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Samson » August 16th, 2022

Finance Minister Ali Allawi submits his resignation during the cabinet session

16th August, 2022

Minister of Finance Ali Allawi submitted, today, Tuesday, his resignation from his position during the cabinet session.

A source told “Mawazine News”, that “Finance Minister Ali Allawi submitted, during the cabinet session held today, his resignation from his position.”

Today, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers held its regular session, headed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.  LINK

The Minister of Finance submits his resignation, and Al-Kazemi agrees

16th August, 2022

On Tuesday, Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Allawi submitted his resignation from his post.

A source in the Council of Ministers told Shafaq News Agency, that Al-Kazemi agreed to resign during the current cabinet session.

It is not yet clear the reasons for the resignation.  LINK

Al-Kazemi assigns the Minister of Oil the duties of the Ministry of Finance as an agency

16th August, 2022

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi assigned Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar with the tasks of managing the Ministry of Oil as an agency.

An informed source in the Council of Ministers told Shafaq News that the decision to assign it will be temporary, and it came after the approval of the resignation of Finance Minister Ali AllawiLINK

With the resignation of the Minister of Finance.. the dollar is falling in the Baghdad markets

16th August, 2022

The dollar exchange rates declined in Baghdad markets, on Tuesday, with the resignation of Finance Minister Muhammad Allawi.

Shafak News Agency correspondent said that the Central Kifah and Al-Harithiya Stock Exchange in Baghdad registered at 3:00 pm today, Tuesday, 148,200 Iraqi dinars, compared to 100 US dollars.

The price of the dollar this morning recorded 148,450 Iraqi dinars, compared to 100 dollars.

Our correspondent indicated that buying and selling prices decreased in banking shops in the local markets in Baghdad, where the selling price amounted to 148,750 Iraqi dinars per 100 US dollars, while the purchase prices amounted to 147,750 Iraqi dinars per 100 US dollars.

This decline comes shortly after the Iraqi Finance Minister, Ali Allawi, submitted his resignation from his position during the session of the Council of Ministers held, while the Prime Minister agreed to it.


Food security and the white paper.. Expose the reasons for the resignation of the Minister of Finance

16th August, 2022

A political source revealed the reasons for the sudden resignation of Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Allawi.

The source said in an interview with / Mawazine News / that “Allawi met with Al-Kazemi before today’s session and spoke about his resignation before entering today’s session.”

He added, “Allawi justified his resignation by continuing corruption in the banking sector and not implementing the terms of the white paper, with the exception of the paragraph of raising the dollar, as well as political interference in the ministry’s work.”

He indicated, “Among the reasons is the disbursement of the funds of the Emergency Food Security Support Law,” noting that “Al-Kazemi tried to dissuade Allawi from resigning, but the latter was insisting on his resignation.”   LINK

An Iraqi move to establish economic free zones

15th August, 2022

The Free Zones Authority confirmed, on Monday, that Iraq is ready to establish free zones, and the presence of all factors of success, while indicating that there is a tendency to establish free zones adjacent to the Baghdad and Najaf airports

The director of the Free Zones Authority, Munther Abdul Amir Asad, said in a statement to the official news agency, “Iraq is ready and all the factors for success exist to establish free industrial, commercial or multi-activity zones

He added, “The authority has a plan approved by the board of directors to establish free zones adjacent to Baghdad International Airport and Najaf International Airport and a free zone on the Iraqi-Jordanian border, which is part of the joint economic city, and this will be one of the most important future projects as well as working to open free zones near the border.” Iraq – Saudi Arabia

He pointed out, “It is important to establish free zones near the hubs of external roads, and this supports the process of trade exchange and foreign trade development  LINK

Oil prices continue to decline amid fears of economic recession

16th August, 2022

Oil prices fell on Tuesday, as bleak economic data from China, the largest buyer of crude, renewed fears of a global recession.

Brent crude futures fell 82 cents, or 0.86 percent, to $94.27 a barrel by 04:59 GMT.

West Texas Intermediate crude futures were down 52 cents, or 0.58%, at $88.89 a barrel.

Oil futures were down about 3% during the previous session.

China’s central bank cut lending rates to revive demand as the economy unexpectedly slowed in July, with factory and retail activity slashing due to Beijing’s COVID-free policy and real estate crisis.  LINK

Investors also watched talks to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, with analysts predicting that more oil could enter the market if Iran and the United States accepted an offer from the European Union to lift sanctions on Iran’s oil exports.

Iraq records a decline of nearly a billion dollars in holding US bonds

16th August, 2022

The US Treasury announced, on Tuesday, that Iraq’s possession of US bonds decreased by nearly one billion dollars during the month of June.

The Treasury said in its latest schedule, seen by Shafaq News Agency, that “Iraq’s possession of US Treasury bonds for the month of June of 2022 decreased by 929 million dollars, or 2.82%, to reach 31.965 billion dollars, after it was 32.894 billion dollars in the month of May,” indicating “These bonds rose from the same month last year, 2021, when Iraq’s possession of bonds amounted to $21.2 billion.”

She added that “Iraqi bonds, including long-term guarantees amounting to 15.939 billion dollars and short-term guarantees amounting to 16.026 billion dollars,” noting that these bonds represent 0.4% of the world’s bonds.

In the Arab world, Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of the most possessing countries, reaching 119.155 billion dollars, Kuwait comes second with 45.957 billion dollars, the UAE comes third with 39.868 billion dollars, then Iraq is fourth, Oman is fifth with 6.702 billion dollars, then Morocco comes with 3.892 billion dollars.

And she pointed out that “the largest holder of US bonds is Japan, at $1,236.291 trillion, followed by China, at $967.778 billion, followed by the United Kingdom, at $615.413 billion, and then Luxembourg with $306.833 billion.”  LINK

Talabani assigns “commando forces” to cleanse a government institution of “corrupt officials”

16th August, 2022

The leadership of the commando forces of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan announced on Tuesday that it had received orders from the President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to purify the Sulaymaniyah municipality of the corrupt. 

The forces said in a statement received by Shafak News Agency; Recently, several irresponsible parties and government officials, under pressure, allocated several plots of land and occupied them for their own purposes, and prevented the implementation of many strategic projects that were implemented to serve the city.

The statement added; The head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Pavel Talabani, ordered the commandos of Kurdistan to move towards the Sulaymaniyah municipality to purge corrupt officials and arrest those who obstructed the implementation of service projects in the city.

The “commando forces” are a military force affiliated with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, supervised by the Vice President of the Kurdistan Region and member of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa, and it is under the command of the President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.  LINK

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Samson » August 16th, 2022

A legal expert reveals exciting details about Allawi’s resignation: The government has resigned in its entirety

16th August, 2022

The legal expert, Muhammad al-Samarrai, confirmed on Tuesday that the current government is dealing with daily matters following the dissolution of the House of Representatives to itself and in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 64 of the Constitution, which states (The Council of Ministers is considered resigned and turns into a management of matters).

Al-Samarrai said in a Facebook post, which was followed by Mawazine News, that “the submission of the resignation request submitted by the Minister of Finance and approved by the Prime Minister is not governed by a legal text, and it is not considered a resignation in the legal and constitutional sense. It is a political position before it is an executive government.

He added, “This measure is considered an evasion from performing his temporary duties in managing affairs, because he is basically resigned, and the constitution has laid down on him and his peers in the Council of Ministers a constitutional and legal obligation, which is to remain in his position to go about the daily affairs until the formation of the new government. This behavior can fall under the concept of leaving the position or requesting Exemption from performing constitutional duties at a critical stage in the country, or under any other name except resignation.

Al-Samarrai continued, “There are constitutional obligations and norms that must be adhered to. This resigned government or the caretaker government is charged with a very dangerous mission related to a temporary and transitional phase separating two governments with full powers, and there must be a role of receiving and handing over, especially since there are very serious files that have been dealt with in the current government and must be taken into account.” in the next government or highlight it.

Earlier today, Minister of Finance Ali Allawi, submitted his resignation during the cabinet session.


Suzie » August 16th, 2022

Good news about parliament, not such good news about the finance minister resigning, wondering why if things are going well and supposedly proceeding in the right direction, just a question, not an opinion….

Clare » August 16th, 2022


(FROM THE ARTICLE: “it is not considered a resignation in the legal and constitutional sense. It is a political position before it is an executive governmenment.”  

Samson » August 16th, 2022

Al-Kazemi: Tomorrow I will call for an Iraqi national dialogue for all the country’s leaders

08/16/2022 16:48:08

Highlights of the speech of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi during the regular session of the Council of Ministers today, Tuesday:

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing political challenges and political blockages and their repercussions on the government’s performance. The government is not a party to the political conflict, but there are those who are trying to hold it responsible for this crisis and run away from the problem, and turn all problems towards the government.

🔵 Our crisis is not the only one in this world, there are many experiences that have passed close to our experience, and they may be more complex, but by using wisdom and wise leaders they succeeded in crossing that stage, and some of these countries turned into successful experiences.

🔵 Singapore, for example, was a model of a failed state, and we see it today turning into one of the most important countries in the world. In Rwanda in Africa, there was a civil war and massacres, but today it has turned into an important country in Africa. It is unreasonable in Iraq, the founding country of human civilization with an age of nearly 6 thousand years, and we are still dealing with problems in a way of breaking wills.

🔵 Wisdom and loyalty are required for this country, for it has given us a lot, history has given us and a lot of which we are proud and proud, and we must return part of this favor to our country, our homeland and our people. This poor people have long been subjected to mismanagement, destitution, and destructive wars.

🔵 Our decision in this government was not to get involved in Iraqi blood, neither today nor tomorrow. Iraqi blood is precious, and problems must be solved through dialogue and then dialogue. That is why tomorrow I will call for an Iraqi national dialogue for all the leaders of the country; In order to contribute to finding a solution, think about solving the issue.

🔵 My message to my brothers, the leaders of the country: Everything is fleeting and history is the judge. We must rise to the challenge. Sacrifice for the sake of Iraq is not an element of weakness, but rather an element of strength, and some do not imagine when he makes a concession to his brother as if he is in a position of weakness. This is a mistake; Compromise is a real strength.

🔵 I wish everyone to be patient and courageous; Until we cross this stage and be able to build our country, despite the absence of a budget for two years, things are going right.

🔵 A government cannot live without a budget, two years have passed without a budget, but we have run the country. The chance of success is possible if we join hands and deal with the spirit of one teamwork and the spirit of belonging to Iraq.

🔵 This government came in exceptional circumstances and succeeded in overcoming all challenges, but it is unfortunate that the government is close to 28 months old, and until this moment the budget has only been available for six months.

🔵 People ask and ask for everything, which is their right. People have the right to ask for paved streets, water, schools and health care, but all of this must be balanced; For the government to do its part.

🔵 The political blockage was reflected in the formation of the government and the absence of a budget, and we accepted all the challenges and tried to overcome them, and we always faced accusations, slander and injustice with silence for the sake of Iraq, and for the sake of our people who deserve a better life than what they are currently living.

Clare » August 16th, 2022


“That is why tomorrow I will call for an Iraqi national dialogue for all the leaders of the country; In order to contribute to finding a solution, think about solving the issue.” KAZEMI


SOMEONE ASKED ME TO CLARIFY THIS…. IT SAYS PARLIAMENT IS DISSOLVED:  following the dissolution of the House of Representatives THEN THIS:  which states (The Council of Ministers is considered resigned and turns into a management of matters).  


Samson » August 16th, 2022

Text of Finance Minister Ali Allawi’s resignation

08/16/2022 17:20:56

Cabinet spokesman Hassan Nazim revealed, today, Tuesday, the text of the resignation of Finance Minister Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi from his position to the Speaker of the Council, Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

Nazim said, in the weekly press conference, that: “The resignation of the Minister of Finance expressed great respect for the government’s achievements, as the resignation described the government’s measures and achievements as exceptional, and indicated that the government’s achievements were hampered by political power struggles, and that the government is shackled by the rampant conflict between political forces.” 

He added, “The Minister of Finance also referred in the text of the resignation to the rapid growth of the economy in Iraq, and the government’s achievements that contained political violence, while including talk about the government’s fulfillment of the promises it made to the Iraqis.”

Nazim continued, “The resignation of the Finance Minister also referred to the success achieved by the government in its foreign relations, and to the reform strategies set by the government that were disrupted by the political conflict,” adding, “The resignation of the Finance Minister expressed the government’s ability to achieve more achievements if it had political support.”  LINK

Parliamentary legality: Parliament is in a state of paralysis and cannot legislate and implement any law

08/16/2022 13:02:10

A member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Salem Al-Anbaki, confirmed, on Tuesday, that the work of the Parliament is in a “state of paralysis” due to the sit-ins inside it, the demonstrations and the current political crisis.

Al-Anbaki told {Euphrates News} that “the work of the parliamentary committees is linked to the presidency of Parliament, because presenting any file needs an integrated process, interventions and proposals by the Speaker.”

He added, “It is not possible to accomplish any work in the Legal Committee or any other committee in the current circumstance,” noting that “paralysis affected all joints of the House of Representatives without exception under these circumstances.”   LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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