“Make Natural Resource Currency Great again” by Mid Mess Fair – 7.29.22


Entry Submitted by Mid Mess Fair at 11:07 PM ET on July 29, 2022

Make Natural Resource Currency Great Again

Since ancient time, natural resources such as bronze, silver, gold was playing an important role as neutral currency for trading between people, nation.

They are the most fair currency for any kind of trading because it is exist in real physical and have limited quantity on Earth planet.

Although now the value of each natural resources are using fiat money paper but that only exist in the public media. And you can see the global conflict between nations about economy, financial system just because of so called fiat money paper currency.

It was a good experiment and it must end now. If not then nations will collapse either collapse from within or destroy each other via physical war, nuclear weapon.

The question now is how to make natural resource currency great again but still keep the current fiat money paper exist? The answer I have shared before which is having new international currency based on real physical asset and the local domestic currency backed by the intelligence of humans.

In order to have safe and fair process, we need to address and analyze the natural resources in life.

– Natural resources can exist anywhere on Earth.
– The major gateway of most natural resources are mines.
– There are few type of natural resources:
+ Not yet found.
+ Already found the mines.
+ Extracted and ready to sell to trade.
+ In daily life circulation.

The quantity of each natural resource in each mines can be only estimated. Some type such as oil, gas, coal are easy to know the real quantity number with the help of technology. But some precious metals like platinum, gold, silver, bronze/copper can only known after extracting it.

At the present moment, there is no any standard of how to transfer/sell the natural resources between nations, people, entities. All they are doing now is just need some fiat paper money.

And that old process must change and update for the better of the system. The best way to do it is having a new official currency for each individual natural resource that are based on it own.

What need to do is the owner, controllers of those natural resources come together and decide a fair metric point system based on quality for each new international asset currency.

The current way:
Natural resources => fiat money paper.

The new way:
Natural resources => official asset notes => fiat money paper.

Who will be control the official assets notes?

The owner of natural resources.

The fiat money paper for daily life trading is still being control by the government/authority.

What natural resources should have official asset notes?

The answer is the one that popular and precious in daily life such as oil, gas, coal, platinum, gold, silver, bronze/copper.

So depend on each ideology of each people, nation, they can either use fiat money paper of the new asset notes for international trading.

The asset notes will be monitored to make sure the quantity number is always lower than the real asset number.

The best way to kick off is tell the public is each natural resources need new global standard of quantity for easy trading, tracking.

Any nations, any group, both the East and the West can do it alone, so do not fear anything, just do it to save your nation your people now.

I am not in charged or get paid to do the job so I can only give you that brief advice like above.

It is waste of time to talk more and receive nothing in return, so I won’t craft more insight knowledge.

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair



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