Dinarland Highlights for August 1, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 8.1.22

Mountain Goat


I do not believe for a second the CBI is going to restore the exchange rate back to 2020 rate but rather this kind of pressure will quicken the pace to reinstate the dinar and complete the project to delete the zeros. It is all good!


Sandy Ingram

This is getting worse.  People…are saying this could explode and could tear Iraq apart.  All we know for sure is protests are a very bad thing in Iraq.  Now the Al-Sadr group has taken over the parliament building citing no intention of leaving.  Article:  “Pro-Sadr Protesters Vow To Remain Inside Iraq Parliament” …the demonstrators announced a sit-in until further notice.  


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground bank report]

FIREFLY: bank guy…says once they have a seated government very soon after that you will see a change in the rate.  What it is we don’t know, but look for it.

FRANK: IMO your bank friend is 100% correct.



[via PDK]

Kazemi has been all over the news this weekend in articles, tv news clips saying they are ready to restore the dinar rate to its former glory.  Not what it was in 2020…but when it was the most valuable currency in the middle east.  We don’t know exactly when…but we know its inevitable.

The protests rising up in Iraq …they are forcing and pushing for seating of the government. There is great support for Al Sadr…even from Shiite factions which is surprising. I am told they could act quickly (Which happens often in Iraqi politics)… They appear “stuck” then something happens like this…and then you suddenly see months of progress happen in 2 hours…I think we are quickly approaching the finish line….




The possibility of a civil war breaking out…I said there’s a possibility and as this continues to move forward it’s starting to look more and more like a possible civil war.  You really don’t want that.  You know my prayers go out to the the Iraqi people who all they want is to live a normal life, their way without government being the issue all the dang time.


Nader From The Mid East

You saw the demonstrations … people dance in the street and happy.  Not “happy” – they just wanna be patriot.  They want to defend the country.  They’re tired of living under poverty when the country is really rich…They just don’t know what going on.  I don’t know who’s taking the money.  I don’t know who’s cashing the money.  It’s crazy.  All these assets, gas, oil…it’s not right.  Something is not right.


Breitling (KTFA)

For any country to say that they are going to go digital, it’s just a portion of it.  It’s a part of their money supply. It makes it more efficient.  That’s it.  No body is getting out of paper currency.  No body can afford to do that and no body wants to do that.  It would completely disrupt business…there’s no articles out there that represent that style of economy coming down the road [For Iraq and the dinar].  



Tivon (KTFA)

where we are now the dates should only imply the obvious as to what we can expect before or after the 15th.  Every bank in Iraq doesn’t have to be on board by the 15th in order to see a rate change…Everyday is an opportunity. I’m excited for where we are. And it appears the CBI is expecting Al-Kazemi to have something in place before they pull the trigger. IMO


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Frank26]

How many dinars are there right now outside of their [Iraq] country?  Internationally?  They don’t know.  Therefore a slow controlled release, a float, will help control the amount in circulation. Why?  To help avoid currency inflation.  To avoid stealing.  To avoid counterfeiting.  To avoid smuggling at the boarders from Iranian politicians that have exchange companies.  To avoid Iranian influence.

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