The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8-18-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 8-18-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Thursday, August 18 – and you’re listening to the big call. Welcome everybody to the call tonight – whether you’re new to the call or whether you’ve been listening for 11 years – we appreciate you tuning in from all over the globe – whether you’re listening live or listening on the replay, or the replay numbers or link, thank you for tuning in.

Let’s go right into where we are as far as Intel goes – Got a few things I want to give you – Let’s start with this. First of all, I want to make sure that we’ve got clarity on the idea of when we go into the redemption center.

We set up our quantum account if you are a Zim holder – and even if you have Zim and other currencies – they would like to combine that – all of the funds from that – meaning all of the amount that we would have in USN dollars digitally – into a mother lode account – which now the mother lode account essentially is the quantum account.

Now that’s if you have dinar – Dong – rupiah, Afghani, rial – whatever – Bolivar and zim – They would combine that and you will have access to 1% which would transfer from your quantum account into your primary account with Wells Fargo.

Now 1% of a lot is still a lot, especially if it’s combined with your zim – Okay, so that now if you’re not a Zim holder – you’ve got dinar and Dong or just one or the other – You would get 100% of that at the time of your exchange.

So I wanted to clarify that in case I misrepresented that on Tuesday night’s call, if you’re zim plus currencies, that total goes into your quantum account – and then 1% comes out on your exchange day. 30 days later – you get a tranche, and we’re not sure if it’s automatic, or we generate it ourselves, but you would be access – you would be accessible to receive another 11% of your total exchange.

I said that we would have nine tranches of 11% of our total – nine tranches. In other words, month two after our first exchange time, okay, 30 days later, let’s call that month two – at that time, you would receive one of your nine payments of 11% – I said 11% of the total – times nine equals 99%. Add back the 1% that you got on the day of your exchange, the day of your redemption equals 100% of your total. So you’re looking to get all of your zim and other currencies payable to your primary account In 10 months.   That’s terrific.

That follows the same rule as the bondholders and tier three are getting.

They get 1% upfront and then 30 days later, they get 11% of their total for nine more months. So in 10 months, we’ve got it all 11% of your total each month for nine more months.  Okay, hope that’s clear.

So, we’re going to have a primary account that primary account is interest bearing – you would negotiate that at the time of your exchange with the bank that you’re with. You can move monies, from your primary account to any bank that you wish – to diversify if you wish – and that’s up to you.  Okay

Now, I mentioned before, that I’m setting up a separate account for each LLC that I’m putting together for my projects – and I’m using that because it’s been recommended by my attorney to do it that way – and so we’re going to have separate accounts for each LLC – So I will take monies that go from the primary account and move those into secondary LLC accounts for my projects – Work them that way. So you’ve got that concept.

We still do not have 100% confirmation about the tier three bond holders – the latest information I got today was they were looking for their liquidity to be available next Monday. Today is Thursday. So that’s what Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, 1 2 3 4 – 4 days from now, right.

So we believe that we are going virtually in parallel – as a shotgun start with our bondholders and tier three.

We know that the public start – they want the public to start on the 23rd or 24th. Today’s the 18th so the 23rd is only five days away.

If they want the tier five public to start – we’re not talking tier 4 a and b – we’re talking tier 5 – the public that is not paying attention – does not know what’s going on – is not watching this online – is not listening for some crazy reason to the big call. Okay, those guys will start exchanging around the 23rd or 24th . That means we need to get this party on the road for us – sooner than that.

Now, one of our sources told us that we would be seeing some major activity and sort of an awesome almost like a revelation of things happening in the next few days. And I interpret that as Friday or Saturday.

I have heard that it’s possible that we could get started. There might be some political wranglings going on that would allow us to get started, you know, either tomorrow or Saturday. We’ve heard this. We have heard this.

The QFS – quantum financial system has been implemented, but not completely  – evidently – not totally integrated – Not totally available completely around the globe yet, – but it is supposed to be completed – and initiated tomorrow – Friday at 5pm – Eastern. So it’s five tomorrow – Notice that’s after the markets close.

That where we are – the wording was – we’re supposed to be under a brand new financial system. Well, we know the new financial system is the Quantum Financial System. So that’s what it’s referring to.

How does that impact us? What does it look like? I think banking is going to be a lot different than we’ve known for all of our lives. It’ll change a lot more will be done digitally online. We’ll transfer funds like we can now through Zell with no fee for moving it.

I think we’ll see international transfers happening very quickly with or without the banks involvement.

And I think it’s going to be it’s going to be a new game. The Quantum Financial System is the watchdog over everything that we’re doing and to whom we’re sending funds and all of that – they’re monitoring that – that system is designed to monitor this. So as of 5pm, tomorrow, it is supposed to be fully integrated and initiated.

Now, in addition, excuse me – when we talk about the redemption centers, we know that the redemption centers are in meetings – like I said, Monday and Tuesday. We know that today, Thursday, we understand that the redemption center staff will start going in at 10:30 in the morning tomorrow.

And we could see some – we could see something – or watch to see if anything happens around 1:30 tomorrow. Now, does that mean we’re gonna get notified tomorrow? It is possible. I don’t have that we’re definitely going to get it – they don’t want us to know when we’re going to get notified. They just don’t.

Now, based on the activity of the staffing, I think it’s possible we could get a late morning or early to mid- afternoon notification tomorrow. We could get notified and start on Saturday. There’s nothing saying we couldn’t start tomorrow afternoon/ evening – But we might end up starting Saturday.

But the point is, it seems from the information we got yesterday about that Quantum Financial System being ready – We got it from Europe – we got it from other areas as well. It appears that that system is now fully ready to implement completely – and maybe that’s why we had to wait this long. We had to wait until something happened at 5pm tomorrow when it’s fully completed. At least that’s what we’re hearing from our top sources who are paymasters at Wells Fargo. So that is really the gist of it right now 

Could there be some new things that are revealed to us over the next few days? That could be awesome, could be all inspiring  – Maybe so – we’re going to have to keep an eye out for what those things are.

The situation is when I get certain pieces of Intel, sometimes they’re not complete. They don’t – they’re almost as if they’re in code. They’re not really designed to get direct absolute information. Some of it has to be inferred upon if that’s a word. Okay? So where this puts us is again in a good position – I’m going say things are possible to happen through now through the weekend. They’re very possible that we get this thing started now through the weekend.

So guys, we are very very close. Like I said it appears that if the quantum system is fully integrated tomorrow at 5pm that the door is open for us to begin to receive. Now these bond holders and tier three have been pushed just like we have for months now. It appears that if they’re looking to get their funds starting Monday, that we may also be getting our funds and getting started between now and Monday. So we’ll see – we don’t absolutely know that – you know that – you know I’m just giving you what I’m getting from some of our very best sources.

So let’s see what happens – Let’s see where this goes – stay in tune and stay in touch with us – We’re not planning to do live calls – after this goes we’re planning to do recorded calls – it would be like a podcast that we would send you by email as a link, and then you’d be able to click on the link and listen to it. Okay, that’s how we plan to do it.

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:24:44

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