Dr. Dinar Update: Keep Believin’ in the Unbelievable!


Keep Believin’ In The Unbelievable!

by Dr. Dinar

Sheesh. They can put a man on the Moon. Or at least we think they can anyway.

Could’ve been Hollywood magicification for all we know.

Without a doubt the lighting situation was highly suspect.

But let’s go ahead and give ’em the benefit of the doubt, just for the sake of discussion.

What we do know is they can put shampoo and conditioner in the same bottle.

Well, according to the label anyway.

Even if we’re unable to see inside the bottle itself, that much we can see.

However, based on the results, it certainly appears we’re being fed some serious misdisinfo.

Would the shampoo company intentionally deceive us?

Naw… they wouldn’t do that.

Or would they.

The all-in-one results certainly aren’t anything even close to those derived from implementing them in a two-step process. Shampoo first, then conditioner.

Matter of fact it almost feels (and looks) as if there’s been no conditioner applied whatsoever.

Once again, we’re left with two options. Believe or don’t believe.

Moving on, let’s go with something a bit more visible. Like a sandwich.

We know they can put peanut butter and jelly in the same jar.

How do we know that? Because we can see it.

Yes, thanks to something as simple as a clear glass jar, we’re able to see the two key ingredients in all their swirlicious glory.

We know what Peanut Butter looks like. We know what Jelly looks like.

Especially when both are applied to two separate slices of bread.

Both easily recognizable, totally different colors as well as tastes.

So when you see them both swirlified in the same clear glass jar, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

No need to be a believer in the unseen, the evidence is unmistakably clear.

So it only stands to reason that if they can do all of those things, then why on Earth can’t they get this GCR done.

Yeah, yeah, I get it. This is a biggie.

A never previously been attempted, once in anybody’s lifetime, one for the history books, global sized event.

Yet, isn’t that exactly why they assigned this task to only the most intelligent folks on the planet.

If it were up to me and my goal was to make this GCR thing happen, I know I would do everything possible to ensure I had assembled the best Team available. Wouldn’t you?

Isn’t that sort of Rule No.1, hire those more intelligent than yourself.

It only makes sense.

Keeping all that in mind, we also have endless amounts of trendsetting technology at our fingertips.

From talking clones to flying drones, without a doubt we’re wise beyond on years.

And still, with all that at their disposal, they still can’t seem to get this done.

We’re constantly being told that they’ve been working on getting this thing done for the past fartoomany years.

However, with no visible proof, one can’t help but begin to wonder if this thing truly is getting done.

As in making forward progress of any sort.

Not to point fingers but if any of us were to be appointed to a similar position, we’d have been fired long ago.

And rightfully so.

After all, you’re hired for one reason. To do a job.

One job. Complete a desired task.

Basically, to git ‘r done.

And I don’t know about you but from where I stand, they ain’t got it done.

Not yet anyway.

Close? Maybe. But done?? Not so much.

I don’t care how many hundreds of times I hear “It’s done… we’re just waiting for the release.”

Until they release it, it ain’t done.

Until it’s liquid and spendable, it ain’t done.

Until I can buy groceries and pay the electric bill to keep those groceries cold in the fridge, it ain’t done.

Until I can buy the groceries for the person behind me in the grocery store line, it ain’t done.

So please, if you’re one of those continually saying “It’s done, but… .”, please check to see how important that add-on but is.

I believe you’ll come to find that one little but makes all the difference.

Which brings me back to my original thought.

That being if any of us were in charge of getting it done, regardless of what “it” is, yet we continually fell short in accomplishing our goal, we’d surely be excused from our place of employment.

And our replacement would be hired (or recharged, depending on if we were to be replaced by a Robot or not) post haste.

Hmmmmm… replacement. That’s it!

What if we seek out replacements for whomever the heck it is that’s responsible for completing this task.

Whomever’s job it is to make this RV / GCR thing happen. To git ‘r done.

The one’s that don’t appear to be getting it done. Yeah, them folks.

Would it be a group such as the A-Team, with all of their battle-hardened skills?

Or a bunch such as Charlie’s Angels, with their super-stealthish abilities among their many attributes.

Surely they could get the job done.

And no, I didn’t refer to any of them as Shirley.

Heck, at this point I wouldn’t care if it was The Brady Bunch.

As long as we’re assured they’re on our side and want the best for humanity, I’m okay with it.

But wait. Let’s think about this for a second.

What if I’m wr… wro… mistaken in my thought process.

What if the people assigned to completing this task actually do want it done.

What if they are in fact doing their very best to get it released.

What if they are indeed on the good side, wanting the best for humanity.

After a decade of feeling as if it’s entirely possible we’ve been duped, I think it’s only natural to be more than a bit skeptical.

To begin to question everything and everyone involved in this situation.

Especially when we’re all too aware of the many folks that don’t want this to happen.

Yet, at some point you have to have faith.

In both the people in charge as well as the ongoing process itself and the supposed progress being made towards completing the process.

Think about it. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been involved in this exchange endeavor, if you’re anything like me, then you’ve yet to see any factual signs of progress.

After hearing words such as Article 140, the HCL Law, new Prime Minister seated, Erbil Arbil Gerbil ramblin’ by our monitors for over a decade now, one becomes quite numb to all of that delirium.

Meaning all of the supposed results are just as intangible as the forward progression of the process itself.

As Bruce Springsteen often says, we’re runnin’ on empty, runnin’ blind, unable to see any progress nor the process itself.

He must be a currency holder.

Come to think of it, looking back, hasn’t it pretty much been that way since the very start.

Runnin’ on faith, believing in the unbelievable.

For the most part none of us had ever been to Iraq.

Yet we were so anxious to connect with someone that had (or had a connection to someone that had) that we were easily swept up by people that continually made claims of having connections in places we could never have imagined.

Were we idiots for believing them? Hmmm… perhaps. Let’s hope not.

Believers in the unbelievable? Without a doubt.

And who could blame us.

If you’re going to get involved in anything like the RV/GCR and you refuse to believe in the unseen, I wish you all the luck in the world.

You’re gonna need it.

This whole thing runs on the unverified and unseen.

Believing in the unbelievable is key to surviving this journey.

So at this point in the process we’re pretty much stuck believing that the people in charge of this RV/GCR thing, whomever they may be, have only the best of intentions.

Believing that they’re working with much more intelligence and knowledge than we tend to give them credit for.

Or at the very least hoping they are well aware of Google and aren’t afraid to use it.

Who knows, they might be just like us.

Fed up with the seemingly endless broke weekends and want this done and completed just as much as we do.

Perhaps even more.

They’ve still got time to get this done.

Let’s hope this is a season of miracles after all.

And let’s hope our Christmas in July Bonus isn’t just enrollment in another year of the RV/GCR “Rumor Of The Month” Club.

The global economy ain’t got time for that.

And neither do we.

Hang in there folks and keep on believin’ in the unbelievable.


Dr. Dinar

Source: Dinar Recaps


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