“Take It Easy” – IDC Musical Thought – 8.1.22


Brother Stefan …
This One’s For You …

To Be A FreeThinker Will Force Us To BreakThrough The Inter-Dimensional Membrane And All Of The Attachments That Enslave Us Through Its Inherent Limitations…
With Our Consent ( W/O )

These Were The Concepts Within The Construct Within This False Matrix .
Your Free Thinking Has Positioned Your Spirit To Continue To Rise
Eventually We Will All Of Us Release Our Spirits From The Constraint Of (Humanity’s Limited Knowledge )
Follow Your Heart

Which Will Bring Us To The Next Step In Our Personal Evolutionary Process
That Will Require Our Higher Self To Allow YourSelf Within This Physical Avatar To FEEL Your Way Through To Your Spirit’s Comprehension
” Spirit Supercedes The Mind “
Bringing Us To A State Of
” Lightness Of BEing “
As We And This Creation Are In A Constant State Of Flux …
Waiting For Quantum Positioning …
[ Creator’s Finger On The KillSwitch ]

Take It Easy ,Cause Your Heart’s Got This As Our Creator’s Got This ,
Through The Christ Consciousness UpLifting All

From Sovereignty To Unity Is The Next Step Our Personal Spiritual Evolution …

Detaching One’sSelf As You Stated
Observing From A Higher Frequency/ Elevation And As That View/ Perspective Is Achieved We Begin To Loosen Our Hold On What We Believed To Be True…
Knowledge/ False Narratives/ Stories
All Will Be Revealed …
FAITH Requires No Thought

Are We Ready To Jettison All Of The Baggage(3D) Emotions (Drama)Roles To Play? [ Not Our TRUE SELF ]
As We Cease Playing A Game That Was As Weaponized As Our Earthly Paradise Was Poisoned Through Our Ignorance And Acceptance Of A Fixed ” Game Without Rules ” Or Rules For Thee and Not For Me ” …
This Is The Prize

So As We Lighten Our Spirit To Rise Above Such Two Dimensional Limitations Thereby Completing Our 3D Journey We And This Planet Are Uplifted To The Realms That Evil Cannot Exist In

In Other Words, Our Devolution To 2D As We Are Pulled To Lower Density As Opposed To Ascendancy
Will Not Occur

Is Not Duality 2 Dimensional?
Do We Reside Within A UniPolar Simulation ? … For Another Time …LOL

So We Learn To Sever The Lure The Seduction That EnSlaves Us Through The False Appetites Of Our Delusions Within The illusions ,Our Thoughts Then Become Elevated And So Confusion Will Dissolve Along With The Illusions …

On Ownership …
If Sovereign Rates Are Available I Will Simply Accept The ” Endowment ” and All Of The Accountabilities That Go With It As We Work Within The Trusts That Are In Place For Perpetuity Or Until Money Is Of No Concern …
No Need To Micro Manage As I Believe We Will All Have Plenty Of Support…
Or Will We Need Money In A 5D Earth ?
In That Case… Keep The Money And I’ll Take The 5D Earth That Awaits Me …
We’ve Earned The Rest , Have We Not?
No More Struggles n Strife Please…
Just Taking It Easy
As We Await For This Game To Be Played Out As Per Creator’s Choice

One Truly KNOWS When One Understands That All Possible Scenarios Have Played Themselves Out And AS In Occum’s Razor…
The Outcome Was KNOWN
Creation Wins


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