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Entry Submitted by Mid Mess Fair at 12:42 AM ET on August 17, 2022

Important letter, message, so send share it to all entities, public people, big groups/teams to make the world become better place.

How To Distribute New International Currency In A Fair Educated Way To The Public People


The only solution, only answer to end world conflict is the new international currency in both cyber space and in real life.

As some of you already know, the current national currencies issued by central banks in all nations are still under certain restrict rules/laws from certain powerful groups/entities/beings. That restriction will be fully lifted after the appear of new international currencies.

Which mean all national governments and central banks will be allowed to print endless money without the need of any “request” to higher level group/beings, but only after the new international currency will fully come online and exist in real society life.

The new international currency will be managed, controlled by more than 1 big organization from more than 1 nation. There will be 2 major versions: global digital currency in the cyber online internet world and the real touch international currency money paper.




I have shared the information both of them in my website, channels already, you guys can read it. But overall the new global digital currency will be managed by group of companies and there will be more than 1 version such as tech companies in the US, in Europe, in Asia.

While the real international currencies money paper will be either managed by a new international group made up from the best people in all nations and/or/with big companies with real physical goods products.

But that is for the public apperance, while in fact mostly likely certain top highest intelligence people will really in charge of those system. The reason behind is make sure it is fair, and must have human development evolution feature.

Now the question is how to distribute the new international currency in the most fair, well educated way to the society, to the public people?

1. Traveling history proof.
2. International trading proof.
3. Foreign language ability.

When you are talking about international trading, so it must related to moving, traveling, foreign trading, foreign language.

Traveling history proof is border control stamps and visa.
International trading proof is the real foreign currency money paper.
The foreign language ability is real communicate, talking in that language.




Now let say, there are 800 trillions new international currency money, so which mean average 100,000 per person, so how you going to distribute it?
There are many options on the table:
– Fair for every single person.
– Fair for every single nation.
– Fair for every regions, continents.

We can have 1 only global currency or 4-5 continent currencies (Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas, Oceania) or about 8-9 regional currencies based on either phone number +1 +2 to +8 +9 or via population, land mass, etc.

– If “fair” for every single person, then there will only 1 rule and total “budget” will the same.

– If “fair” for every single nation or regions, continents then based on the total population, each nations or regions will receive the amount of new international currency based on that number. Then group of “qualify” people will share that pot in an equal way.

Example: As of now in August 2022
– Asia will receive total 465 trillion Asian money.
– Africa will receive total 138.4 trillion African money.
– Europe will receive total 74.5 trillion European money.
– Americas will receive total 103.7 trillion Americas money.
– Oceania will receive total 4.5 trillion Oceania money.

So how much each qualify person will receive?
Option 1: Via fix direct amount number of new international currency.
Option 2: Qualify person will receive “exchange” point first, then they will have to use “luck draw” to know the extract amount they will receive.

So depend on ideology of each group/beings, both version can be used as well.

No matter border control stamps, visa, foreign currency paper or foreign language ability, all can can use both options.

The new international currency won’t be backed by any natural resources like gold, silver, oil, gas but will backed on human intelligence in general.

You need to understand that if the new global digital currency using price of USD, Euro or gold, silver, copper, oil, gas, etc. then it only have some virtual link, not truly “backed” or use those asset.




The purpose is encourage people to travel more to foreign country, to encourage people to learn more foreign language, to give people new way of making money where all people no matter their background, society position will have a same fair equal opportunity to get rich, and that way is not going to “harm, deceive” any other beings at the same time.

How wonderful is that ?!

Above is the overall strategy solution, the public roll out could be slightly different but still using the same framework like above.

The dates, timing is unknown because it is depend on who beings in charge, could be slow or quick.

I can only see the international wars end when new international currency system like above appear.

If there is any real super powerful beings or big groups who are handling behind the current world financial system, then she/she/it will like and accept my plan 100%.

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair


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