“Re: Logan B about The Big Call 8-9-22” by Vee – 8.12.22



Entry Submitted by Vee at 10:32 AM ET on August 12, 2022

“Re: Vee about The Big Call 8-9-22” by Logan B – 8.11.22

Thanks for the reply Logan ..(Run) (I saw the comic book before the movie was made)

That whole new currency thing we saw years ago.. how do we know ..who put it out ?  

I think the Polymer currency would be cool…and colored … 

“Polymer is now used in over 20 countries as diverse as Australia, Canada, Fiji, Mauritius, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Romania, and Vietnam. The Bank of Canada began its move to polymer banknotes in 2011, after assessing the environmental impact of producing paper and plastic bills.”

But in the long run.. does it really matter to us ? 

Yes I to am sick of hearing the same ole bs from them gurus. Ya got one saying “we have been told that there will be all sorts of rumors or chaos towards the end” paraphrased,  who’s been telling us this ? The only ones I hear it from are those that state it.  If they got some insiders that are whispering sweet nothing ( exactly what it is) in their ears, then why can’t they more of this rabbit trail shit, chasing our tails, ect, and tell us the bottom line, when. What is the catalyst that we need to see happen. 




We been hearing from Bruce, for many months now that most if not all of them bond holders can see the funds in their accounts.. Prove it ! What good is to see it for months yet ya can’t move it ? Just to try to spoof people that this is real.. eminent.  Oh it’s eminent, but not as soon as we hope-wish. If any of you listen to Dave of the x22report, you have to realize and see that this is-will be a long drawn out process. For optics, so people can be (forced) red pilled. On “And We Know” there is a very wealthy man that was a true leftist-dem, that just made the switch and woke up via the covid vax issues.  

What is real is Iraq. And as I had post before.. I think Iraq will go, alone. Unless something major happens the total RV-GCR is aways off. There needs to be something major for the world to all of a sudden switch over, like a Bretton Woods.  It can’t trickle in, counties deciding to become a part of the BRICS. You think the US- Federal Reserve, will submit to it ?  So until then.  We be bench sitters or you can do what I’ve done, and red pill others the truth. 

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