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The Agricultural Bank intends to acquire a special system to combat money laundering

Today, Thursday, the Agricultural Cooperative Bank announced the formation of a committee for the purpose of acquiring an electronic system for research and investigation of money laundering and terrorist .financing until the comprehensive banking system is implemented

And the bank’s statement quoted a source in the Money Laundering Reporting and Countering Terrorism Financing Division, and received by (Baghdad Today), that “work is ongoing to acquire a system for combating money laundering and terrorist financing in the context of adopting a strategy that ensures the preparation of advanced electronic systems for auditing and controlling all types of banking .operations. Until the comprehensive banking system is implemented

The statement stressed, “the importance of this strategy, which will allow the application of close supervision to ensure the detection of suspicious transactions “.related to money laundering operations In the same context, he referred to “preparing an annual program to follow up on the bank’s operating branches in the field, and preparing a database for the “customer account registration system” and working with it after being circulated to “.the branches    link

European anger at the storming of the judiciary: Iraq needs a constitutional government

In a statement issued on the situation in Iraq, the European Union expressed its concern, saying that while the right to peaceful demonstration is one of the foundations of democracy, it is essential that laws and government institutions remain effective and serve the people, and judicial institutions should perform free from external pressures. .

In its statement, the European Union indicated that it welcomes every effort to calm the situation in Iraq and encourages all parties to resolve their differences and problems through dialogue and within the framework of the constitution.

This comes in conjunction with the setting up of demonstrators, supporters of the Sadrist movement, on Tuesday (August 23, 2022), their tents in front of the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council building, in the capital, Baghdad, and their demand for the council to dissolve the Iraqi parliament, which the council confirmed earlier that it is not within its powers.

In response to that demonstration, the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council announced that it would suspend its work for a day.

In this regard, the European Union said: “While peaceful demonstration is important to democracy, legal and governmental institutions must continue to provide their services to the people of Iraq.”

The European Union stressed that “the judicial institutions (in Iraq) should work away from external pressures.”

On this, the European Union statement said: “The European Union welcomes the recent steps aimed at reducing tensions, and calls on all parties to resolve any differences between them through political dialogue and within the framework of the constitution.”

And the European Union says in its statement: “Iraq needs a constitutional government that faces the many challenges facing the country, and this matter is important for coordination with the international community as well   link

I was curious about that I know the Al kazim and go down and told the protesters they have a rate but if we’re inside the 50 day window I’d sure like to know where we’re at

What is the meaning of 50 days? From when?

It talks about a company that mediated the currency auctions, this company is being fined billions of dinar because they traded during the 50 day period preceding the date of the exchange rate change…which is illegal.

So, when did the 50 day window begin because when we know that, we know when the release is expected

Another thing Al Kazemi is running off to different countries carrying on conferences how do I business as usual for a normal Prime Minister but he’s not the normal Prime Minister….Keywords exchange rate, do you remember it being said  Al kazim  went to the protesters in parliament and said we have a rate? I don’t think he was talking about a program rate

Agreed skinman, he has been operating as a PM should operate, in running and representing the country. I believe we are at the latter part of the 50 days. May have been triggered when the EFSL was ratified or there about, mid July. AND,,the Judiciary may be privy to it hence to keep from rendering a decision that will cause the country to collapse, issue a decision date AFTER the 50 day window.

Yada I believe EFSL was June 8th

June 8th was when it was voted but wasn’t ratified till some 20 days later. Memory was they the President didn’t sign it the 15 days lasped making it law and was after our 4th of of July that it was listed in the gazette.

Yada, the 50th day was today from July 4th.

But considering the 30th is the SCOI decision day and IF they are going to do it after the expected release, If that is the plan, we are very close from now to before Wednesday.

Yada those dates do lineup makes sense name of the SCOI knew something and they said we won’t decision until the 30th

I’ve got a question…We and Iraq are waiting on the courts decision about their elections but they also said we aren’t geting involved???

Lawsuits were filed and now the court has to address the issues before the court

Al-Sadr Minister: They want to form a government to sell what’s left of Iraq

Today, Thursday, Al-Sadr’s minister, known as “Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi”, renewed his attack on the coordination framework’s attempts to form the new government, indicating that they “want to form a government to complete the sale of what was “.left of Iraq

And he said in a statement posted on his Facebook page and followed by (Baghdad Today), that “a parliament that did not justify its oath and could not carry out its tasks, in which there are representatives between a partisan who only wants the interest of his party or sect, and an (independent) who is almost (user), and a prime minister.

They describe him as a conductor of business. There are many threats and ”.threats against him, and there is no balance with which he can carry out his duties He added, “Ministers are between the corrupt and the helpless…there is no security, no balanced diplomatic relations, no independence, no health, no education, no agriculture, no industry, no work: (unemployment), no roads, no bridges, no flight, no justice…and drought and drought hit the country.”

And the “President of the “Republic is stripped of powers The statement added, “The judiciary has neglected corruption out of fear or greed, neglected evidence and audio and video leaks, and arrested a boy for stealing (paper tissues). So what is expected from a law that applies to young people and the poor “?and does not apply to the corrupt, the dependent and the militia He commented on the constitution that “a constitution was drafted by a group that is not specialized in the law, and they sewed it according to their needs. They change it “.with the help of the judiciary when it does not conform to their desires

He added, “Parties whose only concern is to strengthen their influence are far from the love of the homeland and do not feel the concerns of the people, even those who applaud or vote for them. Absolutely,” noting that “these are the elements of “!?power: (Fattoush), so how do you want the people to respect it Al-Sadr’s minister continued, “Where is the state’s prestige that has been violated by corruption, crime, drugs, uncontrolled weapons, the epidemic, external interference, “!?and so on,” adding: “Why do you despise the demand for reform and for how long On the demand for reform by the demonstrators and supporters of the Sadrist movement, he stressed that “yes, they despise him because they want to form a government in order to complete the sale of what is left of Iraq and plunder the rest of its wealth and bounties and to subjugate those who have not submitted to them .until now, yes, whatever you are

The statement concluded by saying: “And God does not change what (people) unless “.they ask to change their bitter reality Yesterday, Wednesday, Saleh Muhammad Al-Iraqi, known as “Minister of Al-Sadr,” issued a 16-point statement, while promising a “surprising” .move

The Minister of Al-Sadr said in a statement received (Baghdad Today) that “the mouthpieces of power have come against the revolution, and I will characterize them in another article if they do not patronize, as they came when we protested before :the Supreme Judicial Council, and the reasons are as follows 

.First: Fearing that the judiciary will resort to exposing their corruption files

Second Third: They thought that the demonstrators would storm the Council, and therefore files would fall into their hands that expose everyone without exception.

Third The (Framework) considers the judiciary the only protector for them..If the sit-in : continues in front of it, they will not have a future and they will not be able to form a government

Fourth: The fall of the current regime

Fifthly Perhaps the fall of corruption in the Iraqi judiciary means for them that the : .revolution may overthrow corrupt people like them

Sixth: They consider the judiciary to be the head, and the fall of the head means the .fall of what is below it

Seventh: What bothered them the most was the demand for the resignation of Faeq .)Zaidan, who is considered the biggest supporter (of the tire :

He added that “what actually resulted from this sit-in, is as follows 

First: The revolutionaries proved their courage and surprise, and this frightened them. The Almighty said: (So did the people of the villages believe that Our )misfortune comes to them while they are asleep

Second: We have removed the international pressures by calling for dialogue with the .corrupt, for they have declared that they are obliged not to

Third: I think that the judiciary will try to uncover some corruption files in order to .stave off another sit-in

Fourth: Perhaps he will issue arrest warrants against those who demand reform, right or wrong, and not issue that against the other party, and this will expose great .corruption in the judicial institution and inform the people of their actions

Fifth: The exposure of some parties that used to claim moderation, impartiality and .independence

Sixth: The announcement of the suspension of the judiciary’s work was not constitutional, which means that the judiciary is trying to remove suspicions from it .in an illegal way, especially since the demonstration was peaceful

Seventh: It was a break in the noses of the corrupt, as they could not defend themselves and imitate the actions of the revolution, as they did previously with the .call for millions of demonstrations last week

Eighth: Everyone is unanimously agreed that corruption has affected the judicial institution and has been in place for twenty years, and most are unanimously agreed on that.. As soon as the (current) protested before it, the judiciary became second to .none and was almost infallible, as well as corruption and unjustice

Ninth: Whether this step is considered a failure or a success… it means that we will take another sudden step that they would not have imagined if the people decided to “.continue the revolution and undermine and anger the corrupt   link

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