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A leader in the Sadrist movement: Sadr’s life is in danger

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muhammad al-Aboudi, called today, Tuesday, al-Sadr’s supporters and all Iraqis to go to the square to support the Ashura revolution, indicating that al-Sadr’s life is in danger.

Al-Aboudi said in a Facebook post followed by Mawazine News, “Oh Sadrists, the life of your leader is in danger, so trust.”

He added, “O Iraqis, your homeland is at stake, so leave the spectator position and take to the field.” Ended 29/M99  link

Again.. Al-Sadr’s Minister sends a “strongly worded” statement to the frameworks

Today, Tuesday, Saleh Muhammad Al-Iraqi, known as “Minister of Al-Sadr,” issued a “strongly worded” statement to the forces of the coordination framework.

The Minister of Al-Sadr said in a statement received by (Baghdad Today), the text of which is: “The blocs affiliated with the (framework) must rein in the (ominous triad of frameworks) immediately.


This trinity is (playing with fire) and it may be in its interest to ignite (civil war) through: (sit-in versus sit-in) or (demonstrations versus demonstrations).

If we purify ourselves, we purify ourselves against the corrupt… so are they corrupt?!

And if we are demonstrating, we are demonstrating peacefully, and they are demonstrating violently against the security services and others

And if we are demonstrating, we want to reform the system and they are demonstrating against (reform) and against (the prime minister) and if the prime ministership is illegitimate, then the presidency of the republic is also a goal for them to bring down and at the same time they are demonstrating against the parliament presidency as well.. what legitimacy and which state are they defending!! !?

And do not forget the position of the reference, who said and her voice was hoarse: “The tried is not tempted” and they nominated a tried prime minister and tried ministers.. So does disobeying the reference mean protesting and demonstrating against it!!??

Are they defending the (blocking third) issued by the Federal Court?! Or do they defend the supreme judiciary, which is a red line to us, even if we disagree with some of its unjust decisions that disrupted the country and harmed people?

O ominous framework you (the sheikh of the framework) and among you (the leader of the crowd is the nation of the brave) and among you are some of those who still prevail over sanity over (the party) and there is a great difference between our protests and your protests that want to hold a parliament session to form a consensual government tested against the nose The people, in disobedience to the reference and disregard for international and even regional opinions.


Then, O ominous framework trinity.. Do not think that your call for (major) demonstrations will bother us or frighten us, for we will not extend our hand against you even if you do that.. I do not think that those who force them to demonstrate are only our brothers and they will not obey you in this, for they are more loving Iraq than you and I am keen not to The bloodshed is more than you, and many of them may join us because you only want the continuation of your corrupt rule, and you want to make them wood for your lusts, your parties, your trade and your deep state.

Then I direct my words to those who love reform, and I say: Dear friends, the ominous framework trinity has focused between two between (basket) and (humiliation) and the humiliation of us is humiliating.. That is, they are a forced people who cannot ward off evil from themselves.

Rather, I am certain that their announcement of a demonstration in exchange for your demonstration will increase your determination and insistence on reform, because you are lovers of the challenge.

And just as occupation or terrorism did not intimidate you, the corrupt will not terrorize you, as we promised you, and God is the Guardian of success.”  link

Al-Kazemi’s advisor talks about the government’s fear of a “legal vacuum”

Today, Monday, the Prime Minister’s advisor for financial policy, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed the government’s fear of a “legal vacuum.”

Saleh said in a statement to “Khabar Press” (brother): “Article 13 of the Financial Management Law stipulates that the exchange shall be at a rate of (1/12) or less of the total actual expenditures for current expenditures for the previous fiscal year and until the approval of the federal general budget.

He pointed out that “the problem is in the event that the current year 2022 ends, and it is already without a budget, and the exchange is 1/12 how will the disbursement be for the next fiscal year,” noting that “there is concern in the presence of a legal vacuum.”

He added that “the economic situation depends on the interpretation of Article 13 of the Financial Management Law,” explaining that “the Federal Court is the highest legal authority and it must intervene to interpret the legal article or give the government the authority to continue spending for the minimum expenses so as not to cause a crisis and paralysis in the Iraqi economy.”   . link

Washington: The success of the policy of the Central Bank of Iraq was manifested in the indicators of cash and gold reserves


Central Bank Governor Mustafa Ghaleb Mokheb discussed with the US Ambassador to Iraq, Alina Romanowski, efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

A statement by the Central Bank stated, “The Governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb, received the US Ambassador to Iraq, Alina Romanowski, and her accompanying delegation.”

Makheif reviewed, “The Central Bank’s efforts to support development through monetary policy tools and the direct impact of its initiatives on the real sector march, job creation and sustainability, in addition to the efforts made in combating money laundering and terrorist financing through the adoption of an integrated legal system and its effective application to sectors that may used to commit it.

Makheif stressed, “the importance of cooperation between the two countries in terms of monetary policy and the activation of financial instruments.”

For her part, Romanowski affirmed, “its support for the Central Bank and its independence, and to contribute to the training of its employees through financial institutions that have continuous partnerships with the Central Bank.”

She pointed to “the success of the central bank’s policy and modern methods of managing it, which was manifested in the indicators of monetary and gold reserves   link

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