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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 7-26-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday July 26th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks for listening everybody –welcome everybody wherever you are listening in whether it is live or on the replay –  Thank you for tuning in – yet again – we are excited to be here – got a lot of good information to share – so we’re ready for a really good call tonight

All right – Oh, golly you guys. Let’s see where this puts us tonight. I’m very excited about where we sit right now because we had heard yesterday – I’m kind of cutting to the chase on this. We had heard yesterday that we could get notified right after the bondholders got their notifications by email today.

Then we heard last night that No, no, the bondholders are not going to get their emails on Tuesday – but we’re going to get the emails along with the bond sellers emails, or notifications at the same time, Wednesday – that’s tomorrow, the 27th of July and that would theoretically – based on the information that we heard last night be coming in before lunchtime tomorrow.

Now – I’m thinking okay, that’s about perfect – there’s a true shotgun start not Tuesday, but it’s Wednesday. We’ll take it. We’re excited. And then I hear today – that okay, everything that we heard about this coming tomorrow is still on track – we are still on track to be notified Wednesday.

Now – we’re also on track to be notified by the Wells Fargo emails coming to us with a toll free number. But we’re also being told that we will start exchanges tomorrow. So – notification, set your appointment, two or three hours later, you’re going for first appointments, and by that I mean the first ones that signed up or that registered for their appointments – They called to set their appointment – let’s say it that way would be starting tomorrow afternoon.

So – this is where the intel that we have – This is why I pray the way I did by praying the call in tonight. Let it be that the intel that we have heard last night and again today – just let it be true – With no changes. Let it happen.




This is our group prayer everybody – Big call universe – wherever you are in the universe – wherever you are in this globe. This is our prayer – that we would get the notifications tomorrow before lunch and set our appointments and go tomorrow. Start tomorrow. That’s what we’ve heard. That’s what we’re praying into. That’s what we’re going with. Boom shakalaka Boom shakalaka so this is it.

This is coming down to the wire. Literally, we were told we were in the last 10 yards of a marathon and I believe that’s going to be the case.

Now – we know that we’ve been pushed – bondholders have been pushed – redemption center staff has been pushed. All of us have been pushed – but the indication is very good for this to finally come to fruition – and we’re just going to believe that there’s nothing else that would keep this from going -that everything is clear – all systems go – everything is all lined up for us

Now what we want to do is make sure that if you’re a Zim holder, that you take advantage of the value of those Zim bonds. What do you mean bonds?  What do you mean? Why, why why?

The zim is a bearer bond. It says right on the note – it says payable to the bearer of – and you know, I’m not going to give you rates but I can tell you – if the Zimbabwe dollar is on par with the USN – on par means one to one –“helloooo” – that means your large denomination bills are worth what they state on the bill. Pretty simple.

One times one is one – okay, I don’t care who else is out there saying other things. I have it on very good authority that what I’m saying is true. Now – the dinar is done. Rates are very, very good. There is a contract rate. I’m not going to tell you what it is. You’ll have to ask for it.

Dong doesn’t have a contract rate per se, but it has a highly negotiable rate. You could ask for that. This is part of what you’ll get when you – well, for your presentation – your presentation formula. Okay, your world class formula is part of what you should know in that –




Will we do a final celebration call recorded? maybe if we’re allowed to – maybe – will we do any more live calls? No – Will you be in touch with us by email? Yes. Will you be sending us a podcast as a link in the email? Yes.

Will you be in touch with us after this goes so we can all get together? We believe so. And we’ll be in touch by email so that we can get out the information to you about how to be part of rebuild America – The Veterans retreat network  – ministerial retreat network – if applicable – and rebuild the Bahamas   Rebuild Hispaniola, which is basically Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

How are we going to do that? We’re going to use some of Bob’s contacts at the DR. to get into the DR and get things started from that side of the island and try to create really a great opportunity for everybody.

You know what they what do they need? They need clean water. They need proper sanitation. They need to be able to grow their own food. They need education. They need clothing, not so much clothing because it’s hot. You need a purpose and that’s why you need something to take you to the next level. We’re going to bring everybody up, you know from third world the first world – that’s the goal for everybody around the globe. That’s what we want to get to.

So we’re leveling the playing field so that we can all play fairly on an even basis – on an even playing field. That’s why all these currencies. Yeah, it’s gotta be the dinar, be high first for us. Same thing with Dong and some of these other 27 other currencies that are gonna go up in value.

But at some point, guess what? They’ll seek their own level and all be on par with our USN dollar – we will have total even trading between countries. Now it may not take – may not go there immediately Clemente but I think it will go fairly quickly on par.

So we’ll see how that happens – if the EU is going to break up in terms of the euro – I think they’re going back to individual currencies in Europe – The French franc – the Swiss franc is still outside of the euro – Just like the British Pound sterling is outside of the euro – But you’ve got the Spanish currency, the Italian lira. You’ve got all of the countries that are part of the Euro are believe will go back to their own individual currency with reprinted paper money and remitted points.

Yep, leave they’re all doing that now – Getting that in prep phase for this to happen. That may be that may end up being part of GESARA but we know that to expect that – we’re knowing – we know to expect that that the euro will go away.

Many of the BRICS nations have already minted or are in the process of minting a one ounce gold coin – about the size of our half dollar in the United States. I know we will do one. We haven’t started already. There won’t be a denomination on it in terms of how much it is worth. Because it’s worth what a one ounce of gold will be worth and gold is going to go up and silver is going to go up – much more than they are now.

So many of you guys have collected silver, one ounce coins from different countries. This would be like collecting gold one ounce gold coins from different countries. So that’s going to be fun – maybe as a collector as somebody that collects some of these things.




I think the silver coins will be more practical in terms of use if they ever need to be used as currency. But the gold will be fun just to have it. Guys, I’ll tell you what. There are things happening behind the scenes. Is there still Clean up on aisle three? You betcha. Yes. There is quite a bit to take place over the next couple of months -globally. It’s a big number, but they’re going after it.

I don’t think we’re going to have the Emergency Alert System completely throughout the United States. I think it’ll be in in six or seven states. I think that they’ll use it where needed and we’re going to probably get our 10 or 12 days of disclosure at some point if they need to use the Emergency Alert System to bring that out.

What about the EBS? It’s not called the EBS anymore. It’s no longer emergency broadcast system. Its Emergency Alert System – on radio, television, phone – It’s the same system – EAS

What else has been happening? They’ve been interconnecting the Starlink satellite system with remote – computerized unmanned stations – to monitor the quantum system that’s been connected and synced up. We believe all the financial institutions throughout the world are finally interconnected to the quantum system.

We know that the Zell I think I mentioned this zeller’s / zelly transfer system will be utilized starting September 23 – Completely around the globe – totally globally to transfer funds in 30 seconds to a minute it just doesn’t take very long.

So I’m excited about where we sit right now.

And by the way, the redemption center staff has been pushed just like we have – so have compassion on them because they know we’ve waited a long time and they’ve waited a long time. The difference is they’ve been getting paid something to wait that we haven’t.

Okay, so that’s really what I wanted to share with you guys tonight.

You’re going to need to look into your own security. I don’t know that they’re going to harp on this at the redemption center. But you’re going to need to do it. We know the NDA is only one and a quarter pages long. It’s only for Zim holders, doesn’t affect regular currency people exchanges.

But I want you guys to be aware that you’re entering a new arena, a new paradigm. You want to first thing on the NDA should say something like Shut the front door. Be quiet. Think I used to have a teacher said be quiet be quiet. I’ll be quiet. Be quiet. Shut up. Don’t be saying nothing about all this to anybody.




Don’t be bragging and buying rounds and drinks at the local bar. There’ll be sport your ** ride Oh excuse my French your new ride. You know what I’m saying – and you just want to keep it on the down low guys. You want to keep this on the down low – hold this down low and then you’ll be fine. You’ll be fine. So I want to recommend that everybody have a great night tonight.

All right. Do I expect to have a call Thursday? No, not now I don’t. Do we expect to have a celebration call maybe in the meantime – possibly. But it won’t be a live call – it be just a recorded call. Okay, so you guys hang in there. Let’s pray this call out.

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:06:06

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