Dinarland Highlights for July 25, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 7.25.22

Walkingstick (KTFA)

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IOO the WTO obviously knows when the CBI will give the GOI the new exchange rate…why…?  Because as a member of the WTO their currency must be convertible with no restrictions.  This is the law of the WTO and you are seeing it displayed right before your eyes… therefore IMO the new exchange rate…[is] soon to be released and used inside of Iraq by the citizens of Iraq and out of Iraq beyond their boarders…

“What if they come out at 1200?

That would be better.  They could come out at $1.20 to 1…Remember, they are going to unpeg from the American dollar.  It won’t be 1 to 1.  It won’t be $1.20 to 1.  It will be whatever rate they come out at.  And it is going to have to be recalculated on a daily basis…


Mountain Goat

We already know the VALUE is not reflected in the RATE of the IQD as alone oil revenues along with the other assets such as minerals, gold, etc, would surely bring the IQD way over $3 never mind the current 1/6 of penny. So, if you are still waiting for Iraq to turn totally capitalistic and build an enormous economy don’t hold your breath, this is not how it going to happen.



Kazemi will be reinstated two terms for Prime Minister.  Look for him to be reinstated on a Saturday.


Clare (KTFA)

Central Bank: Paris will be the starting point of the Iraqi banking sector towards Europe



[via PDK]

…There is still a tremendous amount of chatter out of Iraq. They are still moving forward with renegotiating rates and contractors…one of the specific contracts of course is the $27 Billion dollar Total Contract from France. They had finished the deal in dollars and now are re- negotiating it to be paid in dinar. …We know we are watching it roll out.  We know we are seeing rate change conversations in Iraq…We know banks are positioning

Redemption folks have no idea what to expect as of this point. Everything is up in the air and fluid. …everything is very fluid…it could happen in 2 minutes…it could happen in days…We do not know. Remember- seeing news all over the place is what we expected at the end.


Nader From The Mid East

The starting point in Europe will be Paris, in the United States we don’t know.  Asia, we don’t know because they ain’t put anywhere…over here [US] I think it’s going to be New York or Miami we’ll see…you don’t have to travel anywhere…you just stay here then you change your dinar...



What is it 9 months later and there’s still no government.  Nope not at all.  What do we see every week?We see the same thing – the Coordinating Framework promising what?  That they will have a quorum and they will elect the president and the Prime Minister…[new] elections are coming I have a feeling no matter what…


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

The government in place that is Halabousi, Saleh and Kahdimi can, are and will continue in the present state of affairs. The back and forth about seating of the government now is looking to be more folly than anything else…The present government is legal and can do day to day business… They have the authority all taken care of or the deals with FRANCE would not have been done..imo.. TIMING..



Guru Tivon is telling…that an RV is in the emergency support law. Well I translated it a week or so ago when it was published…there is no such talk of any RV.



You mentioned a potential value to come in between $0.55 to $0.65…but a lot has changed – the price of oil has gone up, their coffers are getting full, they paid off debt.  Wouldn’t that lend support for a higher rate as well?  Up to $1.17?”

No…its value is how many customers do they have.  How much dinar do they have out there.  And how many times is it being used…

Remember they got to compete within their region so they’re not going to have a currency that’s above everybody else’s…the average value of the currencies in the Middle East I think it’s like $0.40 to $0.50.  So what do they want to do?  They want to be able to compete in the region and at the same time grow in other markets and that’s why I say that they’ll start off at $0.50/$0.60 because they can afford that.

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