“Better Take it Easy” by Stefan – 8.1.22


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:54 AM ET on August 1, 2022

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

In the German social media, reports have been going around for a few days that it will start in Europe, especially in Germany, in September. We know that, it was already often suspected in the last three years that on day X, with Delta Y this should happen, nope, it was then that. Folks, besides all the hullabaloo about the C-plandemic and the daily stalling madness of the gNN, this was even a touch more exhausting to bear. A few days ago, a firm date was even given, even a time. You guess right, nothing happened. I do not want to and will not even try to find out why what was said there did not happen. There are the wildest guesses. There is talk of a cancellation by all the doubters, others talk of a glimpse into another time line. We all know that our nerves are on edge and that we are all waiting to finally get started with everything we have planned. With all these predictions, forecasts and stalling, can’t we just be cool? Or be super cool?

Shortly after the start of Defender 2020, we all thought that was it for the FRG. Finally an end, finally a new beginning. About a year later came Defender 2021, and again we thought “But now! Finally! Here we go!” Far from it. Today it’s August 2022 and we’re sitting in the middle of a show with actors, clones and CGI, continuing to live in the dilemma of the 3D world, continuing to live in Germany with the minions of the illegal companies of a state simulation. In America, a star ensemble of actors and clones “rules”, by now so obviously that no one can really believe it’s real anymore. But these people do exist. There can still come such a deliberately exaggerated giant bullshit in the media, there are still people who believe it.

I’ll tell you, I’m loosening up, oddly enough. And I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s promptings, from the higher self, from my soul, from my heart, to become calmer. Maybe it’s also a trust that has grown over the last few months, almost a primal trust. Maybe it is also the realization that impatience, hoping, unbelief, doubt and many other negative feelings simply do not bring me any further. As I said, I can’t explain it. Probably it is the eagle perspective from 40000 feet, which shows me a completely different picture than I can see when I go closer. There are only a few pieces of the puzzle left on the edge, in fact it has to be done quickly. And in many countries it is already so far that it cannot go on any longer in such a way that many humans experience suffering, which simply should not be necessary any longer. It was always said that you have to show it to the people. If only they were told, they would not believe it. Well, Q, then come to Germany, there you will find your masters in the many unbelievers. And above all, you would find a deeply divided awakening community. Splintered in a thousand directions. I have often said that if the world had to wait for Germany, we would not be any further ahead in 50 years.

Nevertheless, I remain relaxed. Firstly, because the world will not wait for Germany (my compatriots get the fence post) and secondly, because I feel that we are close to the tunnel exit. And I’m not the only one. Many in my circle of acquaintances feel it. It’s literally in the air. A few months or years ago, I would have wanted to know exactly when it was going to start, firstly because I would have liked to have been the first to announce it, and secondly because that would have put an end to the uncertainty. But what good would it have done me if I had known then that it wouldn’t happen until 2022? What would I have done differently then? Well, with the thinking I had back then, I would have bought whatever ZIM and currencies I could get my hands on. I would have bought silver until it came out of my ears. I would have invested in ABDC, no matter what the cost. And I would have gone to work for some company, under guarantee, just to be able to finance all that. And all the things I would have done in the last few years would never have happened. Not my knowledge that I acquired, not my articles that I wrote, not my telegram channel, and not my sharing of information. I would have remained the guy from three years ago who didn’t evolve. To a better version (Hey, that’s not my observation, that’s what acquaintances have told me, OK?). But I also notice changes that I wouldn’t have thought possible before. So this waiting time with its uncertainty also has advantages. Certainly also for many of you and we just have to recognize them and enjoy them. Then we become relaxed.

Another point where I became loose, even very loose, are my plans for the world after the crash, after the RV, after the end of the FRG. I don’t want to know today how many hours, days, weeks I spent working out concepts and projects, putting this on paper. Looking for plots of land, comparing different construction methods, making calculations to get the investment sum out. A lot has come together. At times even during the night shifts, when I was still allowed to work, always with the risk of being caught during a control, because private things were not allowed to be done during working hours. It was a lot of time that I had invested. And today, in all seriousness, I ask myself why I did it, because nobody knows what will happen after the whole event. We are all just guessing, but no one knows anything definite/concrete. Will we still be able to buy land or will it just be made available to us? What we build on it or grow on it is ours, OK. But the land? Can I own a piece of the land on a planet? And not to others? From whom do I buy this land? And why does he own this land? Why did he have to pay for it earlier and to whom? Do you realize something? The old world of the Khazarian Mafia wants to creep in again. So there has to be a new fair arrangement that benefits everyone.

How will we live? How quickly will nature recover? What will happen to the factory farmed animals? What about weather manipulation? Will we still have deserts? Will there still be poor countries and poor people who need our help? What can medbeds really do? Will we still have borders? Do we still have tourism? Do we still travel or do we first build the new world 24/7, slaving away 50 hours a week and then having a day off for once? And these are just a few questions that no one can answer for me. I would have more in store. Sorry, there are many who think they can answer them, but no one can prove that they are right. And that’s why I’m relaxed about the conversion of the old world into the new world. I see it like the modernization of an old house.

The old house is no longer habitable. I now have to decide whether to tear it down completely or to leave part of it, for example the foundation walls, and simply use them for the new house. Even if I decide to demolish it, because I think in terms of resource conservation, I would still keep as much materials that are still usable. Stones from the walls can be used to build a shed or garage. Or smaller walls for the garden, or, or, or. Likewise, you could use the glass from the windows for other purposes in the garden. The wiring could be resold at today’s (and future) industry copper prices, and the money could be used to buy other things you need. And so it would go on.

The same goes if I leave the house standing and just renovate it. There will always be things that I can still use for other purposes. I think so, even if it’s just wood for a campfire (howgh).

And why am I telling you this? Because, whether it’s demolition or redevelopment, I can’t plan ahead of time what I can and can’t use. I can’t sit down and plan for hours or days without knowing specifics about the complete (!!!) condition of the house. So I have to look at the house myself and check for myself if and what I can use. Or I have to hire a specialist to do this for me. But he cannot know what else I have planned, so he will not be able to make a sufficient or well-founded statement about the use of usable materials. I can spin it any way I want, I can’t plan for it in advance. Let’s take just a couple of beams in this house. I want to keep using them because they look great at first glance. But they are rotten on the inside, so I can’t use them. And already my expenses increase because I have to buy new beams.

That’s how it is with our current world. It is destroyed, that is clear. But what will be left? What will we use from it in the new world? Laws, rules, states, borders, governments? Administrations and offices? Regulations? What will remain of our present way of life? What remains of food and food production? What are the remaining 5994 patents or new technologies, and what do they do? What do they change about what we have to struggle to create or work for today? I stick to “They show us in movies!”. A lot of what I see or have seen in science fiction movies, I can definitely imagine in our future. Not these mega-cities with high-rise buildings, that wouldn’t be my taste, but other communities. Although with technologies, but still in the middle of a beautiful nature that is no longer interfered with.

That’s why I stay loose. But I will not advise this, because there are many people who like to plan, who like to elaborate, who like to create and work on projects. They should. Each of us is individual, each of us can and may do what we like, as long as we don’t harm others or impose our views on others. Even a middle ground between the two “extremes” is perfectly OK, as long as dissenters are not ostracized or condemned. Tolerance is something we can practice and learn right now. Just do what comes to mind and what brings you joy. We will certainly be shown in time what we still have to let go of and what we have to accept as NEW. The change that is coming now is not only unstoppable, it is also for all of us.

Long time no longer made, today they are once again. Quotes:

When I let go of what I am,
I become what I could be.
When I let go of what I have,
I get what I need.

Sometimes moving on can be hard and painful,
but holding on to something that can never be
is even harder and damaging.
Blaze Olamiday

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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