“Global Electronic Coin” by Thomsen – 8.16.22


Entry Submitted by Thomsen at 6:19 PM ET on August 16, 2022

I would urge both caution and further research prior to becoming involved in investments of global digital currency.

We are being presented with the convenience aspect, or at least the theoretical convenience aspect of various global electronic currencies.  From there in a historical sense, we will soon likely be also presented with the sales pitch of ground floor opportunity, and the potential of explosive gains in the early stages of similar electronic coins.  Rinse and repeat a thousand times, each Johnny come lately is of course, the best one.

What we overlook in this process is several unadvertised factors:

1. Many of these pump and dumps have proven to have a short life, and sometimes a very short life.  The catch has historically been the investors are left holding the bag at the collapse.  Basically, the process is a timing function, the objective is to buy a fuzz prior to everyonelse doing the same, sell the snot out of the process, and then sell out a half a fuzz prior to everyone else dumping or the historically probable collapse.  If your crystal ball works that well, betting the farm on the roulette with an e wheel would prove to be a great deal quicker.  The bottom line is that you are not in any part controll of the process, someone else however, is.

2. As our banking process moves into the ever more problematic as is the trend, anything seems a better alternative.  What we are not seeing and not being presented is the hidden hand of manipulation standing directly behind all of the global electronic currency processes.  This involves a lot of factors with politics being chief among them.  Just as one nation in its last gasp effort to save itself from itself, allows digital currency as legal tender, other nations at an equal or greater pace have outlawed digital currency, particularly fiat digital currency, or at least competition to the chozen currency, all others excluded and always by both decree and surprise (ambush). 

3. Speaking of fiat currency, we plainly see that most if not all digital currencies are not backed with any form of species, commodity, or anything else of tangible value.  In this case, what is there separating an electronic currency from any other fiat currency? The answer is pretty slim. Here we have the problem as clearly identified as unbacked fiat currency, however the solution is also unbacked fiat currency. Concurrently, without gold backing, we have the same volatility factor with paper money, only the volatility speed is potentially infinitely multiplied and subject to endless factors, all of which are hidden to you.

4. The promise with e-currency is that the manufacturer of said currency will only make so many and stop. Here we have their word for it and positively nothing else.  Historically, this has proven no different than any government running the money watering down, printing press worse than a meth factory on triple espresso. 

5. The worst of all factors is the word global. This comes with a lot of hidden baggage. Whatever the coin is named and the undeniably impressive advertisement videos, we have the underlying issue of Big Brother.  Each global coin is without any doubt in my mind, designed by the black hats of the world.  We employ the coin to avoid the inspection of the panopticon prison system by way of something designed by the same system and in the process make it a great deal easier to inspect your every move simply because that is the very heart of the design to begin with.  The whole process is privacy be damned, even while selling the opposite.

6. Tyranny in any form loses the velvet wings it crept in on.  We are sold the concept of convenience.  The actuality is global, or at least globalism to be more accurate in our understanding.  What is not presented at the beginning or the sizzle sale, is the inevitable bureaucracy and decree and its progressive conditions for continued participation in the process.  To be a great deal more accurate, this is absolutely the Schvabbie-Harari design.  In other words, as soon as the dependent, (captive) audience is established, the social credit score and the digital vaccine passport is right on its heels.  I would then propose the question as to how many of us reading this would come through the process with the eventual requirement of a perfect or near perfect social credit and jab score?  This will very soon be every question and the only question.

7. What I will call the global correctional system, or banking censorship, is the key.  At some point and sooner than later, should the system of political correctness not like anything at all you purchased, the purchase process is stopped and you are locked all of the way out of the process and banking of any sort.  I’m seeing this now with the big four banks although still at the mostly hidden level.  They sure as hell don’t like you buying certain things and will freeze your card to let you know it and always by way of ambush.  Everything PC, including every possible manner of evil, is fine.  Everything not PC is discouraged along the same lines as the world’s approved information stream.  It is not as evolved yet, but it is headed that direction.   Any digital currency would greatly speed and facilitate this process, which is the entire construct in the first place.  You however were not told that.  A global digital currency simply hands the whole censorship process over to AI with exactly zero appeal process, just like China has presently.

This is only one person’s opinion, and as always, do your own research, anywhere not the television.



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