“3 Letter Agencies” by Logan B – 8.4.22


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 11:08 AM ET on August 4, 2022

Nick has said flat out the dod, cia, nsa, fbi, cbi, imf and whoever else the criminal cabal have set up to control the people do not have our best interests at heart. Our 3 letter entity, the QFS, has been watching everything they do and say for years. It has been very patient to see if the people involved will in any way change their tune or show anything resembling remorse for the atrocities they have done to the people of the world serving their dark masters. They will be in for the shock of their lives when many of the people working for these agencies are replaced or the agencies are shut down for good. 

Nick says that the reason America has not signed the QFS Gold Agreement is because they are concerned it will infringe on the people’s freedom. That is a lie. We know that these people are not the least bit concerned about your freedom. They are very concerned about their own freedom to do what they want and keep the money flowing to them. The QFS will take away that freedom and money flow. 

Someone posted their concern that if we are set up with a QFS account and digital credits we will lose our freedom of where and what we will be able spend our money on. Of course you will lose this freedom. You will have to conform to Cosmic Law which basically boils down to do no harm. Many purchases will no longer be allowed. If you can’t handle this you are part of the problem of why this hasn’t started yet and like the 3 letter agencies you may be excluded from participating in the RV. If what is being reported is true about tier 3 and tier 4a group members already being excluded because they will not conform and clearly have evil intent with the funds then many are finding out the hard way that participating in the RV is not a right but a privilege and many may not be accepted. 

Being that the QFS is rejecting thousands of currency holders from redeeming the authors of the RV have been in a long struggle with whether or not there are any currency holders that are worthy. I think the problem may be that they started this from the top down and not the bottom up. Rich people that have spent their lives hoarding their money and showing little or no concern for the less fortunate will not change by getting more money. Poor bottom dwellers like myself on the other hand have first hand knowledge of the struggle that the less fortunate face. We want to help the less fortunate just for helping sake but more importantly we want to see the elite squirm when they witness their pyramid of power get squashed flat. 

If the RV authors want to spend another year sorting out the top dwelling bad eggs go ahead but begin with us bottom dwellers first and finally get this started. 


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