Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “Expect the Unexpected” 8-3-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

08/03/2022 Expect the Unexpected

4 years ago Wells Fargo shared their G64 list with HSBC because they were so screwed up and they were “instructed to do this”. Since then, Wells Fargo has been eliminated from use of this G64 list. They have not been reinstated either.

The only 3 entities that had G64 hard drives were WF, HSBC, TREASURY and unless permission is given from all 3 entities to G64 to open the hard drives, it’s not happening.

G64 is not open to add new members. They can’t be adding new members. US TREASURY Department is not allowing new G64 Members. And, if US TREASURY allowed the G64 contract rates to be opened up they’d have to let everybody in Dinarland know and not just one single group.

Charlie Ward is right now running some deal for the CIA. Kim Gougen is putting stuff out now and these two have something planned. Charlie is still saying that he’s in charge of the RV. He’s got MarkZ, Judy, Simon, Mel, pictures on his wall and saying they are, “under his wing.” There’s influence and there’s influencers carrying information and the wrong message. That’s what you have here.

The CIA has (insured) SKRs that they’ve traded on for years. The money from those trades has funded black ops. Now the insurance company, Lloyd’s of London, is being investigated by INTERPOL (can’t trust the FBI and INTERPOL is now in charge of everything investigated about RV). None of the money went back to the SKR holders. This is outright theft. The paperwork for the instruments/bonds/SKRs have now been “lost” and charges have been brought against ADM Bob. He was allowed to try and get the money back. The CIA guys are all denying their culpability here. The proof has been delivered. There will be an end to their malfeasance.

Kim and Charlie know where the money earned from these platforms went. They were brought in by the CIA to do one job – discredit everyone else and make sure they were the only group that people turned to for details. The CIA is not an ally. They are not an advocate of, “We the People” and Patriots. CIA has stated, “There is no way Tier 4B will be allowed to participate in RV GCR. There will not be a “redemption”.” The CIA doesn’t want to give this money from the SKRs back. Can INTERPOL corral the CIA? We’ll have to wait and see.

Nothing is happening this weekend. The only thing IMF wants to push through is their One World Currency. BRICS is supporting this.

Of the 200+ countries that signed off on the new Gold AGREEMENT, the only country that did not sign off on it was the US. We will not agree to the Paris Agreement. We will not give up our most important US (1776) CONSTITUTION. This is what we have to know is going on. It’s a battle for FREEDOM.

Right now we’re seeing communications from FLIPPERS. Still collecting serial numbers and other people’s money, which they have no right to.

BIDEN matters not. Whether he’s in office or not doesn’t matter. Something is going on but it’s not going to be the what we’ve been told. Everybody must benefit or no one will benefit. The powers that be – the fat cats that have benefited for decades will face their maker. Everyone must benefit or no one will benefit. It’s not going to happen like everyone expects. We can only expect the unexpected. It’s something good, that’s the best we can know for now.


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