“EuroDollar Curve Signaling Historic Financial System Risk” by Awake-in-3D – 7.20.22


Entry Submitted by Awake-in-3D at 2:23 PM ET on July 20, 2022

EuroDollar Curve Signaling Historic Financial System Risk

The Quickening towards Our GCR release continues. 

While we’re all waiting with baited breath for Christine Lagarde to announce a gold-backed Euro on July 21st  (Not! See my previous post from several days ago), the global Fiat Financial System fragility continues its path towards its logical conclusion. 

The primary thesis here at GCR RealTime News is that “Our GCR” is a very real event, yet won’t be unveiled until the current system is at or near total flatline. In support of this thesis, I provide real-world commentary backed with credible, factual articles. 

Many ask me for a good financial indicator of the unfolding system failure. While there’s no singular metric that conveys the whole story, the EuroDollar yield curve is probably the most significant factor/indicator. 

I’ve discussed the EuroDollar market on several occasions in previous posts. It’s way more significant in the global financial system than individual country currency reserves or bond yield spreads. PetroDollars are a component of the EuroDollar market and the amount of US Dollars circulating in the EuroDollar system massively dwarfs US Dollar on-shore M2 currency circulation. 

Most EuroDollar market activity is untraceable (unreported) and often referred to as a deep Shadow Banking Financial System in and of itself. 

One component of the EuroDollar market that can be tracked are its credit (bond) yield curves. These curves completely predicted the 2007/2008 financial crisis. What the EuroDollar curve is indicating now is far more serious than the Lehman Brothers moment that triggered the 2008 GFC (global financial crisis). 

My go-to source for EuroDollar intelligence is Jeff Snider. He’s forgotten more about EuroDollar system operations than most experts will likely ever know. 

As a reminder, the EuroDollar system has nothing to do with the Euro currency and it rose to power in the late 1960’s and particularly in 1970’s (20 years before the Euro was created) when the USA completely abandoned the gold standard in 1971. 

The link below is Jeff’s latest take on the EuroDollar curve. Well worth 15 minutes of your time if you want to understand the significance of the EuroDollar curve in non-technical terms.




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