Dinarland Highlights for August 4, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 8.4.22

Bruce (The Big Call)

I understand that Iraq will be essentially closed off to us – to the world – between Thursday and Saturday…of this week – Iraq will go dark so to speak – Now they’ll reopen again on Sunday, which is their first business day – And they will – in my opinion – continue trading the dinar starting Sunday night, internationally, especially with the Far East…So that is going to be interesting…This is where we are…


Samson (KTFA)

[Iraq Video]


[Stay Tuned as the Dinar Gurus chime in on its translation.]

Al-Sadr directs the protesters to stay in the green and calls for the dissolution of Parliament and the holding of early elections


Nader From The Mid East

[Iraqi Video Translation]

The video is talking about the dollar and the dinar.  It’s very good news not bad news. It’s talking about the exchange of the dinar.  They said today by midnight the dinar will start to change.  I don’t know what that mean exactly ‘start to change.’ I think they’re gonna put it to float…They said Kazemi made a decision with the CBI…It’s not an opinion…it’s what I hear…I’m just giving you the news.  Don’t blame me if it doesn’t happen.  If it happens it good…


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground new videos report]

FRANK: Three videos came out…one of these videos  was on a television program in Iraq that is well known to the citizens of Iraq.  It is called “Dinar”…Iraqi citizens always watch it.  It talks about their economy, their reforms, their GDP, all that economic stuff.  Not the political stuff…it’s in Arabic…

FIREFLY: …It was live on our Channel 1…It is a campaign to show the importance of small denominations and the deletion of the zeros. 

FRANK: …It is an education for the citizens…they were not talking about the ‘dinar’ per say…they were not talking about when the dinar was going to be released with a new exchange rate. They were talking about how the new small category notes are neededwhy would they do something like this?

…these are financial service experts representatives and they’re using the Iraqi dinar as one of their financial service products.

I know there’s a real big rumor out there saying, ‘Guess what’s going to happen tonight?  The Iraqi dinar is going to float!”  Do I think it’s going to float tonight I don’t know.  Do I sense it?  No not really…if and when it does it will be because parliament will eventually be dissolved….this rumor is just not ripe enough yet…



[via PDK]

Al Sadr demands the dissolution of parliament and the holding of early elections . the old faces do not exist anymore democratically

Very positive news as they move forward to form a “majority” government.   Different blocs are also pushing to dissolve parliament…Al Amiri is pushing for a meeting about this  within 2 days…They are making huge strides in Iraq. They have not worked together in years…decades even. Now they are sitting down together to finish it. Then Al Kazemi- as soon as they are finished expects the new rates. It appears we are in the last days of this…I still think it could go at any moment.

Rumors are all over the place as to what’s happening in Iraq. They are still moving forward with seating the government…but the rumors are they are going to let it start floating. Expect more rumors… I am hearing exceptionally confident things from the Mideast and Reno area that we are in the last days. Days not weeks…which is sooner then what I was expecting.  


Tivon (KTFA)

Al-Kazemi’s advisor: Stabilizing contracts and appointing health professionals and higher certificates are not linked to the budget”

He is basically saying Al-Kazemi may be the only possible avenue to address the dollar exchange rate through the EFSL…this is very enlightening to hear as Al-Kazemi wants to reduce the dollar exchange rate without relying on the givers to do so. Which is why the demonstrators are taking to the streets because they realize the government are the ones in the way. Imo

Al-Sadr directs the protesters to stay in the green and calls for the dissolution of Parliament and the holding of early elections”

...I don’t think the citizens will have to wait for the elections and the formation of the GOI to see purchasing power. Because Al-Kazemi as an interim government will have the necessary powers to give that to them now…the news coming out now supports a immediate change to take place with reforms so it can have some wheels.



Al-Kazemi is that one guy that gets along with all the groups.  If there’s anybody out there that could prevent this civil war from happening think it’s Al-Kazemi…the other one person that might be able to bring calmer heads to the table would be Amari.  He has been meeting with Sadr.


Mountain Goat

I have to say it is looking more and more that this stalemate is going to push for the dissolution of parliament and the changing of the constitution towards a majority government. This is a standoff between the corrupt and the survival of Iraq. Yes, a good old fashion “showdown”!…Having said that I do not think that the Coordination Framework is going to vote on such a measure as the dissolving of parliament since they have the majority in the house now and seems it would never pass, however the show is not over until the fat lady sings…lol…



The riots and parliament – you couldn’t imagine on how we benefit form this.  It’s a very good thing.  Because people are anxious…and sick and tired of it.  They see the price of oil per barrel and they know the elites in their country and how much they’re making and it’s not translating down to them…



Iraq still has a significant amount of work to be done including formation of the new government, passing over 100 stalled economic laws and implementing all of the stalled reconstruction, and economic activities throughout Iraq to diversify its economy.  Only then can the central bank take significant measures to begin to raise the value via float.

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