“How the Zimbabwe Trillion Notes will be Exchanged, Handled” by Mid Mess Fair – 7.30.22


Entry Submitted by Mid Mess Fair at 12:18 PM ET on July 30, 2022

How The Zimbabwe Trillion Notes Will Be Exchanged, Handled

I guess many of you who are waiting to exchange the nearly worthless Zimbabwe Trillions ZWR to the daily life cash such as US Dollar, Euro, GB Pound, JP Yen, etc.

There are a lot of “insiders” on the internet with failed promise and many various difference ideology, information of how to exchange that Zimbabwe Trillion notes.

I am a very high intelligence person and I will share with you my vision about the process.

The Global Currency Reset event won’t occur suddenly out of nowhere but it was a very slow process.

And the Zimbabwe Trillion Notes have absolutely nothing to do with that process at all.

You will exchange the Zimbabwe via 2 ways:
– 1 for cryptocurrency. (99% will occur)
– 2 for the new natural resources asset notes. (could not occur)

The cryptocurrency are the one like bitcoin, ethereum, etc. Most of you should know.
While the new natural resources asset notes will be released very soon. And those new notes are not currency but just the certificate notes of holding certain natural resources such as oil, gas, gold, silver, bronze.

In both way, you still need to exchange either cryptocurrency or the new natural resources asset notes to daily life fiat money paper for using.

The catch here that you need to remember is: there will be new cryptocurrency version that can destroy the entire current cryptocurrency market.
So you will have small amount window to exchange from cryptocurrency to fiat money paper.
If you do not do it, then your cryptocurrency will be worthless after certain amount of time.

While with the new natural resources notes, it will be much more different story, and it still could not happen.

How to exchange?
You will be exchange online 100%.
You won’t need to go into any real physical exchange center.

Most likely you can need to capture your Zim notes to show you are the real owner.
Or if the “controller” are funny, all you need to do is just enter the series number of your Zim notes with some kind of promise/signing that those notes belong to you.

There could be some online website for you to exchange it.
There could be some huge announcement on to the whole internet world as well, like something funny.

Not only the Zimbabwe note, but all kind of bank notes that not in the daily life circulation such as Iraq rupee or Slovak or Venezuela note, etc. will be able to “redeem” as well.

The exchange rate will be vary, since you won’t be exchange for direct cash but just the illusion neutral items like the cryptocurrency.
So how much money you will receive depend on when you exchange it for cash.
You can get few millions per notes or few hundreds, thousands only.
It is totally up to you !

The exchange window time period will be equal with the “age” of the Zimbabwe ZWR notes.
So it will be for few months only.

I don’t have the dates because I am not the “secret controllers”.
But it should occur very soon, as early as in 2022.

If you want it occur quick, you should send/share this message to the whole GCR community you know (law of attraction), the “secret controller” will “release” and allow exchange as soon as they knowing the information in this article.

Above is my vision and my understanding, you can believe or not, it is totally up to you.

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair



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