The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from POOF and Susan 8-14-22


” The Office of Poofness “


Greetings and Salutations,

The restrictions have been lifted enough to at least tease the masses. Not saying to you that it is happening only that they know they are losing the information war and they have to give up some goodies to keep the ground crews at bay.

You will be witnessing much action and activities over the next ten days. The full out release is not expected just yet but then those in charge are making decisions on the fly these days. Just don’t get too cocky. Their efforts are appreciated at any level, actually.

The payouts are long, long, long overdue! Ctizens were to have access to these funds for their pleasure years ago. The tie up has nothing to do with our side of the negotiations and everything to do with bankers, lawyers, two-bit players, cabal personnel, people who do not think those who owned units had a right to them. So you can take that to the bank— and it won’t get you coffee but it’s the truth. We are watchful, waiting, seeking, making headway with any items of news or tidbit that can add glory to the game.

Some who were invested and involved are no longer on hand and they have been put in their place, shall we say. Do not speculate nor play with words. Just continue keeping the high watch and know that everything looks good from our perch here. We have nothing further we can add except when the goods come home, take it easy. Don’t go off half cocked or try running any highways making splashy purchases. Plenty of time for that.

You have been dealing with this for long enough that you know anything can happen— best to be conservative and play with the news, watch how it gets handled, who comes forth with it. And yes, one of the best pieces of info that we are fond of is that the bankers are no longer in charge. They still play their roles but they take orders too.

Get your ducks lined up and your financial game figured out, and do good planning.

More are leaving the planet….pay attention to that.

Love and Kisses,



Slamming The Brakes On Evil

By Bernard Dozier

The evil-minded want you to think their de-
vilish plans are unstoppable, but they aren’t.
Our individual mind takes many of its cues
from the fear-weakened mass mind or race
mind of humanity, it is also linked with the
Super-positive Mind of Spirit that gives us
creative control over everything earthly.

The exercise of spiritual control has never
been more needed. There’s a wide range of
mindedness–from demonic to divine–that,
over the ages has formed a vast pool of hum-
an consciousness. The evil-minded seek to
convince us that they control this vast “cloud”
of mostly negative human consciousness, and
that it is more powerful than the Mind of God.

So what’s to be done about the Negators, the
“Aginners,” who seek to destroy any belief
that humans and Earth are God-designed to
benefit each other? Their anti-Spirit narra-
tive of “not enough” is designed to paralyze,
incapacitate, and utterly destroy creativity,
freedom of expression, and faith in God’s Cre-
ation to provide for every human need. When-
ever we hear scare stories of lack, of over-pop-
ulation, of a failing eco-system, or of climate
catastrophe, minds are being programmed to
abandon faith in the all-provident Spirit.

Deception seems like a perfect plan to negate
Spirit’s will, but as clever as it is, it isn’t wise,
and Spirit deals with wisdom. So, wisdom is
the tool we use to negate the Negators. The
Mind of God reveals two “Keys” to the King-
dom of what’s really Real. Those keys con-
trol incredible power: Assent and Dissent…
Let it be and Let it not be…Accept and Re-
ject…or simply “Yes” and “No.”

We elevate our minds, and the mind of hu-
manity when we say, “No” to negation, “No”
to insufficiency, “No” to privation, “No” to
misery, pain, suffering, corruption, enslave-
ment, trafficking, and all other forms of do-
mination–even if it is sourced at the highest
levels of earthly privilege and/or authority.

By saying, “NO!–No way!” to every anti-hu-
man, anti-God, anti-life proposition, we slam
the brakes on evil. Jesus showed us how to
let the Mind of Spirit so fill our mind that no
room is left for evil–lies, deception, fakery,
and unbelief. Reject evil’s insufficiency by
giving it your cold shoulder “NO!” Then
stoutly declare, “Yes” to every imaginable
blessing that even now is pouring from the
Good, Loving, Creative Spirit-Mind. You’ll
be doing everyone on Earth a favor.


Movement has definitely QUICKENED…

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