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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 7-28-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the big call. It is Thursday, July 28 and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks everybody for tuning in yet once again from wherever you are listening, and we appreciate you and we thank you for tuning in. Whether you’re live or whether you’re on a replay, or a replay link, the number or the link, we welcome you. Thank you if you’re listening to us from all over this globe, and we appreciate you and look forward to fun call tonight

Let’s talk about the Intel – first of all – last Tuesday night – the information that I gave you – It’s not that it didn’t come through – it’s just that it didn’t come through – and I have to say – I came as close as I’ve ever been to calling it without calling it – and I didn’t mean to be quite so optimistic about the timing.

But am I optimistic now about new timing? Yes. All I’m trying to do when I give you guys this Intel is give it to you pretty much like I get it. I really am trying to give you the same information that I’m getting.

Obviously there’s some times I’ll get things with rates and I can’t really share it because they don’t want me to talk about rates – and that’s fine. Okay, that’s fine. I’ve been red flagged before years ago, if I went over the over the edge, and I don’t do that anymore.

So let’s talk about where we actually are – now. Today’s Thursday, Thursday night the 28th. We got three days before the first of August, which is Monday. All right, I’m gonna give it to you like I got it today.

Number one, Iraq has been told by our – let’s just call it representative – that they can when they were asked, Can we put out our new rate on Saturday? The answer was yes. Please do by all means. Put it out. Saturday. That’s two days away.




Now they will probably put it out sometime in the morning. I don’t know if it’ll be after first prayer when we go out exactly – but it will go out – and – more than likely, the announcement about Hashemi being the and I know I’m probably mispronouncing that Hashemi – Hashemi, whatever it is, as the continuing Prime Minister of Iraq will probably also go in the Gazette.

We do finally expect a printed version of the Gazette on Saturday to go out with Hashemi as prime minister and the government – Parliament is seated and we expect it to also mention the new Iraqi dinar international rates. We know the rate internationally is the same as the in country rate for Iraq.

We know how much it is already, what it will be and we know it will be traded up to that number that Dr Shabibi projected back in I believe it’s December 15th of 2012 at the International Chamber of Commerce meeting in Washington, DC  – 10 years ago almost – right.

So also, it will not only be to that rate that he suggested that we’ve talked about in the past, but it should exceed it by up to a couple of dollars. So that’s going to be really really good.

Also we have heard from Iraq that certain Airlines flight like Iraqi Air is not allowed to fly internationally, because they don’t want the information to leak out until after this is a real thing for Iraq on Saturday.

Well guess what? The flights will resume to some of the international markets that they’re not serving currently at starting as early as noon – Iraq time on Saturday. So that’s sort of a little safety thing that they’ve got in there to make sure the information was out publicly – if you will – Before their Flights resumed internationally.

Good, good. Now, beyond that, we did get word from two other pretty great sources, that the bondholders that still have not been paid – remember, some have – but the vast majority have not – and that vast majority should be notified – We’re hearing now – around five o’clock or one hour -one hour after the markets close Friday.




They close at four and around five or so those notifications to the bondholders should go out or should start going out – I don’t know if they’ll get them all at once – or they’ll give them – let them go out staggered throughout the night – Tomorrow night, Friday night.

Now, what does that say about us? We’ve heard two things – two separate pieces of information that we have to weigh both of them. I think we weigh them both equally. There’s the first piece said that we would receive our email notifications with the toll free number – shortly after the notifications go out to the bondholders, which I mentioned, which start at 5pm tomorrow afternoon.

Now I’ve heard that we would get them or could receive them overnight – or let’s call it overnight to early morning Saturday – and quote unquote wake up to them. That may be how they do it. That may be how they do it. That’s the closest thing to a shotgun start for with the bondholders – that’s the closest thing

Do I expect to be notified at five or 6pm tomorrow night? No. But could we wake up to those emails Saturday morning? Yes. I believe we could.

All right – that’s one piece of information – all right – Let’s finish it though. If that were the case, and we were to receive those Saturday morning when we quote unquote wake up – We know that the redemption center staff are going in – at least in some cases – at noon on Saturday. Could they be going in sooner than that – If they come out at four or five and six in the morning? I would think so – I would think they’d make the adjustment and bring the staff in sooner.

However, we know that some are coming in at noon. All right now, let’s go beyond that. If that were the case, could we exchange on Saturday?  Even if we got the notifications in the late morning Saturday?

Yeah, the answer is yes, we could – because if we got them in the morning – we call the setup for appointments – and realistically they’re ready to have the appointment set a couple hours after we receive notifications –

Now remember, redemption centers are able to stay open as late as 10:30pm – pretty much across the board across the country 1030 – Okay

So could they get a full day of exchanges in?  Yes, they could. On Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, even Saturday night.  Now remember your appointment is supposed to take between a half hour and 40 to 45 minutes tops. They want you in and out – in and out.

This is a currency exchange with five to eight minutes designated for a presentation – if you’re Zim holder and planning to do projects, okay. All right – that’s one scenario – let’s go to the other scenario.




The other piece of information Intel came in talking about us receiving notifications and waking up to them on Monday morning. Monday is the first of August and there was always that thought the back of my mind. This is so close to the end of the month. They may wait till the first of August and they may do it that way.

So here’s my thinking and it could be guys it could be but here’s my thinking about it. Yeah, if the bondholders are to be notified five tomorrow afternoon and get their emails and have access to funds shouldn’t say by when they might get access to fund on Saturday. You would think – but whenever that happens, are we in a shotgun start if we get notified Monday morning? That’s not a shotgun start.

However, this thing has changed from not shotgun to shotgun – back and forth -same time – three hours later – same day – next day – whatever. It’s just going to be hard to say – they’ve changed it so many times – and they’ve changed a lot of different aspects of this. So I’m going to suggest that we look for it Saturday morning.

If it doesn’t manifest by noon Saturday – Guess what? We should probably start looking for Monday. Now – could anything happen on Sunday? Yes. If we start with notifications and setting appointments on Saturday – I think we’ll go right through and include Sunday. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, go right on through – blow right on through it. Will they start on Sunday? I don’t think so. I don’t think they start us on Sunday.

But I think they’d start a Saturday and run right on through – or they may – like I said – the second piece of Intel talked about Monday morning. So any way we slice it, we’re in pretty good shape over the next three days – not including really tomorrow except for bondholders. So it’s more like Saturday, Sunday or Monday for us.

Remember this thing guys and Sue stressed it in her segment. This is – make this a part of your life so that you don’t – you don’t have any fear about it at all. It’s you’re comfortable, you’re relaxed. you’re focused, you’re grounded – all of those words, because this is really merely an exchange of currencies.

What makes it different is the fact that Zim holders are carrying keeping bearer bonds which are payable to the bearer, very large denominations, very high value that will be on par with our dollar – If they have projects that they can explain in a very simplistic outline form in five to eight minutes.

How do you do that if you haven’t written your projects up – with bullet points – with something to adequately describe the longevity, the job creation, the every aspect of your project like that.

I’m trying not to be talking out of both sides of my mouth. But I really think we are extremely close. You know Iraq is going to finally do their thing Saturday, and I think there’s a good chance we could get notified Saturday morning and set our appointments and go – so let’s believe for that. So there’s obviously more than I can share, but most of you have a pretty good handle on what this is all about.

I’m excited because I’m looking forward to getting started with our projects  for The big call, like working with veterans in the veterans retreat network, obviously working with rebuild America – that’s a huge project and a big undertaking but I think the more I thought about it, it could really be fun.




And we’ll probably get together regionally with some smaller group meetings, and so on thinking through all of that we have to meet about that with the advisory group and then create the leadership teams for that but I have a pretty good idea how I think that might go. I think it’s gonna be really cool.

And maybe we’ll get to work and collaborate with other big call listeners. Got to make sure the security is right for it. And, and it’s all on the up and up. Okay, so I’m excited about it. Stay tuned

I’m hoping this is our last call you guys. But let’s do this. Let’s pray the call out. And then we’ll see what happens this weekend. I’m thinking we could very well start on Saturday, but we’ll see if that’s the start date for us. Okay,

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:09:19

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