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Samson » July 25th, 2022

Parliamentary Legal: Dissolving Parliament is the only salvation from political blockage

24th July, 2022

The Parliamentary Legal Committee, 07-24-2022, recommended addressing the issue of choosing the prime minister through the constitution, while noting that the dissolution of Parliament may be a salvation from the current political impasse.

The head of the committee, Mohamed Anouz, said in a press statement, which was followed by the obelisk, that the root of the problem of choosing the prime minister is constitutional, not political, stressing the need to address the issue of choosing the prime minister through the constitution.

He added, that the dissolution of Parliament may be the salvation from the current political impasse.

He pointed out that the House of Representatives has nothing to do with the formation of the government or not, and the House must proceed with its legislative procedures, as there are legislations that have nothing to do with the government and have no financial aspect.  LINK


Tivon » July 25th, 2022

Whattttt? You don’t say. Are we surprised? Was this expected? Please I beseech to begin proceedings. Do you know how fast this Monetary Reform will manifest after dissolution? Maybe this is the news the French oil company was given a week ago. Because without the new GOI I am pretty sure they still expect certain things to be done by August 1st. Hmmmmmm….I wonder what that is? IMO

Samson » July 25th, 2022

Al-Muthanna seeks to include 145 projects in the Food Security Law

25th July, 2022

Al-Muthanna Governorate announced, on Monday, the inclusion of 145 projects that it seeks to implement within the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development.

The Governor of Al-Muthanna, Ahmed Manfi Judeh, said in a statement reported by “Al-Sabah” newspaper, that “Al-Muthanna is the first governorate that submitted its project plan to the Ministry of Planning, within the budget allocated to it in the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development, and according to the listing requirements approved by the Ministry.” The plan was submitted electronically and on paper.


Judeh added, “The plan that was presented is (A) and includes 145 projects in all sectors, and there is a plan (B) that will be submitted to the Ministry after completing its submission from the heads of administrative units and the competent departments, as it will witness the implementation of many projects in the sectors of health, water, electricity, roads and municipalities. Sewage, agriculture, education, youth, sports and other service sectors in the governorate center and all districts and sub-districts.  LINK

Tivon » July 25th, 2022

I wonder if these are the adjusted contracts that Al-Kazemi demanded of the ministries last Sunday July 17th to be be nullified and rewritten in Dinars?

Because “All Provisions” in the EFSL were to be implemented without delay.

Because wages were one of the components that were also up for recalculation as well. So is this new salary scale on par 1:1 with the USD? Because August 1st is the deadline from which the GOI was supposed to be formed.

But we know dissolution is more than likely the desired outcome. So what else is Al-Kazemi looking to accomplish prior to the 1st of next month? Because I am sure they will not be starting off with new contracts that are under nullified terms that are no longer applicable since the ministries already started readjusting everything about 10 days ago. IMO

Baghdad Governorate announces the rules for applying for contract appointments within the emergency support law

25th July, 2022

Baghdad Governorate announced, on Monday, the rules for applying for appointments to Baghdad Governorate contracts in accordance with the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development

And the governorate announced, in a statement received by {Euphrates News} Agency, “about the mechanism for applying for the degrees of contracts approved in the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development, which includes (contracting with holders of bachelor’s degrees and diplomas) according to the terms of reference required to work in the governorate’s offices and with a monthly salary of (300,000) dinars per contractor. and for a period of (3) years for training and development purposes.


And she added, “The application link is scheduled to be published on (1/8/2022) on the official websites and pages of Baghdad Governorate,” noting that “the application door will be open for a period of (20) days from the date of publishing the link.”

He continued, “The application link is linked to (Ur Portal for Governmental Services of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers / National Data Center Department).  LINK

Samson » July 25th, 2022

A window on the formation of sources of income for the prospective sovereign fund / prospective national welfare funds in Iraq 

25th July, 2022 by Aqil Jaber Ali Al-Mohammadawi

With a careful research look at some successful international practical experiences within the practices of sovereign funds in China and the Russian Federation, they can be used in the maturation of the model for forming the structure of the National Sovereign Fund in Iraq and extracting the following

The importance of focusing methodologically and practically to contain and enable the shift from scientific theorizing to the reality and methodology of the financial and economic model to form the applicable sovereign fund (National Welfare Fund), which is the biggest challenge and in parallel we think about who is the institutional and specialized body responsible for forming and formulating the structure of the Iraqi sovereign fund in a way Real and realistic methodologically, structurally and institutionally in the reality of institutional work away from non-productive and practically unproductive theorizing, and who are the scientific and professional bodies, personalities and mentalities that should exist and participate in a real and without dispensation from them to form, build, devote and mature the structure, model and methodology of the Sovereign Fund

Sovereign funds can be created and formed from the surpluses of the federal public budget, surpluses of government revenue from the activities of companies whose assets occupy a large share, revenue from certain tax savings, including foreign exchange reserves of central banks, and international trade surpluses. This, for example, is how money is made in China

Sovereign funds, representing the state, dispose of national savings, invest them in funds of various companies and other financial instruments, in particular, in stocks, bonds and funds of foreign countries. In principle, the foreign exchange reserves of the Fund are used differently from the official reserves of the government. Specifically, the state usually has two other schemes for investing financial resources

A central bank that invests mainly in bonds, and state-owned companies that invest their money in private equity. But the resources of the last two institutions can also be transferred by the state to sovereign funds


Sovereign investment funds, owned by the governments of sovereign countries, manage state rental income (the public domain) and budget surpluses. Each sovereign fund seeks to increase its potential and capabilities by investing in various national and international financial instruments

If the main goal of pension funds is to ensure the financing of pension obligations, then sovereign accumulation funds pursue various goals, such as: pooling savings for future generations, promoting the implementation of social and economic projects, and protecting the economy from fluctuations. In commodity prices, to promote restructuring and scientific and technical development. This management of national wealth in the name of developing society and the state as a whole can be considered a new type of modern international economic approach based on the formation of national welfare funds. It opens new horizons for organization, planning and macroeconomic methodology LINK  


Sir » July 25th, 2022

IMO – WOW   Are we looking at GESARA here people?

This is a piece of the puzzle that has been up the sleeves of the armies of GOD! This is the piece of the puzzle that will bring an end to the Dark Forces of Evil. This is a debt jubilee and a restructuring of taxes, a new monetary  system backed by gold and precious metals and the most important part is a new smaller government.

The people will share in their countries wealth and enjoy their sovereignty, something that we have not known before, as we have been enslaved in this corrupt system our entire lives. 

IMO – I don’t believe we are waiting on the GOI to be seated, as the government structure will change dramatically. I believe that we are waiting on an event to kick off the final stage of this world event. 
As Frank, WS, MM , Petra and Tivon have shown us everything else is in place for the RI. Special thanks to Samson for all your great work bringing us these articles! 

Let’s look at the big picture here, everything looks to be in place to bring the RI out. We are seeing strong relationships being forged World Wide , commitments between countries to insure sovereignty and stability.

More and more contracts being rewritten, more countries begging to come into Iraq and the same WW. We see governments being forced out or stepping down!


We see BRICS gaining momentum and more countries dropping the swift system and going to fair trade. We see the dollar decline and less countries excepting the dollar for payment.

We see the gold standard coming back in a very strong way. We see Iraq recovering large sums of money from abroad and in country. We see more files being opened and bad players being rounded up. 

IMO – This article and this one below has opened my eyes a little bit more. What do you think, what event are we waiting for?

Al-Kazemi’s advisor talks in detail about three axes to confront inflation  LINK

Samson » July 25th, 2022

Iraq is among the largest foreign holders of US Treasury bonds

25th July, 2022

The US Treasury Department announced, on Monday, that Iraq has become one of the major foreign holders of US Treasury bonds.

The Treasury said in its latest schedule, seen by Shafak News Agency, that “Iraq has become among the 35 largest countries that have possession of US Treasury bonds than those that have bonds with a value of more than 30 billion dollars.”

And she added, “Iraq’s possession of these bonds amounted to 32.9 billion dollars for the month of May, an increase of 36.51 percent over the month of January of 2022, and an increase of 57.42 percent over the same month of last year 2021.”


She pointed out that “Iraq was the fourth largest Arab country in terms of the value of bonds after Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE, while Japan came at the top of the countries with the largest value of these bonds, followed by China second and the United Kingdom third,” indicating that the total US bonds owned by the countries of the world amounted to 7 trillion. and $421 billion.  LINK


4Cash » July 25th, 2022

IMO, I’m sure the United States Treasury holds the biggest number of Dinars as well as American citizens. So, Iraq knows they are safe holding US Treasury Bonds.

Samson » July 25th, 2022

Will the constitution be amended ?

25th July, 2022

After the completion of the draft constitution in force, those in charge of writing the texts noted the necessity of making the amendments, which will be observed, or that will be produced by the next stage upon implementation, and on this basis they put a text within the first paragraph of Article (142) of it, provided that the House of Representatives in the beginning of his work by forming a committee from among its members (we will assume that they are jurists and specialists in the field of constitution and laws), but the text requires that the committee be representative of the main components in Iraqi society.

This committee takes upon itself the task of submitting proposals for the necessary amendments that can be made to the constitution and its work ends after the proposals are decided upon, provided that these proposals are presented by the committee at once to the House of Representatives for a vote, and approval of their approval requires the approval of an absolute majority of the number of members of the Council.

Then, the third paragraph of the same article confirmed that the articles that were proposed to be amended should be submitted to the people for a referendum within a period of two months from the date of their approval in the House of Representatives. 


There is no doubt that the task of amending the constitution after working according to it in the past period showed some aspects of the deficiency that it experienced and the gaps that became the subject of disagreement. With the Iraqi reality and the principles on which the constitution was based, and the aspirations that the people of Iraq still aspire to in order to consolidate the foundations of citizenship and the rules of the civil state, and so the task in diagnosing the defect and deficiencies that permeated it was not an easy task or one of the tasks that the House of Representatives in this case can accomplish in the most complete way.

Sessions of the parliament’s deputies took turns, of which we only touched promises and media statements, although the text requires implementation of the urgent need in the legislative task.

That is a source of difference and the lack of clarity, and that these texts be for all Iraqis the tent in which everyone shelters, and that citizenship is the basis, and in a manner that preserves Iraq’s unity, independence and sovereignty, with an emphasis on establishing the foundations of the federal democratic parliamentary system without ambiguity, confusion or ambiguity in the texts, and that the texts are lifted Which does not serve the future stage of Iraq, and does not benefit the process of building a state of law.

The constitution is not a static document, a conference statement, or a political position. It is rather basic principles, rights, freedoms, and the constitutional form of authority, away from Iraq’s past catastrophes that modern history will remember, and without prejudice to the suffering and sacrifices of Iraqis. presented by the people of Iraq on the path to freedom and democracy.

The task of amending the constitution does not mean patching up the text or substituting other texts, or improvised, unstudied steps in the field of text legislation. The alternative system to the central system that was one of the causes of the Iraqi devastation and the horrific deterioration that befell the values of society, the adoption of sectarianism and chauvinism as the basis for this system, and the backwardness that pervaded Iraq in general and some regions in particular, in addition to those internal wars, which continued for a long time, or the foreign ministry, which cost Iraq a lot of people and money. 

The task of amending the constitution begins with high flexibility, transparency, impartiality and self-denial so that the texts can be applied in a harmonious, identical and unified manner, so that we can reflect on the texts that should be amended or abolished, and put before our eyes the future of the generations that the constitution will rule.

Through the experiences that various constitutions have gone through, it is clear that working with a rigid constitution, which confers on the constitution a kind of prestige and sanctity, is more secure than trying to circumvent the texts and the ease of changing them, and that a constitutional text will not be canceled, amended or added, except with the approval of public opinion or Parliament. And making the amendment process flexible if necessary, in addition to achieving stability from controlling its texts in the future, in addition to the protection formed by the presence of the Federal Supreme Court.

And enabling the authorities to change and manipulate the texts exposes the future policy of control, desires and interests, so moderation in adopting these theories is the most appropriate and appropriate in application, meaning that the solution is flexibility in amendment with texts that we maintain their strength and sobriety. 

Although the constitution is in dire need of amendment and revision, the matter is prompt to emphasize that this constitution should be comprehensive and expressive of basic principles, free from political rhetoric and emotional expressions, and free as much as possible from blood, skulls, graves and torture, given that it is the supreme document, which charts Iraq the future. 

Therefore, clarity in the upcoming texts that guarantee the rights of all and outline basic steps and principles stipulated in the constitution, contribute to the convergence of all points of view in the joints of the three authorities. Therefore, looking at avoiding the negative attitudes produced by the previous stage is enough for the legislator and the contributor to the amendment process to benefit from them. prospective. 

Since the parliament has been studying and forming the competent committees for quite some time to finalize the drafting of the expected amendments to the constitution, the differences and intersections between blocs and parties with important and emerging issues, and with the accumulation of many laws that are in dire need of discussion, approval, amendment or rejection, have not been accomplished by the parliament.


Waiting for him to have the opportunity to accomplish, and as a national secretariat is entrusted to the members of the House of Representatives, as they represent the competent legislative authority, to put forward the constitutional reform project, can the House accomplish this great task?   LINK


Sir » July 25th, 2022

IMO – This is a big piece of the puzzle
Thiis just shut down all the so called political leaders ability to even be considered for a position in a new limited government! You will need to hold a constitutional degree and be born in Iraq to even be considered a position in the new government. A Constitution for the people, “Wow what a concept “.

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » July 25th, 2022

Officials in the Ministry of Justice hosted by Parliament next Wednesday

07/25/2022 18:41:07

The Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed that it will host general directors in the Ministry of Justice next Wednesday.

According to the committee’s statement, {Euphrates News} received a copy of it: “Today, it held a meeting headed by Muhammad Anouz, head of the age group, and the presence of its members to discuss a number of important topics.”

She added, “Where the meeting discussed the axes that will be presented during the scheduled hosting next Wednesday for a number of general managers in the Ministry of Justice, and the meeting also discussed the upcoming legislative entitlements, stressing the need to intensify efforts to proceed with the enactment of important laws.”

Tivon » July 25th, 2022

This is important. Because if they are talking about enacting important laws they can only refer to the ones under the EFSL that Al-Kazemi has legal authority to implement because they are not considered new laws. Or even new projects.

The EFSL was only created to implement or enact laws that have been stalled for many years. Oil & Gas Law would be one of those. But that appears to be already taken care of. Which is why I think they are moving on to the Citizens Entitlements that are tied to the HCL/Oil & Gas Law.

Because again what did Al-Kazemi command of all ministries? To implement and provisions under the EFSL. So this week we should see very paramount movements towards securing services, projects, investments, and laws that are supported by the Constitution. LINK


These are two articles below. One hinting at the Oil & Gas being settled on the 23rd. The other on the 19th discussing completing the constitutional entitlements. And now we have this current article saying Wednesday is when to expect these to be enacted.

So we are in for a very progressive week that will benefit all of us in the grand scheme it all. Keep in mind this is around the same time we are getting news about what the CBI plans to do with the new platform for international trade, shares, and stocks where banks must be ready by the 15th.

As I told you all the CBI knows how important their role is in regards to providing the mechanism where the citizens can actually receive their monthly entitlements from the HCL. Why? Because they are on the Federal Oil & Gas Council with the PM and a The Ministry of Oil. Think about it.

When was the last time you were given a hard-core date from the CBI? Why are they being so bold now? Is time running short? What do they see where they need to meet a deadline that can not be interfered with? What did the Governor of the French Central Bank say about the CBI. That they have met all requirements to start facilitating business right?

Well we know what Iraq has to do before they join the WTO. So starting point for them appears to be set in stone with Europe. No wonder Al-Rasheed Bank are setting up ATM outside with 24/7 access. Remember these machines are designed to recycle old notes off the streets. IMO


July 19 2022

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, discussed with the Chairman of the Leadership Council in the Alliance of National State Forces, Haider Al-Abadi, the developments of the political situation in the country.

A statement from Al-Abadi’s office issued today said that the two sides discussed, in the meeting held yesterday, “the overall political situation and the political movement that the country is witnessing to complete the constitutional entitlements, and to face the many challenges facing our people, who hope to provide the requirements of a decent living and services, and job opportunities, construction and reconstruction during the next stage.


July 23rd 2022

Parliamentary Energy praises the role of representatives of state forces in enacting important laws 

Head of the Oil, Gas and Natural Resources Committee Yahya Al-Ithawi praised, today, Saturday, the role of the representatives of the State Forces Alliance bloc.

Al-Ithawi visited the headquarters of the State Forces Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives, and was received by the coalition representative and member of the Oil and Gas Committee, Ali Shaddad Al-Faris


An informed political source: 3 conditions presented by al-Sadr to reconcile with al-Maliki.. Get to know them

25th July, 2022

An informed political source in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, revealed today, Monday, that the tribal delegation that is trying to mediate reconciliation between the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr and the head of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, contacted al-Sadr’s office to arrange a meeting with him so that the office presents 3 conditions for the meeting.

The source explained: “Al-Sadr’s office has stipulated, first, the return of funds and the audit of accounts linked to the owners, and the second point is related to opening the investigation file with the entry and control of the terrorist organization ISIS over a group of governorates and regions of Iraq, and the accountability of the negligent in this file,” adding that “the third point or condition is to present Al-Maliki. himself to the judiciary in order to hold him accountable for all the files and issues that concern him, and then we can talk about reconciliation with him.”  LINK


Sadr just laid down the gauntlet!!! Think of it, he sends these 3 requirements to Maliki (and the citizens of Iraq) for him to step up and face the judiciary for all the crimes he has purported to have committed. If he does not, then in all the eyes of the people and their justice system, he is considered guilty.

If he was innocent, he would have nothing to fear…but we all know better. What a brilliant chess move by Sadr.

This, IMO, will shoot down the PM’s name submitted by Maliki and the Framework. This also, IMO, will force the judiciary to file formal charges!! Brilliant, IMO……PETRA


Parliamentary Legal: Dissolving Parliament is the only salvation from political blockage

24th July, 2022

The Parliamentary Legal Committee, 07-24-2022, recommended addressing the issue of choosing the prime minister through the constitution, while noting that the dissolution of Parliament may be a salvation from the current political impasse.

The head of the committee, Mohamed Anouz, said in a press statement, which was followed by the obelisk, that the root of the problem of choosing the prime minister is constitutional, not political, stressing the need to address the issue of choosing the prime minister through the constitution.

He added, that the dissolution of Parliament may be the salvation from the current political impasse.

He pointed out that the House of Representatives has nothing to do with the formation of the government or not, and the House must proceed with its legislative procedures, as there are legislations that have nothing to do with the government and have no financial aspect.  LINK


Parliamentary Legal : Dissolving Parliament may be a salvation from the political blockage

25th July, 2022

Sunday, the Parliamentary Legal Committee recommended addressing the issue of choosing the prime minister through the constitution, while noting that the dissolution of Parliament may be a salvation from the current political impasse.

The head of the committee, Muhammad Anouz, said in a statement to Al-Iraqiya News, which was followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the root of the problem of choosing the prime minister is constitutional, not political,” stressing “the need to address the issue of choosing the prime minister through the constitution.”

He added, “Dissolving Parliament may be the salvation from the current political blockage,” noting that “the House of Representatives has nothing to do with forming the government or not, and the parliament must proceed with its legislative procedures, as there are legislations that have nothing to do with the government and have no financial side.”

He added that “the legal committee is working to accomplish what was agreed upon between the presidency of the council and the political blocs on 20 legal legislation in the coming days,” explaining that “the legal committee has begun to set priorities for these laws, and it is continuing to present many bills that need new formulation or amendment. LINK


MilitiaMan » July 25th, 2022

Tivon and Petra, there is looking to be more to the story after all. Thank you both for your input. The Ministry of Justice is going to be in parliament on Wednesday.. Al-Sadr has spoke to the tribal leaders and has given 3 items that need to be met by Al-Maliki if they want reconciliation.

There also is a push for the potential dissolution of Parliament. Notice they mention 20 legal items to be at play in the coming days. What a perfect time for Al-Maliki to show up and present his innocence, his accounts and his part in ISIS, Spichter, etc., to the proper authorities..

Also what a perfect time to address the 20 legal items along with making a judgement on the lack of impasse in constitutional items, such as not having completed the government after 10 months, whereby, the dissolution of the parliament may be their only salvation.

It is all about the citizens need and entitlements both on a constitutional and financial line. All at the same convenient time with everyone’s needs to met. Everyone will be there.. Or not?

In Maliki’s case that will be very interesting if he shows.. Has he been served a summons? I don’t know. Has an arrest warrant been issued? I don’t know.

From the looks of Al-Sadr’s position on the matter, one being issued may not be out of the question.  Time will tell. However, we clearly look to be getting to the end of the track.. imo.. This is getting very good now.. Very.. imo ~ MM

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » July 25th, 2022

Blaskharat Discusses With Iraqi Politicians How To Get Rid Of “Whales Of Corruption

24th July, 2022

The head of the UN mission in Iraq, Jenin Plaschaert, discussed today, Sunday, with the head of the Alliance of Resolve, MP Muthanna al-Samarrai, as well as other politicians, various issues, including ways to get rid of “whales of corruption.”

A statement by the media office of the President of the Resolve Alliance, received by Earth News, stated that “he met the head of the Resolve Alliance, Representative Muthanna al-Samarrai, and the leader of the coalition, Representative Talal al-Zoba’i, head of the UN mission in Baghdad, Jenin Plaschaert, in order to discuss the role of the UN mission in supporting the course of the political process.” 

During the meeting, Al-Zoba’i stressed “the importance of the role that UNAMI plays in Iraq and the need for the concerned parties to abide by the outcomes of this sensitive mission and to support its path and efforts in order to establish stability and peace and support the democratic system in Iraq.”

He added, “the importance of cooperation in order to reach effective solutions regarding the files of the disappeared Iraqis, whose file is long awaited, in addition to supporting Iraq in its confrontation with international and local terrorism and the need to get rid of the whales of corruption and put an end to this disaster, with reference to Iraq’s need for real support in the files of the environment and desertification.” In addition to the problem of weapons outside the control of the state, and the need to promote civil peace and societal stability.

Al-Zoba’i stressed that “the representatives of the liberated areas in the House of Representatives who decided to represent their component and their regions through the Alliance of Azm, which sponsors and adopts these demands, support the adoption of the general amnesty law, the amendment of the Accountability and Justice Law, and the legislation that removes injustice from the residents of these areas.”   LINK

Court Rulings To Recover $2 Billion Of Looted Funds

24th July, 2022

The coalition of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption revealed, on Sunday, that the judicial authorities issued rulings to recover the amount of $2 billion in funds looted in various ways.

Member of the coalition, head of the Al-Nahrain Network to Support Integrity and Transparency, Muhammad Rahim Al-Rubaie, said in an interview seen by “The Information”, that “there are unremitting efforts being made to work to recover the looted funds, which politicians and economists estimated at hundreds of billions, in compliance with the recommendations of the Baghdad Conference to recover the looted funds that was held in September.” from last year.”

Al-Rubaie added, “Iraq is demanding the recovery of its money from many countries, the most important of which are the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and other regional countries, by obligating those countries to the United Nations Convention against Corruption in 2007 or by concluding bilateral agreements with those countries to recover the wanted and the looted money.”

He explained that “the procedures for recovering these funds are complicated due to the different laws between Iraq and other countries,” noting that “some countries refrained from returning them under the pretext of economic damage.”   LINK

The Judicial Planning Department organizes the second legal session on (crimes committed during public service)

25th July, 2022

The Judicial Planning Department of the Ministry of Justice organized the second legal session on (crimes committed during the public service) for the employees of the judicial departments with legal specializations, with the participation of (17) employees at the Ministry’s headquarters.

The Director-General of the Six Department, Mona Matti Bethun, said that the course was organized from the principle of improving the level of job performance for the employees of the judicial departments with legal competencies and in implementation of the vocabulary of the annual training plan for 2022, for the Training Department in the Department of Forensic Planning and what the department is accustomed to in establishing its programs Training all year round.

The Director-General added that the legal course included within its vocabulary three axes, the first being the crimes committed by the public employee and affecting the public position or public money, and it includes eight crimes, for example (bribery, embezzlement, job exploitation, forgery, crimes of the employee’s refraining from doing his work and exceeding employees, the limits of their jobs and others), as for the second axis, it includes crimes against the public servant or the public position from others, and finally the third axis, which includes the legal consequences of committing crimes against the public position.  LINK

It included a minister and deputies.. Integrity: 40 arrest and recruitment orders during June

07/25/2022 09:39:58

The Federal Integrity Commission revealed the totality of arrest and recruitment orders issued against senior officials and high-ranking officials during the month of June.

The Investigations Department of the Commission indicated that “the judicial authorities issued (40) arrest warrants against the background of cases investigated by the commission’s investigation directorates and offices in Baghdad and the provinces, and referred them to the judiciary, explaining that among those orders were issued against senior officials of high ranks for the period of time. From (1-30/6/2022), (7) arrest warrants, and (33) recruitment orders. 

The department added that “the orders issued and executed included arrest and recruitment orders against a former minister, (3) members of Parliament (current and former), and a current deputy minister.”

The arrest and recruitment orders during the same period also included former and (3) former governors, (10) current general managers, (9) former and (3) former governors, in addition to (3) former provincial council members.  LINK

Integrity brings in a former Iraqi parliamentarian

24th July, 2022

The Federal Integrity Commission reported, on Sunday, the issuance of a summons order against a former parliament member; For intentionally causing damage to the funds of the persons entrusted to him.

In its discussion of the recruitment order, the Commission’s Investigation Department indicated that the Nineveh Investigation Court, which is specialized in integrity issues, issued an order to recruit a former member of Parliament; for having received the salaries of two of her protection members; Although they are missing after the occupation of the city of Mosul by the terrorist gangs of ISIS.

The department added that the Nineveh Investigation Court, which is specialized in integrity issues, issued the recruitment order in accordance with the provisions of Article (340) of the Penal Code.

It is worth noting that Article (340) stipulates that “Any employee or person charged with a public service who willfully causes damage to the funds or interests of the entity in which he works or is connected by virtue of his position or the funds of the persons entrusted to him shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding seven years or imprisonment.”   LINK

Integrity arrests an official in Salah al-Din for forging 224 appointment orders

24th July, 2022

The Federal Integrity Commission reported that it had carried out two seizures of cases of forgery and theft in Salah al-Din Governorate, indicating that a number of suspects were arrested, including an official in the provincial office.

The Integrity Investigation Department confirmed that the Salah al-Din Investigation Office team was able, after conducting investigations and follow-up work, to seize the director of the human resources department in the governorate. For jointly with his “fugitive” assistant, he forged administrative appointment orders for sums of money, referring to forgery orders to appoint (224) people in accordance with Cabinet Resolution No. (315) for the year 2019.

The department added that the team carried out a separate operation in Salah El-Din General Hospital, during which it revealed: Violations occurred in the hospital, represented by the disappearance of (1195) ampoules of the drug (tramadol), which were prepared for the isolation hall for patients with the Corona virus in 2021, pointing to the seizure of (5) accused employees working in the hospital, as well as the original preparation documents for the drug.

She explained that two fundamentalist seizure reports were organized in the two operations carried out in accordance with two judicial seizure notes, and presented, along with the accused, to the judge of the Salah al-Din Investigation Court for Integrity Issues; to take appropriate legal measures.   LINK

His office reveals Al-Araji’s request from the international investigation team to collect evidence to incriminate ISIS

07/24/2022 17:52:22

The Office of the National Security Adviser revealed today, Sunday, that its head, Qassem Al-Araji, asked the head of the international investigation team to collect evidence to indict ISIS terrorist Christian Richer during the meeting.

The office stated in a statement that {Al-Furat News} received a copy of it, “During the meeting, Al-Araji stressed the need to work continuously to accomplish the task of collecting evidence condemning the terrorist Daesh, and not to impunity of criminals, and that Iraq had requested the cooperation of the international community, to assume its responsibilities in holding accountable.” ISIS terrorist organization for crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity. 

Al-Araji indicated that “United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 2379 of 2017, which specified the tasks of the international team, which requires strengthening joint cooperation between Iraq and the investigation team, to enhance accountability efforts for the crimes of genocide committed by ISIS, and to provide justice for the victims and their families by not escaping these terrorists.” of punishment.” 

For his part, the head of the international investigation team indicated that “the team worked in full coordination with the Iraqi government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Prime Minister’s Office, the National Security Adviser and other ministries, to accomplish the task,” noting that “the team prepared an action plan in coordination with the Iraqi government, to accomplish the tasks assigned to it.” And that he is continuing his efforts and keenness not to go unpunished for all perpetrators of crimes against humanity.  LINK

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Samson » July 25th, 2022

Zimbabwe debuts gold coins as legal tender to stem inflation

25th July, 2022

Zimbabwe has launched gold coins to be sold to the public in a bid to tame runaway inflation that has further eroded the country’s unstable currency.

The unprecedented move was announced Monday by the country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, to boost confidence in the local currency.

Trust in Zimbabwe’s currency is low after people saw their savings wiped out by hyperinflation in 2008 which reached 5 billion%, according to the IMF.

With strong memories of that disastrous inflation, many Zimbabweans today prefer to scramble on the illegal market for scarce U.S. dollars to keep at home as savings or for daily transactions. Faith in Zimbabwe’s currency is already so low that many retailers don’t accept it.

The central bank disbursed 2,000 coins to commercial banks on Monday. The first batch of the coins was minted outside the country but eventually they will be produced locally, according to the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, John Mangudya.

The coins can be used for purchases in shops, depending on whether the shop has enough change, he said.

“The government is trying to moderate the very high demand for the U.S. dollar because this high demand is not being matched by supply,” said Zimbabwean economist Prosper Chitambara.

“The expectation is that … there will also be moderation in terms of the depreciation of the local currency, which should have some kind of stabilizing effect in terms of pricing of goods,” he said.

Any individual or company can buy the coins from authorized outlets such as banks and can keep the coins at a bank or take them home, according to an announcement by the country’s central bank. Foreigners can only buy the coins in foreign currency, said the central bank.

Called Mosi-oa-Tunya, which in the local Tonga language refers to Victoria Falls, the coins “will have liquid asset status, that is, it will be capable of being easily converted to cash, and will be tradable locally and internationally. The coin may also be used for transactional purposes,” said the central bank. People holding the coins can only trade them for cash after 180 days from the date of buying, the bank said.

The coins, each weighing one troy ounce with a purity of 22 carats, can also be used as security for loans and credit facilities, said the central bank. The price of the coins will be determined by the international market rate for an ounce of gold, plus 5% for the cost of producing the coin. At the time of the launch Monday, the cost of Mosi oa Tunya coin was $1,824.

Internationally, gold coins are used in countries such as China, South Africa and Australia to hedge against inflation and as an investment opportunity, although they are not as widely used as currency as envisaged by Zimbabwe’s central bank, said Chitambara. “For Zimbabwe we are in chronic hyperinflation so the expectation is that there will be a huge uptake of these gold coins,” he said. However, most Zimbabweans struggle with daily survival and won’t be able to buy them, he said.

“For the common man, there is not really much to benefit directly from this, especially if you don’t have any excess cash,” said Chitambara. “Many people have no money for bread, let alone for savings,” he said. “The expectation is that indirectly it will benefit the ordinary person through moderating the prices.”

Companies with excess cash can find the coins useful to store value and also as an alternative investment asset, although individuals and companies are likely to continue preferring the dollar because “it is convenient and highly liquid,” he said.

Selling the coins in fast depreciating local currency could also result in “rent-seeking behavior, speculation and arbitrage within the economy,” as some could buy using local currency and then sell in dollars later, he said.

The fact that Zimbabwe’s central bank would have to buy the gold from miners of the metal such as informal artisanal miners could also present challenges and result in increased smuggling, analysts say.

“Gold deliveries in Zimbabwe have significantly recovered because of the appetizing U.S. dollar payments offered to artisanal miners,” noted securities firm Morgan & Co in a market intelligence report.

“However, should there be a disparity between the amount of U.S. dollars used to purchase the gold from miners and the U.S. dollars used to pay for the coins, this could squeeze the central bank and its intermediaries’ foreign currency reserves. If this ripples to artisanal gold miners, this could result in low deliveries to Fidelity Printers and increase gold smuggling activities,” noted the Morgan report. Fidelity Printers, a subsidiary of the central bank, is the country’s only authorized gold buyer.

Zimbabwe has substantial gold deposits and exports of the precious metal is one of the southern African country’s major foreign currency earners. Gold production improved to about 30 tons in 2021, compared to 19 tons in 2020, according to official figures. Small–scale producers such as poorly regulated artisanal miners contributed 19 tons of the gold delivered in 2021, according to official figures.

Gold smuggling has been rampant. The country is estimated to be losing about $100 million dollars worth of gold monthly to smuggling, home affairs minister Kazembe Kazembe has said. Smuggling is costing the country about 36 tons of gold annually, according to a report issued this month by the Center for Natural Resource Governance, a local natural resources watchdog. Legally all gold mined in Zimbabwe is supposed to be sold to the central bank, but many producers prefer to smuggle the gold out of the country in order to get payment in U.S. dollars.  LINK

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