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Samson » July 24th, 2022

Protesters block a vital road and close an oil company in Dhi Qar and contracts are demonstrating in Baghdad

24th July, 2022

Eyewitnesses reported in Dhi Qar governorate, on Sunday, that the (Shatra – Nasiriyah) road was cut off in the north of the governorate, at a time when demonstrators closed the Dhi Qar Oil Company.

Witnesses told Shafaq News Agency, “People from the Bani Zaid and Khafajah clans cut the road linking Shatrah and Nasiriyah with burning tires due to the drought that hit them and the bad electric current.”

And they indicated, “The blocking of the road caused severe congestion, and loss of communication between the two largest cities in Dhi Qar Governorate.”

Also in Dhi Qar, hundreds of graduates staged a sit-in and closed down the Dhi Qar Oil Company.


Shafak News Agency correspondent said that the protesters demanded the federal and local government to find job opportunities for them. To Baghdad, hundreds of contract holders (daily wages) demonstrated in the offices of the Independent High Electoral Commission in all governorates in front of the Ministry of Finance building in the center of the capital, Baghdad.

The demonstrators demanded that they be transferred to fixed contracts, after years of maintaining daily wages.   LINK

Court Rulings To Recover $2 Billion Of Looted Funds

24th July, 2022

The coalition of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption revealed, on Sunday, that the judicial authorities issued rulings to recover the amount of $2 billion in funds looted in various ways.

Member of the coalition, head of the Al-Nahrain Network to Support Integrity and Transparency, Muhammad Rahim Al-Rubaie, said in an interview seen by “The Information”, that “there are unremitting efforts being made to work to recover the looted funds, which politicians and economists estimated at hundreds of billions, in compliance with the recommendations of the Baghdad Conference to recover the looted funds that was held in September.” from last year.”

Al-Rubaie added, “Iraq is demanding the recovery of its money from many countries, the most important of which are the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and other regional countries, by obligating those countries to the United Nations Convention against Corruption in 2007 or by concluding bilateral agreements with those countries to recover the wanted and the looted money.” 


He explained that “the procedures for recovering these funds are complicated due to the different laws between Iraq and other countries,” noting that “some countries refrained from returning them under the pretext of economic damage.”   LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Tivon » July 24th, 2022

I just read an article that said the neglect of the general budget will cast a negative shadow on the citizens. They say the EFSL is one solution bit not the final solution.

Well of course the EFSL was a solution for this year. Whoever wrote that article obviously missed the multiple reports by Jamal Cougar who stated that there was not any time left to pass one. And a more recent article from last week stating they are not going to pass one for this year.

Because if they do what would it be for exactly? Reconstruction? Well Al-Kazemi already met with a German ambassador to start working on liberated areas using the funds in the EFSL. Iran debt? Already paid for. Wages? Ministries already started adjusting that last week. Contracts? The EFSL cover all contracts and procedures. Borders? General Customs Authority said corruption has been reduced to zero thanks to automated electronic fingerprints.

What do they need the budget for that the EFSL is not already taking care of? The head or Captain of Accounts has yet to define the terms of what he means when referring to the budget as a greater solution.

To what exactly sir? Don’t tell me the stakeholders. Because if they signed any contracts with any company the ministries are responsible for that which I’m sure is the Finance Ministry. Al-Kazemi stated that these will be reconfigured last week.

He trying to talk on behalf of the citizens but when the EFSL was published in the Gazette they were excited about it and were not crying that it wasn’t the budget instead. So what’s the real reason behind all this whining? How is the approval or lack of it in regards will slow up the reforms when Al-Alawi back in late June said that the reforms are basically ready without stating anything as to why reforms need to wait on a budget.

Parliament of Finance is not waiting on one. Mazhar Muhammad Saleh is not waiting on one. Jamal Cougar is not waiting on one. Al-Kazemi is not waiting on one. Al-Kazemi told his ministries to implement all provisions now. Which includes what? Services, jobs, wages, construction, oil, social care, graduates, etc. The law is basically for stalled projects & laws. One being the Oil & Gas which I presume was enacted (If I’m correct) from an article published yesterday or alluding to it being.


What are we talking about rate or reforms? Because the latter needs the former to start right? Which would indicate why we got those two major articles from the CBI. Jamal Cougar stated even if they were to approve a budget they would only put 51 trillion in it which is about 43 billion. Which is why he offered to add a few paragraphs to the EFSL instead of waiting on a budget that they don’t have time for.

Again there are three names at play for the government. Al-Halbousi, Al-Kazemi, Barham Salih. Which would complete the formation correct? But’ these men now are currently (IMO) are operating at full capacity. So are we waiting for them to be announced as maintaining their seats?

Or are we waiting for the Federal Court to formerly dissolve them? Because they offered an ultimatum just a few days ago. Which they didn’t seem to optimistic about a new GOI. Did we forget about this that fast?


The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the reason for excluding the adoption of a financial budget for 2022.

Committee member Jamal Cougar told {Euphrates News}: “There is no opportunity to pass the budget law, as it needs to go through a series of formations so that we can say that there is a possibility to send the budget.”

He added that “the draft law needs steps to be sent and transferred between the corridors of state institutions for a period of no less than 12 weeks, and this is at least in the last two months of this year, while the government is tasked with preparing a draft budget for next year, starting from next August, and this is not possible, so we rule out approval.” Budget Law for 2022

Q3Proud » July 24th, 2022

Tivon; Excellent as always, my friend. I.M.O last year when they were discussing the Budget for September I came to my own conclusion of a visionary plan. Remember when the Kurds filed a lawsuit on the redemption of funds from the oil sales.

The Budget in 2021 I believe was based upon 45/BBL. Oil at that time was averaging almost 80-90/bbl, almost doubled if not more so. Kurds filed a lawsuit because they only received their portion based on 45 instead of the higher rate over the course of the year.


Now, the reason I had stated in MY OPINION to Frank on one of his podcasts, {Yes, I most certainly did} was I believed the 2022 budget was included in the 2021 budget due to the fact that in December they were going to hold the new elections. How could they feel comfortable on knowing whether or not they would be successful in forming the Govt in Jan of 2022 due to the past instability, and thus trying to right the ship.

So, using the SURPLUS even in 2021 and moving it forward unannounced {side fund} this allowed them to continue with the govt function {even if it were under the guide of the current caretaker> Preparing well in advance of any future surprises due to the quarrelling of the various factions.

Now today we can look back upon the SURPLUS that was created in 2022 and still today in July they wait for the exact same thing they wanted in Jan 2022. This should also suffice to many to see the bigger picture of the planning that was done.

Recently as of early as this year we had to the formation of the EFSL, or the work around to the obstacles of blocking present govt from distributing these Surpluses to the Iraq economy and the various tools put in place to continue with the development of economic prosperity for Iraq and its citizens.

How could Any Government pay off all the Current OIL SERVICE CONTRACTS {2021 to the International Companies in Iraq, due to the reconstruction of Oil Accountability with the Oil Ministry, pay off 360 billion debts for restitution to Kuwait, pay off prior debts under a past regime for services that are a necessity {Iran Electricity Contract} and no to mention every day operational cost every Government must deal with.

This Plan was executed for a vision of Prosperity and today many are witnessing the pieces falling into place.

Tivon » July 24th, 2022

Right. My sentiments as well. Great point. To many things have been addressed and settled without a GOI or general budget with the current so called caretaker government which is not found in their Constitution explicitly defined as one. So I am not buying that Al-Kazemi can not pass any laws. Maybe new ones. Because the EFSL is designed to handle stalled projects & laws.

Well what is that? Reconstruction, Investment, and the Oil & Gas Law which he does have authority over to pass because it’s tied to the Citizens Entitlements that are tied to the constitution. Which was how Al-Kazemi was able to get the oil contracts from Kurdistan due to Article 61 Seventh-C. Which was all he needed because it’s the HCL. This is what makes the EFSL so powerful.

Why would the French award him a medal if that were not true? I mean they basically said hey, we didn’t know you had authority to do all of these contracts. We thought the formation of the GOI was needed. Now that you explained everything to us let us reward you for a job well done.


Mind you this is before the August 1st deadline they gave them. What are they so confident about that they would give him a medal before the GOI is even formed? The EFSL. Why? Because it covers all Contracts & Procedures without a GOI.

I mean this is a study right? But for some reason these points are never brought up as something to look into instead of going off what a Captain of Accounts complaining about.

Obviously he to must be oblivious to the implications of the EFSL if a French Oil Company is willing to give out formal acknowledgement before closing a deal that was contingent upon a formed government. So what are we doing? Stakeholders can wait their turn. They are not more important than the Iraqi citizens. Who for one are not even waiting on the budget. Why? Because they were informed about a rate change prior to last week.

What happened? Not sure. But why would the CBI tell them that without mentioning a new government or budget for this year? Why is everyone looking past the formation of the government? Parliament of Finance. The CBI. The Federal Court. The French Oil Company. Everyone is pretending they don’t even exist. Why is that?


The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the reason for excluding the adoption of a financial budget for 2022.

Committee member Jamal Cougar told {Euphrates News}: “There is no opportunity to pass the budget law, as it needs to go through a series of formations so that we can say that there is a possibility to send the budget.”

He added that “the draft law needs steps to be sent and transferred between the corridors of state institutions for a period of no less than 12 weeks, and this is at least in the last two months of this year, while the government is tasked with preparing a draft budget for next year, starting from next August, and this is not possible, so we rule out approval.” Budget Law for 2022.

It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives voted last June 8 on the proposed law on emergency support for food security and development.

The law aims to “achieve food security, reduce poverty, achieve financial stability in light of urgent global developments, continue to provide services to citizens and raise the standard of living for them after the budget law expires, create job opportunities, maximize Iraqis’ benefit from state resources, advance development, and resume work on stalled and lagging projects due to lack of Financing and running new projects of importance.


Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi said that the law on emergency support for food security is not a budget, but rather that we are going through an exceptional circumstance, and we, as a caretaker government, have no right to enact laws, so we resorted to the food security law, which requires us to work hard to implement it for the benefit of the Iraqis.

MilitiaMan » July 24th, 2022

TIMING… It is now all about timing. The present state of the government is functioning like it should according to the legal authority under the emergency circumstances they are in by not having seated their government. The constitution provides necessary powers for those presently in place to make sure the needs of the country / citizens are met.

There is not time of a budget to be passed and also the EFSL makes sure that it is not necessary to do so. It covers that.

There is also no time for to seat another one. Therefore, at present the government in place that is Halabousi, Saleh and Kahdimi can, are and will continue in the present state of affairs. The back and forth about seating of the government now is looking to be more folly than anything else. 

The CBI is ready as they will ever be to change the exchange rate.

They have told us that the starting point for the Iraq Banking sector for Europe will be in France.  Not the exclusive point but the starting point.

The timing of the meeting with France and Total is no coincidence. It is likely been part of the plan for some time and it just needed to be understood where the contracts were to be rewritten for future activation and there legal perspectives being under a constitutional government.

 They wouldn’t have been done so quickly if there were legal issues. The present government is legal and can do day to day business and that could mean since they have no time to seat another government those with necessary powers will or have already dissolved parliament (effectively) and we have just yet to be told that will be the case.

The timing of the announcement if you will on the matter will or could come at anytime now. They tell us that they have the three in power and are to stay, then the CBI will likely finish the game within nano seconds around the world out of Europe.


TIming… Exposure… Activation… All are about to show the world Iraq is back.. imo ~ MM


Central Bank: Paris will be the starting point of the Iraqi banking sector towards Europe

“And the governor indicated that he discussed with de Gallo, global economic developments, emphasizing the development of banking and economic relations between the two countries, and that France would be the starting point of the Iraqi banking sector towards Europe, stressing that this sector is making progress at various levels, such as banking services and the rest of the indicators that are witnessing a continuous rise. 

Source: Dinar Recaps


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