“When will that Trigger be Pulled?” – MarkZ Evening Intel Stream Highlights 7-18-22


Monday Evening News with MarkZ 07/18/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  Greetings and salutations worldwide

Member: Is everyone ready for a boom week?

MZ: I had an interesting conversation with an Iraqi source this afternoon. They said that they are using local currency options in order to pull as much dinar off the streets as possible. Their foreign reserves have a lot of US dollars in them….They also have other currencies from around the region in their foreign currency reserves…so instead of using dinar in their currency auctions they are using those and letting people turn in their dinar for them…people are getting a better than normal exchange rate for them. This is their attempt to pull in as much dinar as possible before that RV trigger is pulled.

MZ: When will that trigger be pulled?  I don’t know- but there are a lot of rumors for Wednesday. A fair number of rumors for Saturday….Lots of rumors for very, very soon…..None of us are going to know the exact day and time.

MZ: I am being told by my sources in Iraq that there is a mad dash-using  foreign currency auctions….They are not selling dinar….they are selling the other foreign currencies to try to pull in more dinar off the streets.  I think this is very telling.  Expect to see articles about their foreign currency auctions really soon….There is more dinar in circulation then they want right now….…they have already pulled in Trillions in dinar from all over the world. They have confiscated a lot of dinar from corrupt nefarious people as well…..

MZ: other than that it’s been very quiet on the RV front.   

Member:  Frank 26 is on right now and he said cuz Sadr  said last night that Malaki tried to kill him when he was at Saudi Arabia he rewrote a bunch of contracts….

Member:  How come we are so focused on Dinar when other countries are just as if not more wealthy. i.e. Venezuela

MZ:  Because Iraq is one of the easiest to track. It’s like they are the canary in the mine field. With news from the politics there, IMF UN, World Bank….it is one of the easiest to follow….and many of us have contacts over there.   Yes many others will be lucrative….but there is always that slim, outside chance Iraq will go solo, ahead of everybody else…..so we focus on it.

Member:  Also many of us know about the Kuwait RV many years ago….. Iraq and Kuwait are neighbors with shared oil fields…we expect Iraq to RV like Kuwait did…and the rate to be close to the Kuwait rate…..

Member: if Iraq goes first I am ready to trade in at a dollar and buy more dong or zims

Member: If Iraq goes first maybe it will light a fire under the rest of the world to get it all done!!

Member: Maybe we will see the full RV to go as soon as they come out with Dinar rate?

Member:  I’m real excited for the 21st. Bo Polny has also stated that date is big according to prophecy

Member: Mark, Can We, Should We, at the Exchange Have the Exchange Person Sign NDA to Not Tell Anyone We Have Large Deposit?  Don’t  Want Unknown Relatives Calling us

MZ:  Do not worry, they are already under legal obligations to not tell anyone.

Member:  Watched a video by a guy named Jim Willie the other night. He was wired and talking a mile a minute. Interesting discussion on the global financial situation and the imminent European collapse.

Member: We can’t wait to see you wearing gold Mark

MZ: I am looking forward to that as well……….

Member: Do you think the dong rate could be $10+

MZ: No I do not…..I thought it would be half of the expected dinar rate….Am being told it should be about $2.25-$2.30. If the dinar rate is as high as $6-$8 dollars….then the dong rate could be higher then anticipated.  But, there is no part of that thinks it could be $10+

Member: The Iranian Rial- will be able to exchange that without getting arrested or sanctioned?

MZ: Right now I am hearing $3.20 or so is the expected rate on the Rial….I am told those sanctions against exchanging the Rial go away the moment the RV occurs .

Member: Rupiah?

MZ: I am still hearing about $1.47…

Member: Did you hear the Zim went gold backed today?

MZ:I have not heard that….. I know they are coming out with a gold coin at any time now which will basically be a hybrid gold standard on their currency…

Member: Will the whales go first or will it be a shotgun start?

MZ: I believe it will be a shotgun start…BUT……keep in mind that some of the people getting the first appointments  are going to be whales. Most of the whales have already turned in their currency for SKR’s (safe keeping receipts) So they will beat you to it because their currency has already been checked and turned in…they have undergone background checks…….When the RV happens and we start making appointments – they will get paid first because they have already turned their currency in. Most of the whales /groups have been in this and waiting much longer then the rest of us.

Member: Will we have 30-90 days to exchange our dinar before they become worthless after the RV?

Member: 0/15/2003-01/15/2004 was 90-day timeframe for replacing Saddam Notes with what we have now

Member: Frank 26 says we may have as long as a year to get them all turned into before they become worthless.

Member: I believe most of us will be exchanged within the first week

Member: 9 times out of 10 Iraq has always RV’ed Their currency on the 27th..? this month the 27th happens the fall on a Wednesday..! So I’m thinking there’s a great possibility here……$$$$$$$

MZ: I don’t know bout the 9 out of 10 times…but there have been a number of examples or RVs and new rates in Iraq and they seem to like Wednesdays….so that would not surprise me….

Member:  I just have a good feeling about the next two weeks.

Member: Mark Thanks as always for bringing this community all the latest news & Updates, Exciting times.

Mod:  THE RV IS HAPPENING – VIDEO NADER FROM THE MID EAST: https://www.bitchute.com/video/12ZMiy...


Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.

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