Dinarland Highlights for July 21, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 7.21.22

Bruce (The Big Call)

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…this thing could fire off where we do get notifications…and go…more likely Thursday…we’ve been told by more than one that “it will happen this week” – So I’d say that by Thursday or Friday we should be in the redemption centers…



The recent articles over the last couple days from the advisor to the prime minister is encouraging in the sense that they are working to correct/improve the economy and as a result improve the exchange rate of the dinar.   But that does not mean anything is happening overnight.


Tivon (KTFA)

They just posted the other CBI article yesterday.

The Central Bank will adopt a specialized electronic platform for the purposes of exchanging documents and data with all banks

Access to global financial markets? Does that sound like Financial Inclusion to you?  What can possibly be added to this monumental news?  It’s not even 8am and we got this.

“...which will allow you to benefit from many services, including foreign exchange and shares trading, and access to global financial markets…


Walkingstick (KTFA)

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The GOI has worked on 9 tenders with countries around the world…for goods, or services …beyond their local borders – The EU, the Asian theater etc. many countries.  All 9 tenders have been rewritten and recalculated in the form of IQDs.  Why would they do this with a CBI program rate?  They would never do it.  That’s why they’ve never done it.  What is about to happen is historical.  This is a very telltale sign of what’s going on.  The government seated will disclose this information very soon.



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A lot of people are expecting late today will be our time. I don’t know how to take that one yet…as I havnt seen the changes I wanted…But, on the banking side they are very much expecting fireworks this evening and a rate on Saturday . We will have to wait and see… There are great rumors for tonight going into the weekend…but we shall see.  Stay grounded but there is a major push to get this done.

it’s still pretty quiet as to whether tonight is a “go” or not. There is still a lot of anticipation from folks in redemption areas. But, watching things around the world I think we are a little premature. But I know we are awfully close.

[Do you mind giving us the latest on what you hear on the rates.]

I am still hearing $6 to $8 on the dinar. And around $2.25 on the dong.


Sandy Ingram

Several beliefs are floating around on what the wealth transfer is…Let me make it clear what it is not – No one is going to give us money.  You will need to earn it or gain it through investment

There is a belief that poor and developing countries will become more prosperous and their currency value will increase against the US dollar…this is the category of wealth comes from speculative investing which most of you…have done when we invested in the IQD


Nader From The Mid East

Maliki – he might get life in prison or maybe they’re gonna kill him…He tried to do a lot of shit.  He tried to do a coup a week ago.  He tried to take the government by force.  He tried to do everything toward Iraq…



Christmas came early for someone.  Possibly some leaked recordings – Al-Maliki making some serious threats about Sadr, his people and his territory.  The kind of threats that if the courts find this recording legit is considered a serious crime.  Maliki could be looking at life in prison or even execution.

In case you forgot, Maliki has a unique little friend up there in the Supreme Judiciary Court.  Maliki don’t give a crap, he knows nothing’s going to happen to him. He has the Supreme Court under his thumb…I’d be surprised if anything [happens] at all.  Most likely you’re gonna see that the recordings were not legitimate and just let Maliki off


Clare (KTFA)

The Central Bank will adopt a specialized electronic platform for the purposes of exchanging documents and data with all banks




Iraq might, might start at the end of the month. They are still deciding what to do about Maliki, who’s holding up the process making it impossible for the people of Iraq to do anything… the new IQD (at the new in-country rate of $3.22+) is still being traded on the back Bank Screen. It will be brought back anywhere from $3.22 up to $22.00…This is not anything anyone can confirm, unless you have access to back Screens – as a Fed licensed Trader…It will happen when the time is right…Bottom line, the RV is happening…


Frank26 (KTFA)

This week IMO is special.  The week that’s coming up, actually Thursday onward.

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

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