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Angry demonstrators heading towards the presidential square in the Green Zone (video)

Today, Monday, a number of demonstrators headed towards the presidential square inside the .Green Zone

According to a video clip obtained by (Baghdad Today), a number of demonstrators carrying pictures of the leader of the Sadrist movement headed towards the presidential square after al- .Sadr announced his political retirement Today, Monday, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, announced his final retirement from politics and the closure of all .institutions Al-Sadr said in a tweet to him, which was followed by (Baghdad Today), “Many people, including Mr. Al-Haeri (his shadow), think that this leadership came thanks to “.them or by order

And he added, “No, that is thanks to my Lord first and from the flows of the father, who sanctified his secret, who did not abandon Iraq and its people, noting that “despite his resignation, Najaf Al-Ashraf is the largest headquarters of the reference, “.which is always the case And he continued, “I have never called for infallibility or ijtihad, not even (the leadership), but I enjoin good and forbid evil, and to God is the consequence of matters.

With his suffering, it may be that he will be a door to God’s satisfaction with ”.them, and how can I do this for them And he pointed out, “Despite my perception that the reference’s retirement was not of his own will, and the statement issued about him was also, but I had decided not to interfere in political affairs, so I now announce the final retirement and the closure of all institutions except the Holy Shrine and the Museum. Al-Sharif and the honorable Al-Sadr Heritage Committee, everyone is free from me, and if I die or am ”.killed, I ask you Al-Fatihah and supplication   link

It seems Sadr is retiring again, he tweeted I translated it but I’m not believing it yet hahaha…It’s breaking news I think it is real

Hopefully, he knows something we don’t.

is Sadr like Tom Brady?

Timing Tish. SCOI (Supreme Court of Iraq) making a decision on the disillusionment of parliament,,,very likely they will consider that the next step in lieu of them failing to form a government in the time limits.

I wonder what. Bagdad would look like when everyone one there has lots of money…………there really nice shopping malls will be like ….Black Friday

I haven’t been on here for a long time. is there anything at indicating that this will ever happen or is it just a bunch of ???????

I’m of the mind to be ready watchbandit. A lot of saber rattling in the GOI realm but not just limited in view because politics playing their games. Take a look at TOTAL. They were threatening to walk by 7-31-22 if this was not resolved and we didn’t hear one iota of them walking. It like going to a private night club and only select people are allowed in

They were let in on Something because they didn’t walk. Believe their contract was initiated so something is up. Because I invested in something, I will never curse my blessing and remain optimistic our expected end is about to be seen.

Ignore the noise.


A former Sadrist spokesman: Al-Sadr retired due to a major conspiracy by religious parties

In your name oh God

If His Eminence al-Sadr, the leader, retires because of the great conspiracy that was plotted against him and in which parties claiming to be religious participated in it, this does not mean that we, the resistant Sadrist people, should retire, because the hell of our swords against the corrupt and the agents is still raging.  Wants to avoid bloodshed

We are honored to shed our blood for the country      link

Al-Sadr’s private office issues strict instructions to the current’s supporters for the coming period

On Monday, the Sadrist movement’s private office issued strict instructions to the movement’s supporters for the coming period.   

And the office stated in a document, a copy of which was received by “Nass” (August 29, 2022), that “it is strictly forbidden to interfere in all political, governmental and media matters, raise slogans, flags and political chants and use any media, including social media platforms, in the name of the Sadrist movement.

On Monday, the Central Committee of the Sadrist movement sent a message to the sit-in in the Green Zone.  

And the committee stated in a statement that “People” received a copy of it, (August 29, 2022), “To the honorable protesting brothers, after the end of the blessed assignment, we apologize if we had defaulted in the previous days. God) by suspending the work of the committee, and God is the best preserver and helper.”     

On Monday, the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, announced his final retirement and decided to close all institutions affiliated with the Sadrist movement, except for his father’s shrine.  link

The Federal Court decides to consider the case for dissolving Parliament for tomorrow without pleading

In view of the fact that the number of plaintiffs in the lawsuits scheduled to be heard on Tuesday, 30/8/2022 amounted to (1036) plaintiffs, in addition to their attorneys numbering (43) and the inability of the courtroom and its building to accommodate the mentioned numbers.

And since the original, based on the provisions of Article (21/Third) of the Court’s Rules of Procedure No. (1) of 2022, is to consider cases without pleading unless the court deems it necessary to conduct a plea in the presence of the parties , and for the aforementioned reason, the court decided to consider the cases without pleading and the court completes its procedures In accordance with the provisions of Item (Fifth) of Article (21) of the aforementioned bylaws   link

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