join is the Ministry of Commerce, which in turn presents the file, which includes all the relevant ministries in Iraq, in addition to the private sector,” stressing that “striving to work on preparing special documents for accession in accordance with the agreements of the Trade Organization.” 

She noted, the importance of Iraq’s accession to the organization, as it deserves to be part of the international trade, industrial and economic community, especially since its accession will be part of this international community and can organize its economic and commercial policies, including trade exchange in accordance with international laws that serve it with all concerned parties.” dealing with it in the future.  LINK

Samson » July 17th, 2022


Al-Fateh pledges to audit the agreements signed by Al-Kazemi during the Saudi summit

17th July, 2022

Today, Sunday, the representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Rafiq Al-Salihi, pledged to audit all the agreements signed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi during the recent Saudi summit.

Al-Salihi said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that “with the start of the parliament sessions, all agreements signed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi during the recent Saudi summit will be requested, so that they are audited and studied, especially since the current government is a daily caretaker government and does not it has the right to sign any major agreements.”

And he indicated that “the House of Representatives, through its specialized parliamentary committees, will have a position and a word towards the agreements that Al-Kazemi signed during the Saudi summit.”

He stressed that “it will be disclosed to the public after it is carefully scrutinized and studied.”  LINK


MilitiaMan » July 17th, 2022

What a load of camel dung. They are outside their constitution by about 8 months and this guy is going to audit PM Kahdimi’s deals..? Maybe K ought to audit the Audio tapes on Maliki too?. For that matter maybe there should be some investigating into Rafiq Al-Salihi being a representative and all.

We know there are ample files of corruption out there. Maybe this guy has a rap sheet.. We hear the files are not going away either. Especially those where blood has been shed. 


What I want to see is the meeting tomorrow morning 11:00 am. I’ll bet there is a reason they didn’t describe the meeting in detail today. A lot of things have been converging lately and not just in Iraq.

The theme that was in the meetings in SA with the GCC was in line with the meetings with the finance ministers in Indonesia at the same time and days of this weekend. FOOD INSECURITY, digital assets, electricity, etc.. The meetings are concluded now..

I expect to start to see assessments on the results of those meetings.  We know PM K told us and SA that they went well and he was appreciative of all they talked about and signed.

Now we see if they Supreme Judicial Council data supports my view that there will likely be a dissolution of parliament.

The BS about the caretaker government not being able to do things is just that. I guess when one tells oneself lies long enough, they believe it. That topic of dissolution may be apart of the reason they didn’t mention the details about the meeting tomorrow morning..

Maybe there is more to it, like maybe there is something they need to talk about with the CBI if there is a dissolution? I don’t know for sure, but, we don’t have long to find out though.. imo ~ MM

Samson » July 17th, 2022

17th July, 2022

On Sunday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed all ministries to mobilize their efforts to implement the provisions of the Food Security Law.

A government source told Shafaq News Agency, that the focus will be on the items related to returning their nullified contracts, appointments of graduates, holders of higher degrees and the first, in addition to fixing contracts, adjusting daily wages, supporting and improving the ration card and social care.


In light of the failure to approve the 2022 budget, the Iraqi parliament passed the “Emergency Support for Food Security and Development” law, in a move that allows the government to spend on various priority projects with the aim of achieving food security and stability in the country.

The law’s expenditures were set at 25 trillion Iraqi dinars (about $17 billion). LINK

• Ministerial Declaration on the Emergency Response to Food Insecurity – WT/MIN(22)/28 –

• Ministerial Decision on World Food Programme Food Purchases Exemption from Export
Prohibitions or Restrictions – WT/MIN(22)/29 – WT/L/1140


MilitiaMan » July 17th, 2022

When there is a need to nullify contracts, fixing contracts, adjusting daily wages and supporting the ration cards. It suggests that they have a change coming, or they wouldn’t need to nullify or adjust anything.

Kahdimi always seems to have things done prior to mentioning them publicly. Even the WTO today is talking about provisions that include food insecurity among other provisions.. Iraq passed and “Emergency Food Security Law” (EFSL).. Iraq if in the middle of the path to WTO, it is on the road to ascension..

BUNA? Done. AYSCUDA? Done. WTO? Likely to be done!!!


The meeting tomorrow morning with the heads of blocs has to be for a reason and they seem to not want to talk about it, yet.. Why the secrecy?

Likely to do with sensitive issues. Like the EFSL and or also the Dissolution of Parliament. The SJC didn’t mention the caretaker government and dissolution of parliament for no reason.

So, the likelihood that there is big changes coming on many fronts is quite clear.. imo ~ MM

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