The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from POOF, Susan, DJ 8-28-22




Greetings and Salutations,

The clogged channels are formidable; the waves of churned up dramas is beyond anything you all need to know firsthand.

Because of the overflow of fake information and the misdirected data, and the intent to rob everyone of even their lives and due to the vaxxed insanity, you have all had to wait it out.

We had hoped for better conditions but those come and go; when it looks like it is finally breaking loose we learn of yet another issue that someone has brought up. It is crazy, crazy making times, and the universe is quite aware.

You have our sympathies.

Things and conditions will change and again patiences is required.

Love and Kisses,






Fence Sitters

You cannot have “fence-sitters” any longer. Even those who sit back and say, “I don’t care one way or another,” will eventually change, too.

Everyone will care when they see the profundity of what is happening. It’s about the future of humanity, and it’s too important to “sit it out.”

That’s what peace on Earth is about.

How are you doing? I’ll tell you, Human Beings. You are closer to this goal than you’ve ever been.




It may get worse before it gets better in your perception, in your reality. But if you see that, I challenge you in this holiday season. Can you stand up and say, “It is well with my soul?” If you can, that’s courage.

That’s what the soldiers do in battle. They armor themselves. Frightened they are, going to meet the enemy… and we told you there’d be a battle between the old energy and the new energy. We told you that you are the warriors of this new energy and that you carry the light.

Some of you are afraid now, and some of you are in this battle, and some of you don’t understand it at all.

The overview? You’re winning, and you don’t even know it.


through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via

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Obviously patience is a virtue







In an effort to understand the relevance of a GCR and why it is inevitable one first has to look at how the global financial system first began. If you were to dig into it, the concept of printing money, or at the time coin, could trace its origins back to the Roman Empire. (The Roman Empire was the first to mix, or smelt, alloys into coins). So instead of a coin being 100% gold or silver, less expensive copper, tin and nickel were blended into it.

In 1397 was the formation of the Medici Bank. The Medici developed the concept of creating a “Note” that would represent the actual physical metals held by the bank. Which was easier and safer to move vast sums without moving the actual physical metals. ( this “note” concept would later morph into the creation of “Financial instruments” I;E Sovereign Bonds and various currencies). They were among the earliest businesses, and first in banking, to use the “general ledger” system of accounting through the development of the “double-entry bookkeeping system” for tracking credits and debits. What in modern days we call a “financial statement”.

The concept of double-entry bookkeeping is the ability for banks in different locations (particularly global banks) to view the same account information of debits, credits and balances. You might say this was the grandfather of what would become the Central Banking System and the concept of “fractional banking”.

Fractional-reserve banking is the system of banking operating in almost every country. Under which banks that take deposits from the public are required to hold a proportion of their deposit liabilities in liquid assets as a reserve, and can lend the remainder to borrowers. To who, and under what conditions, money was lent became the force that manipulated global economies, governments and monarchies. Various families and companies who understood how to work the system could gain fortune, power and influence by manipulating that system. One example was “The West India Trading Company” who was granted a trade monopoly and given jurisdiction over Brazil, the West Pacific, the Caribbeans and North America. There were multiple families that rose in power and influence from abusing the system. One family in particular that would later rise in power were the Rothschild’s.

In the 1760’s Mayer Amschel Rothschild (born 1744) established a banking system which would later turn into an international banking conglomerate through his 5 sons who established businesses in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Naples. Which, at the time, were the 5 financial centers of Europe. Through their family network of businesses Nathan Rothschild , received, in London, the news of Wellington’s victory at the Battle of Waterloo a full day ahead of the government’s official messengers. This allowed him to buy up the British government bonds that were soon to be very valuable. The move effectively doubled the family wealth. This was just one example of how they manipulated bank instruments and the banking system for personal gain at the expense of the population.

This type of manipulation spread throughout the global banking system. The hard assets held (that supported those financial instruments) over the decades and centuries, were stolen in various ways through war, theft and illegal government or political seizures. Those seized or stolen assets were then illegally re-leveraged against other instruments, primarily currencies. But the original liabilities that were attached to those historical instruments (backed by the hard assets) are still on the books and must be accounted for before those hard asset’s values can be reintroduced and revalued into a new incorruptible financial system. Removing the ability for would-be wrong doers to manipulate the global populations.

In with the new out with the old.






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