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Samson » July 28th, 2022

A New Parliamentary Movement To Change The Dollar Exchange Rate

28th July, 2022

The State of Law Coalition’s representative, Duha Al-Qaisar, confirmed, on Thursday, that there is support from the forces of the coordination framework to reduce the dollar exchange rate.

Al-Qaisar said in a statement to “Information” that “most of the forces affiliated with the coordination framework are striving, and through the next government, to return the dollar exchange rate to its previous rate.” She added that “the concerned committees in the House of Representatives presented many studies on the possibility of returning the dollar exchange rate, and this does not entail any other consequences.”

She pointed out that “there is a real tendency among most of the political forces to reduce the value of the dollar after the rise in prices and the damage of millions of citizens, especially the poor segment.” She pointed out that “the procedure requires all political forces in the House of Representatives to take measures that contribute to restoring the dollar exchange rate to what it was previously.”

The representative of the National Approach Alliance, Hassan al-Asadi, had confirmed in a previous statement, the possibility of reducing the dollar exchange rate in the new budget, stressing that there is a parliamentary movement to return the dollar exchange rate to what it was previously.  LINK

291 days and the time is open.. Iraq enters Guinness for the longest period without a government

28th July, 2022

Today, Thursday, Iraq recorded the longest period of political “stalemate” after the elections and the failure to form a new government by 291 days, exceeding the previous delay period not to form a government in 2010, which ended with former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, apparently not “so far.” Any features of its formation in light of the ongoing political division.

A Reuters report, seen by Shafak News Agency, stated that “more than nine months after holding elections in October, the lawmakers tasked with choosing a president and prime minister did not come close to agreeing on anything, so that Iraq recorded a record period of 290 days (until Yesterday, Wednesday), without a prime minister or government,” noting that “the longest previous period without a government in Iraq was in 2010, when 289 days passed without a government until Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki assumed a second term in office.”

And in an indication that this stalemate will not be broken, thousands of supporters of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr stormed the Iraqi parliament building on Wednesday, chanting slogans against his Shiite political rivals, days after they hinted at an agreement on a possible prime minister.

According to the report, this “political paralysis left Iraq without a general budget for 2022, as spending on badly needed infrastructure projects stopped and economic reforms were disrupted, and this situation increased the lack of services and jobs even as Baghdad achieved record oil revenues due to high crude prices, and although it did not it has witnessed major conflicts since the defeat of ISIS five years ago.

The report quotes citizens “dissatisfied with the situation” as saying that “there is no government and no budget, the streets are full of potholes, electricity and water are scarce, health care and education are dilapidated.” The report explains that “usually, the formation of a government in Iraq takes months and requires winning the support of all the major political parties, while the increasing divisions between these blocs prolonged the government formation process severely this time.”

In the Shiite camp, Muqtada al-Sadr, who won the most votes in the October 2021 elections, withdrew his 74 deputies from parliament last month after he failed to form a government that excluded his Shiite rivals, most of whom are backed by Iran and have heavily armed wings.

According to the report, “Al-Sadr with this withdrawal left dozens of these seats for his rivals, but he and his popular base, which includes millions, will not stand silent if they try to form a government that he does not agree to,” noting that “Al-Sadr’s supporters demolished, on Wednesday, a concrete barrier and entered the Green Zone that includes Government buildings, before they stormed Parliament.

Reuters shows that “while Al-Sadr’s rivals have proposed Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani as a candidate for prime minister, Al-Sadr may also oppose his candidacy because he is an ally of Al-Maliki.” The report quoted a member of the Sadrist movement, who requested anonymity, as saying that “Al-Sudani is just a shadow of the owners.”

He also quoted Sheikh Safa al-Baghdadi, a cleric who is a follower of al-Sadr, before the demonstrators stormed parliament as saying, “We will demonstrate until the corrupt politicians and groups backed by Iran leave.”

On the other hand, differences between the main Kurdish parties prevent the selection of a president, a position that, once approved by Parliament, allows its holder to appoint a prime minister.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan has held the presidency since 2003, while the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which received the largest number of Kurdish votes by a large margin, clings to its presidential candidate.

The report quotes KDP MP Shirwan Al-Dobardani, “We have not been able to agree yet. The position of the president should not remain in the hands of one party forever.”  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » July 28th, 2022

Sharifi Confirms The Difficulty Of Forming A Sudanese Government After The Storming Of Al-Khadra By The Sadrists

28th July, 2022

Political analyst Ahmed Al-Sharifi stressed, today, Thursday, the difficulty of the coordination framework in the process of forming the new Iraqi government, after supporters of the Sadrist movement stormed the Green Zone.

Al-Sharifi told “Earth News”, “The political situation in Iraq is going towards escalation, especially after the Sadrist movement’s supporters entered the Green Zone and the Iraqi parliament,” noting that “this matter confirms and indicates the difficulty of the coordination framework proceeding with the process of forming the new Iraqi government.” 

Al-Sharifi indicated that “the data indicate that the political situation in Iraq is going during the next stage towards holding early parliamentary elections, not forming a new government.”

Al-Sharifi continued, “I do not think that the coordinating framework will be able to proceed with the formation of the government with the presence of the Sadrist street pressing them, and it is very possible to repeat the process of entering the Green and Parliament.”  LINK

MilitiaMan » July 28th, 2022

The street was peaceful yesterday. Maybe the next time the street needs to go in to the dome, they’ll not be so kind to those with out Iraq’s best interest in mind.. Kahdimi must see that the outside forces  in town are not in the citizens best interest. I suspect that there will not be a vote now after all. It may very well be for the reasons suggested above.  Playing it as it was dangerous when it wasn’t. Kahdimi was in the mix and showed how peaceful it was. Think of the protection and security he had. Talk about tight. lol ~  imo ~ MM

Starting to talk more about the dissolution of the parliament and then to call for elections.. The looks of the below is Al-Halbousi talking with legal council and the circumstances or stage they are in politically. Not at all surprising at this stage now. Likely making sure that they are in proper standing and on the right path.. Imo ~ MM 


Al-Halbousi discusses with Babir finding solutions that are consistent with the stage

07/28/2022 13:29:36

Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi discussed today, Thursday, with the head of the Kurdistan Justice Group, Ali Babir, finding solutions that are consistent with the importance of the stage and its requirements.

A statement by Al-Halbousi’s media office, of which {Euphrates News} received a copy, said that the latter, during his meeting with Baber, discussed “developments of the political scene in the country.”


DinarDiva1 » July 28th, 2022

MM  so no vote on PM or Presidents Saturday?

MilitiaMan » July 28th, 2022

We will have to wait and see. They did suggest they would, but, to be fair they said it wasn’t in stone yet. There are meetings with the CF tonight that suggests they may vote or possibly delay out to Monday. We shall see. I do note that Halbousi is meeting legal council or did today and likely about the political state they are in. We do know that the Supreme Judicial Council has talked about dissolution as an option. Article 64 I believe has that data superficially. What may not be implicit in the emergency situation they find them selves in and whether necessary powers could expedite the circumstance. We watch and see… imo ~ MM

Samson » July 28th, 2022

Saleh: Demonstration is a guaranteed right, and it is necessary to avoid any escalation that affects societal peace and security

07/27/2022 23:32:43

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, confirmed, on Wednesday evening, that the demonstration is a guaranteed right, provided that any escalation that affects societal peace and security is avoided.

Saleh said, in a statement, which {Euphrates News} received a copy of, that: “Peaceful demonstration and expression of opinion is a constitutionally guaranteed right, with the need to adhere to controls and laws, maintain public security and public property, exercise restraint and present the national interest above all else.”

He stressed, “the need to abide by calm, to give precedence to the language of reason, to avoid any escalation that might affect societal peace and security, and to combine efforts to meet national entitlements, achieve the people’s will and respond to their aspirations for reform, and form effective authorities that protect the higher interests of the country and consolidate a capable state that achieves the people’s aspirations for a better future.” 

Saleh added, “The country is going through a delicate circumstance and faces huge challenges and great entitlements that require uniting the ranks and maintaining the peaceful democratic path in the country for which our people sacrificed over decades of tyranny, persecution and violence.   LINK


The Iraqi president comments on the “green events” and calls for “calm down” and to avoid any escalation  LINK

MilitiaMan » July 28th, 2022

If this doesn’t get you excited I am not sure what will.. lol He is talking about huge challenges and great entitlements the requires peace and calm.

Well what we witnessed was just that. They calmed down, as they were told that great entitlements are at stake…Like they are not only constitutional entitlements but also citizens entitlements.

They were told that the 1190  and 1460 exchange rate changes were wrong and helped no one. That is about to change from the looks of his mention of great entitlements.  We shall see. ~ MM

Source: Dinar Recaps


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