Dinarland Highlights for August 21, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 8.21.22


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…there is a lot of festive folks in the streets according to 3 of my sources over there this morning. They are expected to have open air meetings in the streets…They are literally pounding out their differences in front of everybody. They are not behind closed doors in closed sessions. The push continues and they hope to have things sat within the coming days so they can execute their white paper economic reforms. That is the conversation in the Iraqi streets today. This is exciting in my book. 


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground TV report]

The CBI back on the news…they met with the United States Ambassador …discussed money laundering efforts.  That’s interesting for a program rate?   It’s pretty obvious why he’s discussing this and how Iraq has improved.  And this is why the cash and gold reserves are so strong in our country of Iraq.  Also they talked about the political scene that is still in turmoil…

There are millions in the streets not to protest but to protect, Sadr, Mustafa, the auctions, the parliament, the cabinet, the reforms, the white papers, investors and I believe we’re going to see some progress.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Community comment:
Thought the EFSL was going to help…Iraq better get a move on, I don’t see a new exchange rate in the near future based on Iraq’s and the world’s news of what’s happening there,”

I am not sure what news globally, regionally and or even locally that makes you feel that there is to much going on for this not to happen anytime soonI don’t see anything that would suggest that Sadr and Kahdimi don’t have the Citizens in mind and their needs met in a hurry.  They clearly do…my view is different in that what we are witnessing is that there is a battle between the CF and Sadrists.. That battle is coming to a head and fast.


Tivon (KTFA)

Comex 589, Basel 3 Compliant, ISO-20022 – These three things should always be the deciding factor as to who you decide to bank with. I don’t care about the title or name of the bank. If they are not operating within those parameters then you should not put your money in any of those banks…Then…from there – How much insurance can they cover…Then…interest… Remember banks can be foreclosed on too.




[Pessimistic Comments about the dinar]

it’s a scam.’  ‘It’s a ripoff.’  It’s a currency.  The currency doesn’t rip people off.  There are people out there using the dinar to rip people off.  There’s a huge difference…



Exchanging the IQD in a high amount is going to be a costly event…to give up half of it just because you want to panic isn’t good thinking at all…they do want to add an extra 3% tax on anybody who cashes in more than a million.  Any funds and properties you acquire could be exposed to estate taxes on your passing.  That’s the nasty part.  Determining a plan before the revaluation could literally save you millions in taxes.  It could provide you a lifetime of income and offer potential tax-free exchange



Some of the confusion I believe is in terminology…Parliament and the “government” are two totally separate and distinct entities.  The members of the GOI do not attend Parliament unless requested to do so by Parliament and the members of Parliament never attend sessions of the GOI.


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