“How the New Global World Economic Financial System Should be” by Mid Mess Fair – 7.29.22


Entry Submitted by Mid Mess Fair at 12:28 AM ET on July 29, 2022

How The New Global World Economic Financial System Will Be

The current world financial monetary system are outdated and the new one must be installed to solve end the world conflict about economy between nations/groups/people.

It is like a new society evolution because it will help human get smarter, the system will be more complex but less chaos, thus a new “game” of life for all humanity to learn.

What is the current world monetary financial system are operating?

It is currently based on natural resources between each teams/groups/families/entities over the last 80 years or so.

Although in the public media and to most people it is fiat money paper that issued by the authority government but the truth is not that because without those hidden secret rules, all nations can “devalue” their currency to weaken their value, thus to create jobs.

But why only few nations can do it?

Because of some hidden secret rules laws that was setup between some powerful entities from about 80 years ago of so.

The current world financial system is using the technology from the West (lead by USA, Germany) to manage/control and the natural resources from the East (lead by Russia, China) to input print money.

Most of the current world wide conflict between nations is about natural resources to have ability to “print” more money.
The only solution, only way to end that problem is having a real new world financial system.

Each person have it own vision and ideology about it.
But to me here is how the new world economic financial system should be:
There will be 2 type of currency money type in the new system: international currency and local domestic currency.

+ International currency will still based on natural resources to “input, print, issue” money and will be still observed managed like the current financial system.

+ Local domestic currency will be issued and managed by the local winning political party in each state/city/zone.

International currency features:
– Only allow using for international cross border transactions between nations.
– Will have several versions for each continent such as Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas.
– Or could have direct asset currencies such as oil, gas, gold, silver, etc.
– The exchange rate between each of them and vs the local domestic currency will based on real supply demand law.

Local domestic currency features:
– The local winning political party will have absolutely full power to print/issue that money.
– Only allowed to using in small location depend on the agreement between each groups/parties.
– The exchange rate between each local domestic currency either free flow or via some agreement/treaty between each winning political party.
– People, group, entities from around the world are free to create their own unique currency.

There should be 1 new international system for international cross border money transfer beside the current SWIFT system one.

With above system, the world conflict between nations will be transfer from big scale to small scale .
There will be many local domestic currencies based on various ideology from language, culture, history, races to daily life ideology for sure such as Republican dollar vs Democratic dollar in the USA, Manchu note vs Han notes in China, Tamil rupee vs Sankrit rupee in India, etc.

For international currency based on natural resources, there should be some additional special rules if you want to help raise/help humanity to get smarter.

And this issues is up to the groups, clans, entities who are holding/controlling the natural resources.

I am just sharing my vision my personal thinking.

If any entity want to learn, discuss more, they should contact me as soon as possible while I am still online.

In conclusion, the only way to end the conflicts, end the war and begin new Era on Earth is upgrade the world financial system like the one above. It is not only about economic finance, but it is also about human development evolution.

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUxCXr1dOYY




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