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Samson » August 26th, 2022

Legal expert: Recent events open the door to international intervention in Iraqi affairs

25th August, 2022

The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, confirmed that the recent events open the door to the intervention of the United Nations in the internal affairs, pointing to the importance of holding an emergency session of Parliament in order to correct the situation.

Al-Tamimi told Al-Maalouma, “The recent events will be a justification for the intervention of the United Nations and the issuance of a Security Council resolution in accordance with Articles 39, 24 and 34 of the UN Charter, because the disruption of constitutional institutions gives the Security Council a justification for intervention in countries, as they are considered countries where a breach of peace and security has occurred. internationals”.

He added, “Parliament must hold an emergency session in accordance with Article 58 of the Constitution at the invitation of the Speaker, or at the request of 50 deputies, or at the invitation of the President of the Republic, as it is an issue related to security.”

And he indicated that “the council, in the event of its convening, takes the steps by which it dissolves itself after a certain period and grants the government the emergency power stipulated in the constitution until early elections are held without condition or restriction because the country is going through a dangerous turning point and allows unwanted international interference.”  LINK

Sir » August 26th, 2022

IMO-This happened in early February when parliament dissolved itself by not electing the presidents and the Prime Minister. They violated their constitutional law and were no longer a part of the government.

This puts Kazemi in full control of the government and its duties according to the constitution. With the corruption in so many areas of the government and private sectors, Kazemi and his team are doing a remarkable job of bringing the corrupt to justice.

As far as the UN , “forget it” they tend to bring trouble with them every time they get involved. The UN’s house needs cleaning before it can even be credible or even relevant in today’s world. When Kazemi needs help, he has the people of Iraq and they are ready and willing to be of service to Iraq. 


MilitiaMan » August 26th, 2022

Whether we like the UN or not, they bring arrows in their quiver to the table. Because of what you say above has some relevance,  it is not however, taking into consideration that the corruption that is so rampant and that there has been unprecedented threats against not just the judiciary, but the finance minister and political side of the circumstances.

Sadr’s right hand man was assassinated if I recall correctly.  Al-Alawi was threatened with his life and with black mail in teh mix, politicians wanting to speak out are asking for protection to do so, as speaking out  can be a death sentence for anyone in doing so.

Do to the “” emergency the UN describes may from the legitimacy given by UN  whether we like it or not, can be wielded now under such circumstances as to be the bad guy… It wasn’t us that dissolved the parliament it was them..

There is data out lately to support that if they don’t have things sorted accordingly in short order they can impose Chapter VII tutelage..  That my friends would not be in our favor. imo.. So, lets not shoot them in the foot and think they are not relevant.. imo They are.

If they do intervene under the articles above, then, all those that have been threatened can possibly sleep a little better knowing they were not the ones that dissolved them selves. The UN will have that on their hands again, whereby if by issuing a Security Council resolution becomes the action taken. We shall see if the previous dissolution proves this is all just a dog and pony show or not.

Btw.. The EFSL became law in middle of JULY  – ish 2022.. That CBI 50 day mention about exchange rate change noted in the article yesterday has relevance to auctions and to timing.

The breach of the auctions within the 50 days of an exchange rate change was acted on and we see the results of that in the article. Alawi was given the green light we recall, hence, once he was threatened he had to protect himself. That guy in the article has lost many things from his corruption..

The clock is ticking.. IMO.. ~ MM

Samson » August 26th, 2022

Al-Kazemi’s advisor identifies the supervisory bodies supervising the emergency support law 

25th August, 2022

Thursday, the Financial Adviser to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed the entry into force of the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development, while specifying the supervisory authorities that supervise its implementation.

Saleh said, “The Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development No. 2 of 2022 has now entered into force, especially after the financial instructions accompanying the same law were issued.”

He added, “The work will continue to apply the law until the completion of the distribution of its allocations to the exchange sections stipulated by the law and which are detailed by the financial instructions.”

He pointed out that “the central control agencies referred to in Article 14 of the Emergency Food Security Law are responsible for exercising their supervisory and legal functions in the best way, in addition to the central role in implementation and follow-up, which is assumed by the ministries of finance and planning to ensure the accuracy of the law’s application.”   LINK


ATPinfinity » August 26th, 2022

the Emergency Support Law for Food Security….. of 2022 has now entered into force, especially after the financial instructions accompanying the same law were issued.

were issued.were issued.AS IN TODAY!

Remember all the talk about ….MECHANISMS (ACTIVATION?)
especially after the financial instructions…..were issued.

“…work will continue to apply the law until the completion of the distribution of its allocations to the exchange sections…detailed by the financial instructions.”

“to apply the law until the completion ..exchange sections…financial instructions.”

Deputy: The Presidency of Parliament rejected a proposal related to the Food Security Law

25th August, 2022

The independent deputy Haider Ali Sheikhan revealed, on Thursday, the rejection of the Presidency of the House of Representatives, a proposal submitted by 160 elected members of Parliament to supervise and control the funds allocated in the Food Security Law.  

Sheikhan said in a statement to “Al-Maalouma”, “The request was submitted by us before the vote on food security, but it was rejected,” noting that “the proposal includes putting a paragraph in the Food Security Law. Members of the House of Representatives elected by the people have the right to supervise and follow up on funds in a law Food security”. 

Mark » August 26th, 2022


Samson » August 26th, 2022

Reveal the amount of deposits in Iraqi banks

08/26/2022 10:34:44

An economist estimated the amount of deposits in Iraqi banks and banks.

Manar Al-Obaidi said in a statement that {Euphrates News} received a copy of it: “The amount of deposits in Iraqi banks is estimated at 100 trillion dinars.”

And he indicated that “the amount of deposits with private banks is about 20% of the total deposits.”

Al-Obaidi pointed out that “five private banks account for 51% of the total private sector deposits.” He pointed out that “the volume of cash outside the banking system is about 70 trillion dinars.”  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » August 26th, 2022

An Iraqi hacker claims responsibility for cyber attacks on government and party websites

26th August 2022

On Friday, an Iraqi hacker team claimed responsibility for the cyber attacks that affected a number of government and party websites.

The “GN-Cyber” team said, in a statement received by Shafak News Agency, “In support of the Ashura revolution that came out against injustice and corruption, we announce our responsibility for targeting and disrupting a number of media websites affiliated with the power parties on August 26, 2022 in a ddos attack that caused their removal from the service”.

The team clarified that “these websites are the website of the Supreme Judicial Council, the website of the head of the wisdom movement Ammar al-Hakim, the website of the Dawa Party, the website of Al-Ahd channel, the website of Afaq channel, the website of Al-Ghadir TV, and the website of Watan TV.” LINK

A government meeting to complete the project to modernize public financial management systems

25th August, 2022

Thursday, the Ministry of Finance held an expanded meeting to complete the project to modernize public financial management systems.

A statement by the ministry stated that Mawazine News received a copy of it, that “the Minister of Finance and Agency Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar chaired an expanded meeting to complete the stages of preparing the project to modernize the public financial management systems IFMIS, with the participation of members of the project’s steering committee and the head of the project management team PMT, and the AARC consultancy company for the ICC contract, in the presence of the Undersecretary of the Ministry and directors of the departments concerned with the implementation of the project.

The statement added, “During the meeting, reports related to the project’s work were reviewed in terms of studying the market and potential risks, as well as approving the outputs of the first phase of the project, in addition to discussing the strategic factors for the success of the IFMIS project (19??), and providing all means within efforts to complete it in a manner that ensures its safety from various potential strategic risks.

He pointed out that “the basis for implementing the digitization of financial management was discussed during the meeting, which includes implementing the first phase of the integrated financial management system, presenting new ways of working to be implemented through new tools and practices, in addition to integrating and simplifying public financial management processes, as well as enhancing planning, strategy and optimal use of financial resources.

According to the statement, Abdul-Jabbar stressed that “the application of the system will work to achieve a set of goals, the most important of which is financial discipline, reducing errors, achieving efficiency and effectiveness in the use of government resources, in addition to providing accurate and real-time data and information on all government financial information that helps provide services efficiently and effectively.” Pointing to raising the level of financial transparency, follow-up, control and financial accountability, as well as increasing the ability to properly plan government cash flows.

The statement continued, “The system is a means of linking all public government agencies and contains all the functions of public financial management from the financial and accounting operations that take place in all stages of preparing and implementing the budget, starting from the strategic planning stage and ending with the accounting stage and submitting final accounts.”

He pointed out that “the process of implementing the system comes within the framework of the adoption of the financial and economic reform project represented in the white paper, and with the aim of shifting towards integrated financial and accounting management that is consistent with internationally approved programs and systems.”   LINK

Paulette » August 26th, 2022

Happy Day for Dinar Holders!!!!  Interesting timing considering court case on Tuesday……

MilitiaMan » August 26th, 2022

Yes indeed.. The cogs are turning and are getting plenty of grease.. lol ~ MM

Samson » August 26th, 2022

12.4 billion dollars, the value of the “Central of Iraq” initiatives to revive the economy

26th August, 2022

During the past few years, the Central Bank of Iraq launched several development initiatives, which amounted to 18 trillion dinars (approximately 12.4 billion dollars) in order to revive the country’s economy, which has gone through difficult conditions as a result of the crises in Mesopotamia, from the war on ISIS to low prices. Oil, which constitutes a large proportion of the public budget.

The initiatives of the Central Bank of Iraq included vital and effective sectors that approach the requirements of citizens, especially housing, renewable, agricultural and industrial energy, by enabling citizens to obtain loans through private banks to buy and build a residential home, as well as financing small, medium and large projects.

Economical development

Last June, the Central Bank of Iraq announced that it would continue to provide the necessary funding for its development initiatives, and raised its financial amounts to reach 18 trillion dinars (approximately 12.4 billion dollars).

According to a statement by the Central Bank of Iraq, the increase in financial allocations comes in response to the success achieved in the development initiatives launched by the bank to finance various private sector projects and housing loans.

The bank said that this increase will contribute to financing economic development projects, increasing local production and reducing unemployment by providing job opportunities, as well as contributing to supporting various government efforts to confront climate change.

It is noteworthy that the investment portfolio of the Central Bank of Iraq represents a real support and a catalyst for economic growth along with the various government efforts.

A big role

The Governor of the “Central of Iraq” Mustafa Ghaleb Mikheib confirmed, earlier, that “the Bank played a major role in moving the wheel of the economy and its progress, as our development initiatives, which exceeded 17 trillion dinars, targeted active and vital sectors, including all segments of society and its categories.”

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Ihsan Shamran al-Yasiri, said, “The bank has turned, since the beginning of last year, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, to invest in the fields of green economy and renewable energy in Iraq, and work has begun to form a special committee for renewable energy, after which the Central Bank Governor approved the launch of an initiative worth a trillion dinars.

Al-Yasiri added, in a previous statement, that “the Central Bank decided that the loans granted with an administrative commission only, and target all sectors of housing and business,” noting that “the establishment of the solar energy system will contribute to improving the environment and reducing risks.

National economy

Adviser to the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Samir Al-Nusairi described the Central Bank of Iraq and the banking sector as a mainstay for building a free national economy, strengthening the foundations of the Iraqi state and pushing it towards the process of growth and economic stability.

Al-Nusairi considered that building this sector on scientific foundations with the use of modern technologies and reliance on the best national expertise contributes greatly to the development and investment program, as it is the first financing link for small, medium and strategic projects during the past years until the present.

He pointed to the efforts made to support and stimulate the economy through rational use of monetary policy tools, safe investments, and flexible and balanced applications with the complex economic problems that Iraq has suffered and suffer from, the effects of economic closure, stagflation and changes in the global economy, especially the food and energy crises, the Corona pandemic, the war on terrorism and the Russian-Ukrainian war. 

He added that the Central Bank’s foreign reserves amounted to 82 billion dollars and its reserves of gold amounted to more than 130 tons, which is the fourth in the Arab world and the tenth in the world.  LINK

The General Secretariat announces the near completion of the second phase of the e-governance project

26th August, 2022

Announced today, Friday, the imminent completion of the second phase of the e-governance project, and while it revealed efforts for comprehensive digital transformation in state institutions and the trend to transform the granting of health certificates from paper to electronic, it confirmed the imminent completion of linking Governorates in entities not associated with ministries.

A spokesman for the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Haider Majid, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the e-governance project is proceeding with the steps set by the Supreme Committee headed by the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers,” noting that “the Supreme Committee has completed the preparation of the project and has entered into the implementation phase. There are advanced and advanced stages of the project.

Majid added, “The National Data Center, through the Ur electronic portal, and in cooperation with all official institutions and bodies not associated with ministries and governorates, has completed many programs,” noting that “the Ur electronic portal will provide more than 100 services to citizens.”

He pointed out that “there are memoranda of understanding put forward by the National Data Center with international and local organizations to support the center’s work,” explaining that “the center is now working on the process of converting the issuance of books of health certificates from paper to electronic.” 

He added, “The center works in coordination with all ministries, institutions and governorates to transform electronically, and there are workshops to equip institutions with devices and equipment related to the issue of electronic automation.”

He pointed out that “more than 90,000 documents have been dealt with between the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the ministries through the management of electronic document programs as a first stage,” explaining that “the work will be completed soon in the second stage, linking the governorates with the entities not associated with the ministries.”

And he indicated that “there is no specific time for the end of the work of e-governance in the Iraqi government,” stressing that “the government and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers are seeking a comprehensive digital transformation, and there are no significant obstacles in the file.”


China cancels some of its debts owed to 17 African countries

25th August, 2022

China announced the cancellation of some of its debts owed by 17 African countries.

This came in a speech delivered by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in front of ministers and representatives of African countries during the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, which was held remotely, about allocating reserves with China in the International Monetary Fund for the benefit of the countries of the continent.

The decision relates to canceling 23 interest-free loans to 17 African countries that were overdue in 2021.

China did not clarify the size of the debts that will be written off, nor the names of the countries involved in the decision, quoting the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”.   LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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