Dinarland Highlights for July 22, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 7.22.22

Mountain Goat


This appears to have been going on for awhile now. Its about time someone calls him out on it. Now they have the undeniable sticky evidence on Maliki.


Nader From The Mid East

I’m still seeing people saying $6.  Six dollars will never happen.  Like I told you 1 to 1 and then the float.  Might go to $3, $3.20, $3.39 max…



Down goes Maliki.  Down goes Maliki...Is this fight over?  Or is it just getting warmed up?  …those audio leaks are coming back to bite Maliki right in the butt.  There hasn’t been an audio leak this bad since Watergate.

Because of the audio leaks…A leader in the call calls for the dismissal of Al-Maliki from the party

Not only is this guy possibly not going to become the Prime Minister but they might oust him from the party altogether.  Ouch!



[via PDK]

In Iraq it looks like they are moving quickly to seat their government. We have a contact at an Iraqi bank that has a location in London….they are hoping to start exchanging early next week…There is a lot of discussion from Iraqi banks that have branches in other countries…so things are getting very, very hot. There are rumors that they may start processing people today…but I don’t think so…But, it does appear we are very, very close.

[reference Guru Tivon post 7-21-2022]

I have gotten the same news from  my contractor contacts in Iraq… They are canceling contracts that are set and written in us dollars and re-writing them in dinar…Now according to my contacts they are giving them a value in US dollars and paying them in dinar. …Why are they doing this?   Because they are expecting the value to change.

…From all of the contacts I have spoken with – these contracts go into affect on August 15th… which means before then they need to have a currency of value…This is huge…This tells us the back end of this right now…imo. I am so stinking excited about this news…after so many years there is finally some concrete things we can look at. I think this is the biggest news of the day for us on the RV front.


Tivon (KTFA)

Saleh and Al-Abadi discuss completing the constitutional entitlements

…I can’t help but conclude that the EFSL is acting as a fully operational law that is not waiting on any formal political formality other than the activation of certain laws. One being the Oil & Gas Law



Iraq is in Article VIII of the IMF charter. Wrong!  All you need to do is go to http://imf.org then Iraq, and click Iraq’s Position in the Fund to see they are in ARTICLE XIV!  IMF Article XIV or IMF Article VIII…is only a standing in which the Central Bank of Iraq is graded. Has nothing to do with the currency, the currency is exchangeable worldwide.

Whether or not a country’s currency is exchangeable is whether or not there are restrictions on that country (which no longer exist [for Iraq]).  Many banks though are hesitant as long as the CBI is in Article XIV.  IMF Article VIII in essence is a stamp of approval from the IMF that the banking system in Iraq is in compliance with other central banks worldwide.

Whether or not banks around the world are willing to do business in dinar is up to each individual banking institution.  Therefore, even though Iraq is still in IMF Article XIV, any bank in the world can do business with Iraq in dinars if they choose to do so. But most wait for the stamp of approval or acceptance of Article VIII.


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

we’re looking very solid over the next two days…Friday and then by Saturday at the latest is how it was played. Now – regarding the redemption center, and exchanges of currency, if you only have let’s say dinar – Dong…other currencies to exchange – you’re looking not to have to sign a nondisclosure agreement [NDA]...


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Frank26]

Even if they drop to 1200…the rate will move very fast.  Remember, it’s going to be a float..the world is eager.  The world is hungry.  They’re starving to get their hand on this currency that they know has great has great potential because of the assets that back it.  The oil of this country… they all want to get their hand on the new Iraqi dinar exchange rate…


Petra (KTFA)

…I don’t hesitate to say that the first domino is about to fall creating a cascaded event…


Samson (KTFA)

The US Ambassador in Baghdad: Iraq is our most important partner and the cornerstone in the Middle East

there are ways to achieve the joint strategy; Including promoting economic development and supporting Iraqi sovereignty


Frank26 (KTFA)

It’s time for the formation of the government of Iraq.  Because once you form the government of Iraq kind of like dominoes.  Kind of like when you stack up playing cards and they all come falling down.  Kind of like when it starts to rain and it turns into a monsoon.  There is a lot that is about to explode on the International stage of Iraq…

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