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Samson » August 23rd, 2022

Oil prices cross $100 a barrel again

23rd August, 2022

Oil prices exceeded $100 a barrel again after a period of decline.

According to the latest update, the price of a barrel of Brent crude reached $100 and 10 cents, while its price from the OPEC basket was $99.96.

US crude recorded $93.94 a barrel.   LINK

$30 million a day.. The appearance of Muhammad Salih summarizes the losses of the ISIS war from 2014 to 2017

23rd August, 2022

The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, said that the war on terrorism in the years 2014 to 2017 cost the Iraqi treasury about 30 billion dollars, indicating that terrorism robbed nearly a fifth of Iraq’s non-oil GDP

Saleh added in an article he published on the Iraqi Economists Network website that “the costs of daily military operations rose from 5 million dollars per day to nearly 30 million dollars per day, which are expenses required by the fields of war against terrorism

He pointed out thatterrorism led to the displacement of about 6 million citizens of the occupied governorates, which raised poverty rates to 30% due to families’ loss of sources of income and economic activity, as well as the increase in unemployment rates

He pointed out thatthe economic atmosphere at that time remained frustrated by the challenges of recession represented by its three pillars, stagnating prices, declining growth in domestic and gross domestic product, and high levels of unemployment  LINK

Al-Kazemi cut short his visit to Egypt and called for an “immediate meeting”

23rd August, 2022

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi cut short his visit to Egypt, which he arrived yesterday to attend an Arab summit, and returned to Baghdad to follow developments in events, warning that disrupting the work of the judicial institution exposes the country to real risks.

Al-Kazemi’s office said, in a statement received by Shafak News Agency, that the latter cut short, this morning, his visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt, and returned to Baghdad in light of the developments in the current events in the country, and for the direct follow-up to the performance of the duties of the security forces in protecting the institutions of the judiciary and the state.

Al-Kazemi warned, according to the statement, that disrupting the work of the judicial institution exposes the country to real risks, stressing that the right to demonstrate is guaranteed according to the constitution, with the need to respect state institutions to continue their work in the service of the people.

Al-Kazemi called on all political forces to calm down, and to take advantage of the opportunity for national dialogue, to get the country out of its current crisis, calling for an immediate meeting of the leaders of the political forces; In order to activate the national dialogue procedures and defuse the crisis.


The Iraqi street is divided between supporters and opponents of the sit-ins in front of the Supreme Judicial Council 

23rd August, 2022

The acceleration of events and the escalation of the movement against the political process in the country led to a split in the street between supporters and opponents of the escalating step taken by the Sadrist movement’s supporters to sit in front of the Supreme Judicial Council building in the fortified Green Zone in the center of the capital, Baghdad.

Dozens of supporters of the prominent Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr marched with their open sit-in at the entrances to the Supreme Judicial Council, where dozens of tents were erected there to pressure the judiciary to dissolve the Iraqi parliament.

Lawyer Duaa Al-Dabisi, 33, told Shafaq News Agency, “All Iraqis are fed up with corruption in all its forms, especially since its repercussions have negatively affected all aspects of the daily life of the Iraqi individual, and the demand to fight it (corruption) has become an inevitable matter, but by legitimate and civilized ways and without constituting an obstacle or An added burden on the citizen.

She explained, “After al-Sadr’s supporters escalated their movement at the highest judicial authority in the country, this will inevitably affect the functioning of the institutions associated with it, especially those related to referring cases to specialized courts or transferring cases from to specific institutions, as well as the disruption of procedures for release or trial of convicts in various cases, and this is limited. The same is a declaration of the absence of the state and the spread of chaos.”

For his part, Hussein Al-Daraji, 50, owner of a real estate office, confirmed that “after all this escalation, it is time for the government to resign and hand over power to the army to declare a state of emergency, in addition to suspending the constitution, dissolving parliament and all parties, and restructuring the state in all its details, ensuring that the heroes of corruption and their parties do not return to power.”

In an interview with Shafaq News Agency, he indicated that “all the movement rejecting corruption must be quick by taking decisive decisions to end the state of hesitation prevailing in the street,” adding, “The work must be intensified and the controversy resolved over whether or not the current political system will survive, otherwise what is the point of expanding the space protests without serious and effective steps.”

Umm Ahmed, 44, confirmed, to Shafaq News Agency, that “change does not come easily and everyone must support the protest movements seeking to rebuild the state in a manner that is in harmony with the demands of Iraqi society and preserves its wealth as well as preserving the prestige of the state.”

She added, “Many protest movements against the political regimes that followed the administration of government after 2003, but they did not succeed in achieving the aspirations of the people in terms of providing the necessary services as well as supporting the economy, activating the labor market, eliminating unemployment and supporting educational, health and economic security files to create a state of stability, and we hope to achieve this in the future.”  LINK


Sir » August 23rd, 2022

IMO-The people of Iraq have been victims of the corruption for far too long and they seek justice, the taking to the streets to bring attention to their cry’s of injustice and the corruption of most if not all aspects of the government and possibly the SJC a long with private sectors.

They do this peacefully as they know what the outcome of a non peaceful protest would be, and they have lived that before and will not follow that road again. They have the power of their voice and the support of a true patriot in Kazemi and his team and they are bringing the corrupt to justice.

IMO-the people are in fear that the scales of justice has a heavy hand on the scale and justice becomes a political corrupt injustice. Perhaps it is time to bring in the military in on a temporarily bases to defend the constitution and the Iraqi people as they took an oath to so ( hold new elections within 90 days for a new smaller government ).

This would avoid a civil conflict and needless blood shed of the people of Iraq who just want a free and just smaller government of the new Republic of Iraq. A constitutional Iraq for the people and by the people, “wow what a simple concept” !

Kazemi has a plan and justice is at the top of the list as he knows the corruption runs deep and wide and we see the corrupt being removed daily. But as the fruit farmer said to his grandson, I remove the bad apples from the barrel to keep the whole barrel from becoming rotten, but from time to time the whole barrel becomes rotten and you have to throw it away and start over with fresh apples.

This is true when a so called government has to many bad apples, time to start over!

This should be for all countries around the world and the people should settle for nothing less, and yes it can be done the strong united voice of the people and not the blood of the people!

“ all in my opinion of course “

Samson » August 23rd, 2022

A Legal Expert Confirms: Declaring A State Of Emergency Is The Exclusive Competence Of The House Of Representatives And A Permanent Government

23rd August, 2022

Legal expert Counselor Salem Hawass confirmed today, Tuesday, that declaring a state of emergency “and not an emergency government as some imagine” is within the exclusive competence of the House of Representatives and as stated in the 2005 constitution, as well as in accordance with the order for the defense of national safety No. 4 of 2004.

Hawass added in a statement received by Earth News that “the constitutional text contained in Article 61 / item / ninth of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq states:

The House of Representatives has the following competences: Ninth: A- Approval of a declaration of war and a state of emergency by a two-thirds majority, based on a joint request. From the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister.

Hawass continued, “Paragraph (b) of Paragraph Nine of the same article states: B- A state of emergency is declared for a period of thirty days, subject to extension, with approval each time.”

And he added that “Paragraph (c) of the same constitutional clause above states: C- The Prime Minister is empowered with the necessary powers that enable him to administer the country’s affairs during the period of declaring war and a state of emergency, and these powers are regulated by law, in a way that does not conflict with the Constitution, provided that D- The Prime Minister shall present to the Council of Representatives the measures taken and the results, during the period of declaring war and the state of emergency, within fifteen days from the date of its end.

He stressed that “all of this must be with the approval of a two-thirds majority and a permanent government?” Because the order to defend national safety is a text that precedes the constitutional text on the one hand, and that the constitutional text is later mentioned in it, and therefore the text of Article 130 of the Constitution states: (The legislation in force shall remain in force, unless it is repealed or amended, in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution), Accordingly, the constitutional legal text is prepared later and amends the Defense of National Safety Order No. 4 of 2004, and therefore is considered a legal and constitutional ruler over it.”

He wondered, “If the House of Representatives is able to hold its session and obtain a two-thirds quorum based on Article 61 / ninth for the purposes of declaring a state of emergency, then it is a fortiori to elect a President of the Republic and form a majority government and not go to declare a (state of emergency) and enter the country into martial provisions that benefit the interim government and the government of Conducting daily matters that have no authority over this in accordance with the law and the constitution, and its emergency action may extend for an (indefinite) term, plunge the country into a vicious cycle and complete chaos.”

Hawass pointed out that the meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Federal Supreme Court in person and electronically this morning, following the open sit-in of the Sadrist movement’s demonstrators in front of the Supreme Judicial Council, to demand the dissolution of the House of Representatives by putting pressure on the Federal Supreme Court to issue a decision on the state order to dissolve the House of Representatives and the position of the Bar Association in solidarity with The Council, for that was decided by the Supreme Judicial Council a few days ago by rejecting the request (dissolving parliament), considering that the judiciary is not a party to political disputes and violates (the principle of the independence of the judiciary), and because it does not have the authority to legally and constitutionally dissolve parliament, as stated in the response decision issued by the Supreme Judicial Council in 2022.  LINK


Safeone » August 23rd, 2022

Step right this way folks, come one come all!!  You are going to see the most amazing sights and hear the most amazing lies and all right here on the midway.  

On your left we have the old guard, you know the Iran backed government stooges, who seem to think they still have power.    The least of which is Al-Maliki, who is trying in reality to save his neck. 

Over there we have others who are trying to maintain their do nothing and rob the kitty life style.  And lest we forget, we have the ego maniacs.  All these folks are spewing out balderdash in their effort to maintain their past glory. 

Sorry, but you political has-beens have become wannabes!  The clowns are already in the main ring!  Popcorn, peanuts, candy coated snacks.  Get your carnival treats right over there.  Hot dogs …… !  This is better than Barnam and Bailey.  Fact.  IMO

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