The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from POOF, Susan, DJ 8-21-22



” The Office of Poofness “


Greetings and Salutations,

Please note that the goods are all stacked in readiness and awaiting final instructions.

We know it isn’t what you want to hear but you have all been waiting patiently for this to finally happen.

Hang in there and be even a bit more patient and you will see for yourselves that it was all in good faith.

There are those who do not believe one wit that it will ever spring forth. So be it. For them.

We would not wait a day longer if it were not. We have the advantage here and you do recognize that.




Just be assured it is still in the works and will make a difference when it can be planted where it belongs.

Love and Kisses,



Accelerating Time

In the next years, your astronomers and your physicists may begin to put together the anomaly of relative time, and your part in it.

You are changing time in your area, but you have no other time frame to compare it to. Therefore, time appears to be the same, but at the cellular level, most of you are aware of the acceleration that is going on.




Although this may not make sense to you, there will come a time when science will look at the Universe around you and say that it is “slowing down.”

The reality is that you are speeding up! Watch for it. It has to do with the relativity of time, this planet, and what you have done. Some of you can already sense this and say, “Of course, time is speeding up. We can feel it!” Some of you wake up early in the morning with anxiety because your cells feel it.

You are absolutely right if you have wondered if time is accelerating.

Welcome to the beginning of a dimensionality that you did not have yesterday!


P.S. To explore this topic more fully, you can download Kryon Book VIII – Passing The Marker through Kindle.

PP Update: Taking a quote from Poof the “stacked in readiness and awaiting final instructions.”







Things that boggle the mind. As of march of 2022 there are close to one billion people worldwide that are at “famine” levels. Meaning close to starvation. Daily!!! What would it take to end world hunger?

The fact is, the cost might be less than you think. A study produced in Germany suggests that the cost of ending world hunger within ten years amounts to about $330 billion or $33 billion per year, spread between all the world’s countries. Yet for some reason the world doesn’t do it.

The things that our government and other world governments spend money on compared to the minimal cost to end global hunger, is what boggles the mind. When we talk about ending global hunger it’s not just sending these folks food, it’s establishing consistent and innovative agricultural programs to the affected areas that will make them self sufficient for future needs. Think about that. Get rid of just one dumb-ass costly fiscal policy in the U.S. (Out of hundreds) and the U.S alone could cover the entire cost. I don’t know of any taxpayer who wouldn’t get behind that. And think of our global reputation for doing it.

The 4 major causes of global hunger are Conflict, Climate Shock, Cost and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Conflict being the biggest factor with 60% of the world’s hunger living in areas affected by war and violence. And what do we do? Instead of feeding people we build bigger war machines and fund other countries’ war machines. We feed the cause of the problem and not the people.

You can apply the same logic to all other basics of survival. Food, clothing, shelter and water. Instead of destroying we could be building. It would be relatively inexpensive to fix the problem and everyone knows it . Yet we don’t. Why?

One can only conclude, they want it this way. Greed, ego, and geopolitical manipulation of hunger to gain sympathy and public confidence in their positions. “Vote for me and I’ll feed you”.

So what is the fix? Can you say GCR/RV/Asset Redemption, GESARA / NESARA. For those waiting for a personal windfall, step back and look at the bigger picture and the real motivation for the event. Maybe it will help you understand the constant delays and push-back from those who have been benefiting from the chaos. Their reign is about to end. It’s worth the wait !!!!

As long as one person believes. There is hope.






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