“The New Global Digital Currency that will Shock the World” by Mid Mess Fair – 8.13.22


Entry Submitted by Mid Mess Fair at 9:02 PM ET on August 13, 2022

The New Global Digital Currency That Will Shock The Whole World

There is a huge international market of both digital products and physical goods.

It is very easy to create, print any paper or any digital number software that can called as “money”. The only problem is how can you persuade other to get them accept your idea and your new currency money.

Now let’s look at the current whole banking finance industry to find the loophole, weakness first before finding a real solution, method to defeat it.

Here is the list weakness of the banking industry:
– There are too much fee especially when using bank card for any kind of transactions.
– The international transactions often take 2 to 6% fees, which are too much.
– Lack of privacy, personal information protecting.

Is that possible to defeat all credit debit card company in the online internet world?
Yes, very doable !

In order to have a new global digital currency system that will get accept by the public people, then there are 3 major policies that must be fair and good enough:
1. How the digital money being printed, issued, distributed, managed.
2. How the entire new digital currency system running, operating.
3. How to have a fair exchange rate with the real fiat money.

Technology is not the issue, there are many different way to get the jobs done. It is also not about centralize or decentralize or anonymous. The number 1 issue is the currency exchange rate between the digital money with the real fiat money paper (the connection with daily life national government backed money).

The simple answer is have fixed exchange rate for both the seller and buyer, and that fixed exchange rate will have direct link to the national government fiat money rate.

How to use, take the fiat money rate? You can use the top 3, 4 or 5 highest value currency on the market. Or the most popular, stable currency on the market.

Top 3 highest value currencies: Kuwaiti Dinar, Bahraini Dinar, Omani Rial.
Top 5 most using currencies: US Dollar, Euro, GBP, CAD, Australia Dollar.

Then you can have the average value number of them.
As of this writing in August 2022:
1 Kuwaiti Dinar = 3.25 USD.
1 Bahraini Dinar = 2.65 USD.
1 Omani Rial = 2.59 USD.
=> the average rate = 2.83 USD.

Then you can set fixed rate of the new digital currency money such as 1 digital bit = 2.83 USD. The rate can be update hourly or daily or only when the rate change above 2%.

And because of the exchange rule that force both buyer and seller must accept a same rate, so nobody can cheat, nobody can “investing”.

But in order for the exchange rule work, then the whole system must be setup from the beginning from exchange center license in each country to some special sending receive rules in each account type.

Thus the people who really need new digital currency can buy at the most fair rate and that new currency can be the new “Gold” in the digital world.

It will be “virtually” backed by the oil, gas if using above formula and strategy. It can be done with the top most using currencies too.

The few other smaller questions can be easily solve to make sure the system will get accept by the authority and the public people.

Even now if I create 100 trillion digital bit out of nowhere and say it worth 283 Trillion USD Dollar, then distribute to users, companies, partners, is that fine?

Yes, perfect fine because of my new digital bit currency system are great. The “startup” free 100 trillions digital bit can be used for infrastructure, employees salary, help people receive 0% fees in transactions and 0% in exchange fees.

The only remaining job left is setup many offices in all popular cities, locations on all nations to gain the trust of the public people, so they can contact when any problems occur.

Technology are easy too but not the major issue people care much but it must be done in correct to make sure the security are top notch.

That how I am going to defeat the banking card industry and conquer the whole digital online internet world.

Frankly, it can defeat the US Dollar, Euro in the international physical goods market too.

Any entities want to co-operate with me on this kind of project to make the world become a better place?

Well, just an easy solution, strategy to solve complex problem of the global finance system.

That is how you going to defeat the banksters, how you going to make the best out of technology: do what normal fiat money paper cannot do !

That is how you get money, support from the top super beings who behind the big natural assets.

But sadly I don’t have any direct contact with those beings. If anyone know them, feel free to send my idea, plan to them.

If any entities want to use any idea but don’t want to talk communicate, then you guys just need to make donation worth of minimum 1 million Euro while I am still online.

No any beings, entities allowed to steal or use any of my invention, strategy, solution without my permission.

Maybe with this project plan, the world will be peace again.

Human must control the technology, not the way around !

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair

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