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Samson » August 11th, 2022

The current and the framework issue new directives to their supporters to mobilize counter-demonstrations

11th August, 2022

Both the Shiite coordination framework and the Sadrist movement opposed to it issued new directives today, Thursday, to their supporters to mobilize for counter-demonstrations in the central and southern regions of Iraq against the background of the aggravation of the political crisis, and its reaching a road in the country.

The “Organizing Committee for Demonstrations to Defend Legitimacy and Preserve State Institutions” of the framework said in a statement today that “the start of the mass demonstrations (the people protect the state) will be at five o’clock in the afternoon tomorrow, Friday, August 12, 2022, on the green walls on the side of the suspension bridge.” 

The statement called on “all Iraqis who love their country and their state” to “actively participate in order to demand respect for state institutions, especially the legislative and judicial ones, and to prevent lawlessness, chaos, and disruption of security and community peace, and to peacefully demand the formation of a national service government that alleviates people’s suffering from high prices, water scarcity and electricity cuts, and approves a budget.

The state is to provide job opportunities and eliminate unemployment and poverty, and it takes upon itself the responsibility of completing the project of the great port of Faw and the rest of the lagging projects, and it has a real role in supporting farmers and promoting agriculture, and fighting corruption by activating the role of integrity and financial control, and other matters that concern Iraq and the Iraqis. He added, “Our date is the bridge, and the free people will have a patriotic stand that refuses to confiscate the opinion of the people and monopolize it under any pretext. Iraq is for all, the parliament is for all the people, and the judiciary is the pillar of the state.”


The statement called on supporters of the framework to “adhere to the instructions of the committee, not to encroach on public and private property, and to cooperate fully with our brothers in the Iraqi security forces.”

In turn, the “Minister of the Leader” who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr said in a post on social media, “The reform-lovers should prepare (to support reform) by gathering each in his governorate, and at five o’clock tomorrow, Friday, you will be rewarded with the best reward and stay until further notice.”

From this page, not fake pages. He attributed the reasons for the demonstrations, including what he called the anger of the corrupt, “as well as filling out legal forms to be submitted to the judiciary in order to dissolve Parliament.”

This is the second counter-demonstrations by the followers of the coordination framework and the Sadrist movement since the Sadrists stormed the Iraqi parliament building in protest against the nomination of the framework, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, for the position of Prime Minister.

The political scene in Iraq has been going through a dangerous turn since supporters of the Sadrist movement led by prominent Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr stormed the parliament building in the fortified Green Zone in central Baghdad, and staged a sit-in in protest against Al-Sudani’s nomination for the position of head of the next federal government.

The Sadrist bloc had obtained the highest votes in the early legislative elections that took place in October of 2021, but the efforts of the leader of the current failed to form the new federal government due to the Shiite coordination framework standing in its way by obtaining a fatwa from the Federal Court with the so-called blocking third in a contract The session for electing the President of the Republic, which paves the way for naming the Prime Minister.

The three-way alliance between the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Masoud Barzani, the Sovereignty Alliance headed by Khamis al-Khanjar, and the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr was broken following the resignation of the Sadrist bloc’s deputies, and the movement’s withdrawal from the political process by order of al-Sadr.


The political scene is living in a crisis situation and a dead end unprecedented in the history of Iraq, as more than 300 days have passed since the early elections without being able to form a new government in the country, and the survival of the caretaker government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

On the tenth of last October, Iraq held early legislative elections to get out of a political crisis that swept the country after large demonstrations in the central and southern regions in 2019 in protest against the widespread unemployment in society, the spread of financial and administrative corruption in government departments and institutions, and the deteriorating reality The service and the livelihood, which prompted the former prime minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, to resign under popular pressure.

As soon as the preliminary results of the elections were announced, the voices of political forces and actors rose in their rejection of losing many seats, accusing them of major fraud in the ballot, which was denied by the executive and judicial authorities, at a time when the United Nations and international organizations praised the integrity of the electoral process.   LINK


Tivon » August 11th, 2022

I am sitting back in awe as to how little attention this has gotten from the members here. You guys are sleeping at the wheel. You claim you want this investment to end so badly. Things are moving to slow. To much corruption. And you just drive past this article without even noticing the three powerful men Mustafa,(CBI) Al-Kazemi,(PM) and Al-Sadr,(Religious Clerk)who are taking charge and presenting this to you basically sharing your sentiment about wanting to get this over with as soon as possible.

These are the people that share your frustration that actually has the power to get reforms done and you still don’t see what’s in front of you.

You should be jumping up and down that someone wants this over with and is encouraging citizens to mobilize on that notion and be rewarded for their efforts that will result in a win-win for us all. This is why I didn’t respond until now to see how many would notice how monumental this one article is above all others posted today. Imo

OlLar » August 11th, 2022

Right/ Exactly what I was thinking, nobody seems impressed by this


DallasDude » August 11th, 2022

Well, the way I see it you can officially announce to the citizens tomorrow that the dissolution of parliament is official and Kazemi will have full power to move ahead with reforms and no longer have to worry about the obstructionist with new elections in the future sometime..regaining control over looted monies is also huge..

MilitiaMan » August 11th, 2022

Interesting that there are things that seem to be playing off one another. Demonstrations are set for tomorrow at or after 5:00 pm. They are hoping that they will be peaceful. They have been told that they will be rewarded with the “best reward” and to stay until further notice.

Also there is an important case to be announced by the Integrity Commission for the first time. They will be disclosing the details. Likely to be a big deal with respect to even more looted funds and likely by who is responsible for the theft(s).

Sadr calls for the dissolution of Parliament next week. Next week may be as early as this coming Sunday or sooner. Time will tell.

We do know that they have passed the Emergency Food Security Law. So, will the current executive authority (present government) with having high flexibility to adjust and respond to economic conditions be used for emergency financial surprises?

Could the demonstrations from both sides be timed for to show the details of those found to be corrupt and guilty of looting money and while at the same venues expose the international rate for the citizens purchasing power?

Seems to me the citizens would want to know who stole their wealth and would also like to know that their demands have been met economically, as well. All under the sharp eye of the security.

It is interesting there is an article out from the US Army. Reminds me of the elimination of ISIS. If we recall the close quarters fighting was highly accurate with no collateral damage. Makes one wonder if there will be assets around and the corrupt would likely know the risks. Thus, demonstrations will likely be peaceful. I pray so..


Give them the corrupt and give them purchase power, the outcome will likely be far better than with out those things. imo.. It is going to be an interesting weekend..

All banks must be hooked up to the CBI electronic platform by 08/15/2022. The platform that will be able to transparently track the countries revenues and expenses among many other financial issues. So the likelihood of those refraining from using the platform may not be around long. 

I like what we are seeing and the convergence is amazing.. imo ~ MM

So as long as the country is in an emergency state (which it is for not having been outside the constitution for 10+ months, imo) or even worse a declaration of war, the current government has necessary powers to see to the countries day to day affairs. If they do dissolve parliament, then, the present government in the contextual manner of speaking (caretaker) will be resigned and can still run the day to day affairs. 

The powers that be know full well how they are playing this out and down to the wire.

This weekend may see some very interesting things happen. Let pray they are in line with peace, security and stability to allow the them to give the best rewards to the people and spell them out tomorrow.. We shall see.. ~ MM


Integrity reveals the details of an important case that will be announced for the first time

08/10/2022 11:12:54

Tomorrow, Thursday, the Integrity Commission will reveal details of important cases that it will declare for the first time to the media related to the recovery of funds and others of interest to public opinion.


A statement by the commission stated that {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, in which it called on “the honorable correspondents, delegates and representatives of the media to hold the Federal Integrity Commission’s semi-annual conference for the year 2022, tomorrow, Thursday, at ten o’clock, at Al-Khild Hall.”

The statement added, “In it, the entire achievements of the departments of the investigative, preventive and awareness-raising committee will be announced for the past six months of this year,” noting that “the conference activities will also witness the disclosure of details of important issues that are announced for the first time to the media, related to the recovery of funds and others of interest to public opinion.” INK


Al-Sadr calls on the judiciary to dissolve parliament next week: the constitutional deadlines have expired  LINK



Al-Kazemi’s advisor talks about the possibility of approving budgets for more than one fiscal year

10th August, 2022

The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, explained, on Wednesday, the possibility of approving budgets for more than one fiscal year

Saleh said, to the official news agency, that “the amended Financial Management Law No. 6 of 2019 refers to the approval of the general budget on an annual basis, as the draft law sent by the executive authority is presented in the House of Representatives to legislate the law called the Federal General Budget Law,” noting that “The global applications of the general budget are mostly annual


He explained, “Iraq adopts a strategy for the general budget that extends for the next three years and is in line with the indicators of the country’s economic development plan, but it is subject to amendment annually

He pointed out that “a proposal that the general budget for more than one fiscal year requires amending the effective financial management law, abandoning the annual budget and replacing patterns of budgets that are approved for a number of years,” noting that “this type of budgets will grant the financial authorities in particular and the executive authority in general.” High flexibility in adjustment and response to developments, economic conditions and emergency financial surprises when legislating a general budget that extends for more than one fiscal year

He added, “The proposal has not been implemented in the world’s financial experiences, so it is necessary to study the issue with one of the multilateral international financial organizations, of which Iraq is a member, in order to study the idea in accordance with the approved
systems in public finance and its global applications and to assess the legal effects.” and accounting related 



Integrity prevents the waste of two trillion dinars and confirms: Most institutions refrain from implementing electronic work

Today, Thursday, the Integrity Commission announced the recovery and prevention of waste of nearly two trillion dinars, while noting that most institutions refrain from implementing electronic work

The head of the commission, Alaa Al-Saadi, said in a press conference held at the commission’s headquarters during the media of its semi-annual report, “We look to the House of Representatives, with what it possesses from the supervisory side and the executive authority, to make Iraq an environment that expels corruption,” noting that “the commission in its work depends on professionalism and submits its report and does not hesitate to mention names whenever they are authorized

He added that “many institutions trade bribery and obstruct transactions, and began to lose the confidence of the citizen,” noting that “most government institutions deliberately refrain from implementing electronic work and lay arguments against the application of these systems



The US Army is preparing to use the first “bullet made of light”  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » August 11th, 2022

The Central Bank: The cash reserve rose to 82 billion dollars

11th August, 2022

On Thursday, the Central Bank of Iraq revealed that cash reserves had risen to $82 billion, as well as an increase in its gold balance to record levels

The official spokesman for the Central Bank, Omar Asim, said in a statement reported by the official “Al-Sabah” newspaper, that the bank’s reserves currently amount to 82 billion dollars

Assem added, “Iraq also advanced 10 ranks in the table of countries with the most gold, becoming the thirtieth in the world and fourth in the Arab world, as its total possessions exceeded 130 tons, after purchasing an additional 34 tons, and this came within the bank’s policy to achieve stability and ability to confront Local and international economic variables

Gold is one of the most important assets held by central banks and international financial institutions, due to its acceptance at the level of international dealings   LINK

Jerry1971 » August 11th, 2022


Bravo Iraq is a very rich country indeed thanks to the brilliant leadership and sincerity of Pm Kazemi to his country and people tremendous prospects for the iqd to be released in short order. IMO.   

Samson » August 11th, 2022

About 300 Iraqi officials and ministers accused of corruption and integrity cases recover two trillion dinars

11th August, 2022

The Federal Integrity Commission announced, on Thursday, that 39 ministers and those of his rank and (241) of those with special grades, general managers and those of their rank, are among the accused in criminal cases.

She explained, during a press conference, that during the first half of this year, she considered (34,209) communications, reports and criminal cases, distributed among (8,877) communications, (10,535) reports, and (14,797) criminal cases.

It noted the recovery and prevention of wasting (1,773,380,063,273) dinars of public funds to the account of the public treasury through its deterrent and preventive measures.

The authority indicated that these amounts represent what has been actually recovered to the account of the public treasury, or those that have been revealed, or the funds that have been issued court rulings to return them, which prevented and stopped their waste.

Integrity also said that its investigations led to the issuance of (731) arrest warrants by the judicial authorities, of which (396) were executed, including (8) ministers and those of his rank, and (53) of those with special degrees, general managers and those of their rank.

Integrity revealed that, during the first six months of this year, it worked on (58) files related to fugitives wanted in corruption cases, of which (23) files were processed, including (11) files against people with special degrees, general managers and those of their rank, in addition to (104 ) Files to recover the smuggled money, in which (166) judicial decisions were issued.

She indicated that she had prepared, during the same period (9) drafts of cooperation agreements and memoranda of understanding with Iraqi, Arab and international ministries and governmental institutions, one of which was concluded.  LINK


Sir » August 11th, 2022

IMO-Excellent news people!

All though they have many more files that will be addressed, we can see clearly they are in warp speed to get the corrupt out of the way. There have been many articles about the corruption in all areas and we can clearly see that this is a major part of the plan in order to publicly see the rate change.

I know some of you might think that this has nothing to do with the rate changing, but I beg to differ on that! Think about just how much corruption is out there, do you really think that Kazemi and his team want these rats to prosper anymore than they have been for decades, ( Absolutely not )!

That’s why the delay in changing the rate, while the other projects are put into place they are also showing the people just who’s who. Now we can see that the people are now in the streets and demanding that the corrupt be removed.

There was an article posted yesterday speaking of a 3 year budget, well what if this has been in place all along sense December 2020 when the White Papers came out. What if the budget was for 2021-2023 and a second set of books was in play! This would keep the rats hands away from a lot of new revenue due to the RI and would also explain why so many projects have been completed and still more in the works.

 Kazemi is a smart man and he has a lot of help around the world from highly intelligent people who are getting things put into place to take down a corrupt system that has been ruling us for far too long. When the time is right you will get what you are seeking, but it’s going to be World wide and not just Iraq.

We are in a good place and we are closer than you can imagine, but there’s more to be done. Soon we will wake up to a new world free of corruption and evil doers.

Prayers for those who are making this happen and double prayers for those who gave it all. 
Keep your vibrations high, it helps!  “All in my opinion of course”


Tivon » August 11th, 2022

Someone has been paying attention. Great job. Brilliant. This is why I asked a  month or so ago for people to post more often and establish themselves so we can value more of what is put out with more detail than just half hearted complaints that help no one. And you took up that request and flew with it. Thank you Sir. This is well thought out.

These are the post I like to read because it builds on what has been firmly established over the past few months with another viewpoint I concur with that plays into the overall coverage as to why certain things were in place to ensure that the citizens do not get usurped by corrupt political figures who are looking to take advantage of the new monetary system that benefits the country and not the one who pretended to protect the citizens while at the same time stealing from them and their future.

Look at how much has been recovered already. You did a marvelous run down on the reasoning of things that I have been trying to get across for months. And you summarized it beautifully. Wow. Imo


MilitiaMan » August 11th, 2022

Well done Sir.. Agreed.. Sadr brought more than meets the eye(s) to meetings. He wants no one with corruption on their hands to benefit from the re – instatement or re – valuation. Nor does Kahdimi. The digital transformation is going to see to that the money is being tracked and will be into the future with a high level of accuracy. The reason there were many that refused to use electronic means is exactly that, the corrupt would not want to use it. IT would expose them, well not using it exposed them as well.. imo… SMH … lol ~ MM

BlaqueBeauty » August 11th, 2022

Imo ….very nice   In turn, the “Minister of the Leader” who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr said in a post on social media, “The reform-lovers should prepare (to support reform) by gathering each in his governorate, and at five o’clock tomorrow, Friday, you will be rewarded with the best reward and stay until further notice.” From this page, not fake pages. He attributed the reasons for the demonstrations, including what he called the anger of the corrupt, “as well as filling out legal forms to be submitted to the judiciary in order to dissolve Parliament.”

Tivon » August 11th, 2022

Look at how this is unfolding. What a time to be alive. People are just not getting how close we are.

Samson » August 11th, 2022

Al-Kazemi complains that the caretaker government will remain for 9 months and calls for solving the budget issue

11th August, 2022

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi complained, on Wednesday, that the caretaker government that he heads has remained for 9 months without being able to form a new one during this period of time that followed the early legislative elections in the country, warning at the same time that Iraq will remain without a financial budget for the year 2022, which is nearing completion.

This came in a speech to him during the opening of the cabinet session that was held today, according to a statement issued by Al-Kazemi’s office.

Al-Kazemi said in the speech, “Iraq is facing a real political problem in the post-election stage, and it needs a solution, and the solution requires dialogue, wisdom, and sacrifice, as Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) sacrificed for justice, values, and religion, as well as what is required of Political leaders make sacrifices for the sake of the homeland, and for the sake of our children.”

He added, “The challenges we are facing are reflected in the performance of the government and all Iraqi state institutions. This government spent 28 months, and it is unfortunate that during this period there was only a budget for 6 months, so how can the state function in the absence of a budget?”

Al-Kazemi also said, “We are going through a difficult period, and with all this we have worked to overcome many problems. There were lagging or failed projects that had been planned for many years, and we worked to revive them and turn them into opportunities for success, in rebuilding lagging hospitals and other projects related to electricity oil, gas, and alternative energy, but without a budget, people’s lives will be disrupted.”

He added, “We are now in the eighth month of 2022, and there is no budget, and the imbalance is not in the government, but because of the existing political situation, so how do we build schools, pave roads and build projects with the absence of political consensus on forming the government or finding a solution to the political blockage.”

The Prime Minister warned that “the issue of the budget is a very serious matter,” adding that “we have a good financial abundance and we need to invest it in rebuilding infrastructure and achieving the demands of our honorable people. Good schools, reasonable roads, and effective government institutions. He pointed out that “the political dispute has begun to reflect on the service reality in the state, and therefore we must look for a solution and I call on everyone to engage in dialogue in all seriousness.”

Al-Kazemi stressed that “dialogue is the only solution to solve our problems and we have no other, as for resorting to methods of media escalation, social media, spreading chaos and frustration among people, this will not help in building the modern democratic experience. We are a young democracy, and we need to act according to wisdom.” and mind.”

The head of the federal government addressed the Iraqis by saying, “They should know that every day a solution to the political impasse is delayed, the government is restricted, and it is in a difficult situation in which it is difficult to carry out its duties.”

He explained that “the caretaker government according to the constitution, its work is supposed to be coupled with a short period and not to stay for nine months without a new government, and it is unreasonable for the government to remain tied, and the constitutional deadlines have been exceeded, and we are required to remain a caretaker government; this is not possible.”

Al-Kazemi pointed out that “the political blocs must cooperate with the government to find a solution to the issue of the budget, and we are ready to help and play our role as an executive authority in accordance with the law.” He stressed that “there must be real political support for the government instead of political differences,” noting that “there are parties that always turn the conflict towards the government, and the government has nothing to do with it, as we are not a party to the political conflict.”

Al-Kazemi said, “We went through an ordeal during the past two or three weeks, and, thank God, the crisis was dealt calmly, and we succeeded in not having Iraqi blood flowing on Iraqi soil, and we will continue with this approach.” He also warned that, “Those who think that this government is working to strain the atmosphere are mistaken.

We have said since the first day: We are ready to hand over power to any elected government, and at the moment the political blocs agree, we are ready. What is the talk about the government or the Prime Minister working? For obstructing the formation of the government or the solution is nothing but nonsense; who is the one who accepts to stay in these difficult circumstances?”

Al-Kazemi continued by saying that “the story is not a position story, but a success story, either we are successful and accept the challenge, or the political blocs must accept their role to find a solution to the blockage, in order to move towards a bright Iraq with an opportunity for hope, and we must be optimistic, and not a solution is through dialogue.

The Prime Minister concluded his speech by saying that “we presented an initiative and it was approved by most of the political blocs, and we are still working to create an opportunity for dialogue. We must preserve our democratic system, and we must correct if there are wrong paths or there are paragraphs in the constitution, correction or change.” There must be consensus on it from all the Iraqi people.”



Tivon » August 11th, 2022

I see what Al-Kazemi is doing. If we are going with what he is saying along with Mazhar Muhammad Saleh if they form a general government and budget it will be off the heels of dissolution thus the corruption would have been dealt with in Parliament and HOR. Because everyone knows it will not be the CF(Coordination Framework) .

So we should feel very comfortable. Why? They (Federal Integrity Commission) already identified 300 corrupt officials. And the funds they stole. (Post 20) Not t9 mention they also seized and recovered properties belonging to the Municipality which involved another billion Dinars in value. As I have stated before the EFSL was designed to clean out corruption. 

Because I always said the funds left over from the EFSL can be thrown in with any budget they happen to come up with. Ask yourself why would Al-Kazemi push for a budget at the end of the year?

Jamal Cougar stated it takes about a couple of months to get through the process of creating a budget. But we know the citizens were already promised they would see the changes they want very soon before August is done with.

Al-Kazemi will use that time to bring forth reforms as a interim emergency government. And he will solidify his reputation, legacy, and authority. Al-Kazemi knows he only needs the oil surplus to achieve or meet the Citizens Entitlements which is tied to the HCL/Oil & Gas Law.

Everything else can be dealt with accordingly. Keep in mind they have gold, oil, and hard currency reserves to support the rate if they was to release one before they form a GOI or present a budget. Please remember that. 

Also Keep in mind the post from yesterday (Post 114) as to what the new budget will come with if they happen to pass one. Because I think they already studied it and came to an agreement as to the components in it.

Especially the emergency surprise funds added as a bonus. So even if they form a government and pass a budget it wouldn’t matter because Al-Kazemi only has to announce or present his transitional interim gov and can release the new rate afterwards.

So he isn’t saying he needs the budget to finish what he is already doing. It will be needed once he no longer needs to use the EFSL.

Remember they were only going to put 51 trillion in the 2022 budget given how little time was left in 2022. And since the transitional gov is temporary I am positive funds from that will be transferred over to a general budget. The EFSL was always going to be temporary. So this article is of no surprise. Imo

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » August 11th, 2022

Russia is developing a new generation of Internet and communication satellites

11th August, 2022

The company “Reshetnyov”, a subsidiary of the Russian “Roskosmos” Corporation, announced that it has started developing a new generation of satellites intended to provide Internet and communication services.

“The specialists of our company have started work on the Express-RV satellite project, which is intended to provide communication services and cover the Earth’s areas with broadband Internet networks,” a statement issued by the company’s press service said.

The statement indicated that the new Express-RV system will initially include 4 satellites that will operate in elliptical orbits around the Earth, and will be part of the Russian Sphere system, and will contribute to securing communications and Internet services for the Northern Sea Route and Arctic regions, and will also contribute to securing data for ships and media. Public and private transport, and these satellites are supposed to officially enter service by 2026.

Earlier, Roscosmos noted the Sphere system that it intends to develop in space and will include 7 Express-class satellites, 4 new Express-RV satellites, 12 Skif satellites dedicated to securing wide-area Internet networks, 264 Marathon satellites dedicated to the Internet of Things, in addition to 2 Yamal communications satellites, 3 Smotr Earth remote sensing satellites, 84 Berkut-O and Berkut-VD satellites, and 12 Berkut-X and Berkut-XLP satellites.   LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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