Dinarland Highlights for July 23, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 7.23.22


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[Iraq is on lockdown. Nobody allowed to leave country]

They did that right before Kuwait RV’d…

contractors…are re-denominating from US dollars into dinar…so everything will be paid in dinar…those contracts go into effect on August 15th. So we know there should be a major move before the 15th.  I am still hearing it is extremely soon. We did not have a new rate published in the Gazette this morning. But, we are watching the roll out of this thing. Article “CBI : The Banking Sector is making progress at various levels”…I do not feel they are kicking the can anymore…I believe we are in a relentless rolling towards the finish line…

Article- This is important:
Central Bank: Paris will be the starting point of the Iraqi Banking Sector towards Europe

This is the Central Bank of Iraq. And it says Paris will be the starting point.  Why do they need to be expanding all over the world if they have a useless currency?


Bruce (The Big Call)

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they’ve already agreed upon a rate for the dinar – it was traded up and it will be traded up higher – actually after it gets out there…The bankers can see it on their screens, but…we don’t have it where we can see it…they just don’t want the dinar rate out until we’re ready to go for our exchange…Timing is everything as you guys know. And our timing is getting closer and closer to this…look forward to great things happening hopefully by Saturday.


Nader From The Mid East

Good news for you…my friends knew it two or three days ago I wanted to confirm but it’s too late everybody knows about it now I think…Europe will be opening the door for the Iraqi dinar exchange.  If you want to exchange your dinars in a couple week you can go there and change your dinars.  But for now the rate is not there…not time yet for congratulations but soon will be congratulations…


Clare (KTFA)

Central Bank Governor : The banking sector is making progress at various levels




MilitiaMan (KTFA)

…The EFSL, it has wide reaching tentacles that allow for the many things to happen during the normal course of the day to day needs of the citizens and their entitlements. One of which is the changing of the exchange rate.



Guru Militiaman says they must RV soon if they want a market economy…That’s not how it works you build a market economy and then the dinar goes up in value as a result. Not the other way around…


Tivon (KTFA)

“Central Bank Governor : The banking sector is making progress at various levels”

This implies that the deadline for August 15th 2022 for banks to get on the new platform is for late bloomers who do not currently have their affairs in order. The CBI can make their move now. Are they trying to get this deal done before August 1st? Seems that way…



Walkingstick (KTFA)

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The CBI is doing a tour to…central banks around the world…with proof sheets of the new small category notes to be soon released.  This may be done behind closed doors…or at the time when the exchange rate and the new small category notes are released.  This information will be in print, we just are not knowing exactly when…

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