Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update “A Hunger Strike isn’t an Answer” 8-30-22


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

08/30/2022 A Hunger Strike isn’t an Answer to Communist Takeover

Nick Fleming talked to his government contacts in Iraq today, August 30, 2022. He was told that the unrest continues with terrible violence in the streets, with weapons of all kinds on display. El Sadr has requested this end now. Sadr is starting a “hunger strike” to protest this violence and to ask his people to go to their homes and out of the streets. This request for further starvation isn’t working.

The Iraq Parliament is formed, sitting in the wings, Nick was told again, same as last week. This new Parliament is only waiting for an announcement to be given to the People of Iraq, telling them that the “new Parliament is Formed,” and the international rate will immediately follow. WTH. Backroom deals are obviously still the status quo in Iraq. Immediately following this announcement within a few day’s the new IQD rate will go live on FOREX. The entire world waits because while there is gunfire in the streets there will be no new Parliament.

Of course, this story has been told many times. The return of Iraq’s Independence and rightful place on the world stage is nigh, only to see war erupt immediately. Anyone would guess there’s a plot or something… 

One question that remains unanswered is, who is in control of the country of Iraq while this battle wages in the streets.

In a call with the Chinese Elders today, Nick heard again about their disgust with US. That the US is part of the problems going on all over the world, with Redemption/Exchange not happening for 209 countries. What wasn’t discussed though, is that nothing can happen until the US is FREE of the corrupt control of the CABAL and their 3-letter armies, bent on the death of millions and billions of people. Nothing can happen until the BANKING SYSTEM is legitimate and honest.

These “Elders” are blaming DJT for not letting RV GCR begin prior to leaving office. Anyone with half a brain would know that if he had done, and if the 2020 Election had been stolen (which it would have done), under the present “Administration” everyone that received money would likely be imprisoned or dead. Harsh words, yes, deserved for a harsh time. The Communist Party is taking control of the world in a bold, calculated move that is carried along by politicians in every country coerced with their money. Where’s the Quantum Financial System in all these obvious “money laundering schemes?” Conspicuously absent.

To all considered “Tier 3 and 4,” there’s nothing to say about the days ahead except, be prepared for any and all hardship, just like all the rest of the world. Until the ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION is honored and validated by a Lawful Justice System, there is no hope of Freedom. There is no possibility of Abundance through Redemption. The Omnipotent God above will not allow this Exchange/Redemption to take place only to see the proceeds taken away, stolen like the 2020 Election. The Communist Party must be dealt with once and for all. The ability to Trust the Banking System, the Monetary System, the Justice System, the Political System; every “System” in the world, controlling the lives of billions of people has been corrupted. This must end. The Rule of Law must be made evident once again so that We the People live normal lives based on principles of Freedom from oppression.

Just like in Iraq, where people have taken to the streets in protest, protesting their corrupt government, the weak and evil, self-serving leaders who have stolen the innocence of two generations of people; protests everywhere will escalate. When the lack of energy, lack of food, the lockdowns, all escalate, so too will the costs of everything as the US Dollar plunges into the toilet. By all accounts, this winter will be tough for everyone. Hunker down. It’s likely to get worse before it gets better.


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