Dinarland Highlights for July 20, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 7.20.22


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News from Iraq is still stunning….  Rumors from Folks on the ground are still looking for the rate this Wednesday or maybe Saturday of this week. This is what they are hopeful for…. We will have to wait and see if it pans out.

There is so much positive intel and a crazy amount of anticipation today…We continue to get phenomenal news out of Iraq. They are expecting that reset at any moment as far as their value goes….Most of the chatter I am hearing out of Iraq is they expect a reinstatement…which would put the rate in the high $3’s…their articles all talk about  “restoring the value of the dinar to prewar rates” …Stay grounded just in case we get to tomorrow and do not see a rate change. We are in –what appears to be the final days of this… we are hearing good news from everywhere

There is definitely a high alert for the next 7 hours through early in the next week…on the banker side they are very much thinking 7 hours through the next 4-5 days…that is when they believe we are going to see things.  I have a Treasury contact that says sometime over the next 3 weeks…and the absolute worst case scenario from an International contact that says things could drag out as long as September. But, the overwhelming majority…believe it’s absolutely any moment within the next 7 hours to early next week…. Most are watching the next 24 hours.


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Does Iraq need an international currency to join the WTO?  No, they do not however, I believe they are attempting to do so prior to becoming a full member of the WTO. Certainly an international currency would make it much easier to trade if you have a currency on FOREX.  Quite frankly, I believe it would be extremely hard for Iraq to conduct major trading of goods and services with the rest of the world through the currency process of the auctions and being pegged solely to the US dollar. The risks would be too high and they know it.  This is part of the White Paper reforms to go to FOREX.


We could be getting very close the conclusion of the new govt. Let us hope & pray there are no other snags...


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The monetary reform must be announced after the seating of the government and at that time they will also discuss the dinar’s value and billions to be put into circulation in the streets of Iraq for the citizens.  This part is for the citizens IQD exchange in country going from the three zero notes to the new small category notes exchange in their country.


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After the judiciary opened an investigation into the audio leaks, Al-Maliki may face execution or life

If the recording is proven correct according to the judicial investigation, the penalties that will face those who threatened to kill, incitement to civil war, and incitement to attack a holy city, according to the anti-terror law, and the penalty is up to death or life, considering what was stated in the recording is a threat to Iraqi national security and stirs up sectarian strife according to Anti-Terrorism Law No. 13 of 2005.



Until this government is formed, everything is stabilized, it’s going to be a while before the exchange rate has changed…


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[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: My banking friend says watch for something this week from the CBI in relation to putting the dinar back to the previous rate.  Not sure what rate but that’s what he told me…not sure if they mean 1200 but we’re watching for something from the CBI.  Hopefully they will put it back this week.  My bank friend is telling me look this coming week…

FRANK: Yes, IMO we know there is a change is coming and the fact that they are telling you directly straight to your face is extremely good.  We are as close as your breath is to your lungs...


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…What did Al-Kazemi command of his cabinets on June 23rd? To address the USD rate at the earliest legislative session correct? Well what is coming up this week? …the EFSL can not work without a rate change…So what does he request of all ministries this past Sunday? To adjust contracts & wages...

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