“The World Needs a New International Fair Common Quality Standard System for Natural Resources” by Mid Mess Fair – 7.31.22



Entry Submitted by Mid Mess Fair at 6:23 AM ET on July 31, 2022

The World Need A New International Fair Common Quality Standard System For Natural Resources

It is very important to have a new international common standard system for natural resources.
Because that is the key to end global conflict between nations, group around economy, finance.

No any nations want to chase for the US Dollar, Euro or any other foreign fiat money paper.
Even the USA do not want their currency become world currency either.

Now people are only exchange natural resources for direct fiat money paper between miner, owner vs buyer.

There are a lot of problem and issues with that kind of system.

You are living in the Germany and want to buy oil, gas from various nations such as Russia, Saudi, Qatar, etc. Then you need go to a lot of traffic and a lot of middle-man nations to receive your oil, gas, etc.

But what if a nearby nation such as Hungary, Norway that have surplus oil, gas ready to sell for you?
Well they willing to sell for you at fair price which guarantee they can using the new money to order oil, gas from the seller at the same price as well.




But what is fair price?
Well, not exist because all the natural resources are now have direct link to fiat money paper.

That problem and issue will be solved if there is a new global standard quality for each natural resource.

All is need is asking nation to join and setup new a fair system.

In order to buy, receive oil, gas, gold, silver, etc. from the owner, miner entity are required new oil asset note, gas point note, gold certificate paper, etc.

The owner of natural resource can issue new asset notes with new international standard system.

And how the company, import cooperation can obtain those new asset note is totally up to them.

I have shared some article about that kind of system already, you guys can re-read that.




The main purpose is not replace the current fiat money paper, but allow nations able to easier buy natural resources at the shortage distance and having new world standard of natural resource quality in physical paper notes.

So now nation can receive the natural resource from only 1 nearby nation but can buying from 5 – 10 different nations !
Which will going to reduce the cost of traffic, transport.

The benefit of the new global natural resource standard system is enormous:
– Nations with natural resources can now freely to sell their reserve quantity at mines to any other nations without any restriction. At the moment they can only sell the products after it fully extract.
– National government will now know the extact number of each asset notes to keep that nations want.
– The real value of each currency will be appear, if not then other nations can “force” using new asset notes for international cross border transaction.
– Reduce the inflation rate of the economy because public people will now have a new safe investing channel.
The list are endless…

The trade off here you can understand is from simple to little bit complicated.
Instead of from direct natural resource => fiat money paper, now it become natural resource => asset holding certificate notes => fiat money paper.

Is that safe to implement and use the system?
Yes because it just the new asset holding certificate notes. The current financial system still remain.

All is take is just few nations go public and tell the world about that idea.
It could come from OPEC+ group or EU or USA or whatever nation.

If no any nation or entity using above easy safe solution, then I doubt the world conflict will never stop and the nuclear war will occur.

Since I am super poor and do not receive any fair donation for my works, so I can only share that brief strategy to those idiots people. Angryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I won’t touch about designing any of that system anymore.

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair






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