Dinarland Highlights for August 8, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 8.8.22

RVAlready (TNT)

I think the rewriting of the major Iraq contracts from USD to dinar indicates that the RV is urgent and about to happen. I do not think that Kazemi or the CBI will let the political problems interfere with the RV much longer.


Sandy Ingram

Could Iraq slide into civil war?

Iraq has not be able to form a government and things have gotten worse.  The global news networks are openly asking questions no one wanted to previously talk about


Frank26 (KTFA)

Sadr and Kazemi combination – I have never seen this type of covalent bonding…of citizens to Kazemi, to Sadr, to the government, to the CBI.  It is historical.  We have never seen such unity inside of Iraq because of the leadership of these two gentlemen…I love this!

“The Central Bank of Iraq is the first in the world to buy gold in 2022”




[via PDK]

Al Kazemi’s advisor: the situation in Iraq will not affect the economy

Other articles that came out yesterday stating they do not need the government sat in order for rate or economic changes…We know they have a drop dead-ish date coming up on the 15th as they have done a tremendous amount of negotiating for then. Whether they meet that date or not…we shall see.

[Why is the 15th important?]

Because of the number of contractors whose contracts have been renegotiated for a changed rate starting on the 15th…they have T minus 7 days.  Next Monday they are supposed to get paid with the new rate.What’s gonna happen?

[reference Mnt Goat post 8-7-2022]

Mnt Goat: “I get some questions on the VND Vietnam Dong as will it also RV along with the IQD Iraqi Dinar?”

MarkZ: Short Answer-Yes



Tivon (KTFA)

Gradually and internally reducing the USD price in the country until it reaches 1:1 will probably be the marker to reinstate on the international markets. This makes sense to me.  But other alternatives could be at play.  At least it’s out there now.  I am just wondering how long until equal value is reached within their markets before they decide to release it on the global markets.



The political situation is not stable.  You have civil unrest which is not what you want if you’re going to raise your exchange rate.  I’m not saying the exchange rate is not going to change.  If that was the case I wouldn’t even waste my time.  I have Iraqi dinar.  I would sell it if I didn’t think it was going to happen…sooner or later these people are going to get their crap together and they’re going to move forward…



IQD Roundup – It was created during the Iraqi war around 2003.  It replace the previous currency that once had a value of $3.75…it’s managed by the Iraqi government and the CBI…under a managed float with little change in value for nearly 2 decades.  The currency value is 1 IQD to…less than a tenth of a penny.  The CBI has often stated their goal is to return to previous levels and stated they could support a $1.17…right now with all these new contractors coming in and the value of oil being what it is I wouldn’t be surprised if it did come out at a much better rate than what we thought...




Community comment:
They can’t do this on a program rate.

That is not an accurate statement, as they can do whatever they want inside of Iraq, as the dinar is used inside the country. What I think you mean is that they won’t attract external investment in a large enough amount to move their country forward at a program rate.

What makes the difference is not the exchange rate compared to other currencies, but the availability of ease of moving money in and out of the country and the ability to easily convert from one currency into another.  The difference we are all looking for is for Iraq to re-instate the Dinar back onto the world markets, and in order for them to accomplish that, they need a realistic exchange rate to go along with the re-instatement, IMO


Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Frank26]

Chain of command – The Deputy Governor of the CBI speaks on behalf of the Governor of the CBI who speaks on behalf of the Board of Directors of the CBI who speaks on behalf of the government of Iraq and Kazemi in conjunction with Kazemi’s government and the CBI


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

I thought that PM K could dissolve parliament on his own, not needing any vote from Parliament…. Did I misunderstand..?”

There was speculation that Kahdimi could use necessary powers to do so. However…there is a likelihood that a more specific constitutional way is being used. There are more than one.

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