The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8-30-22


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 8-30-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It’s Tuesday, August 30th And you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in everybody again, for what will be hopefully, our last call. We’ll see how that goes. I do have some intel that’s looking very strong for us. So we’ll approach that in the Intel section.

Let’s take a look at where we are on our intelligence – because we did get some information this afternoon and then we got more information – Oh, an hour, an hour and a half before the call tonight. So it’s very, very positive. You know, I get a little antsy when it gets towards the end of the month – wondering whether or not they’re going to let it go before the first of next month or not.

And we kind of have the answer to that. At least we believe the information that we’re getting is very strong. We had had three or four different sets of Intel providers – our top sources – indicate for notifications. Remember, we haven’t talked since Thursday night.

So we had heard Monday, Tuesday – We had heard Monday, Tuesday from another and then we heard Monday – Tuesday -Wednesday, from our lead bank. And I thought, okay, are we really pushing all the way to Wednesday?

Are we really going all the way to Wednesday, thinking that we would have this today? Well, we didn’t have it today. So that information didn’t hold up. But what we found out was – alright, let’s go back.

Remember, all 209 countries around the globe are having their own currencies asset backed – gold backed – other assets count as well – not just gold.

So we finally had the last two countries come in.  See today is Tuesday – They came in Sunday afternoon. One was Mexico – they came in around two or three o’clock in the afternoon with their gold backed currency, their Peso and then we also had Canada was the last country to come in with a gold backed Canadian dollar –

So they got it in just in time to trade starting Sunday night, which they do the Forex itself closes down from about four o’clock in the afternoon on Friday – and then reopens Sunday night – some are Sunday afternoon, Sunday, Sunday evening.

And then the banks do their trading starting at around nine or 9:30pm Sunday night for the week. And so this was the case.

So that was a good thing. I was like okay, we’re not waiting on any, any of the countries to have their gold backed currency or their asset backed currency ready  or at least declared that they have it.

And I thought okay, but guess what, today we heard earlier, or no, we heard this last night. Oh, but there’s one more thing. One more thing to do, but we didn’t know what it was. And we still don’t know what it is.

So that one more thing which we don’t know what it is – Maybe done now, or may not yet be done. We don’t know. But the later information is telling us it actually could be Iraq because Iraq did dissolve their parliamentary form of government.

The former Prime Minister Hashemi is going to be taking over again as commander in chief of Iraq – and their new republic. So they’re going to a new republic form of government, like we are going to a restored Republic form of government as well.

Okay, so that occurred and what we’re hearing and this came directly from our sources in Iraq that the Iraqi dinar rates should be out tomorrow and possibly seen here as early as tomorrow. I’m going to qualify that was the idea of when we think we’re going to start exchanges.

Because we got information later today, from I think about as high up as sources you can go in the treasury, and it’s indicating that we will have our notifications within 36 hours of 6pm Tonight Eastern.

What that means is as I get distracted here, sorry that we should have our notifications tomorrow.

It could drag over a little bit into Thursday, but I’m being told by from the same source that we would have exchange capability on Thursday – the first of September – and that is what I thought would happen. And I’m not I’m not calling it but I’m very close to doing that – because this makes sense to me.

That they would have an appointment set up on the last day of the month of August, Set our appointment and start on the first of September – that makes sense to me – And I think that’s what we should be looking for.

And if the information of 36 hours, and that’s within 36 hours, not in within 36 hours of 6pm Tonight, and if you can do the math, you can figure out when that would be over. We should get this party started and get exchanges starting on the first of September, which is Thursday.

So the other thing is the bondholders that are expecting their emails.  Those we heard earlier were supposed to go out or they are to go out either overnight tonight or tomorrow to receive those and those emails are the ones that give the bondholders access ability to their funds in that they can already see their accounts. But they haven’t been able to access yet — They would get the codes the access codes in those emails –

Whether it comes in overnight tonight, or tomorrow – we’re going to have a virtual shotgun start with tier three bondholders – so Iraq’s got a new deal going tomorrow – Hashemi should be let’s say sworn in as commander in chief of Iraq.  And that’s tomorrow morning. We think Iraq time.

And so we should be receiving our notifications and getting this party started. I would say we’d be hopefully exchanging on Thursday.  That’s what it looks like.

Is there a possibility we can go tomorrow with exchanges? I think there’s that possibility, but I don’t see it personally – I think it would be on Thursday – the first –  I think that’s when they’ll do it – and that’s what we were getting from the highest source that we have in the treasury.

Okay, so that’s what I wanted to share with you guys tonight.

I want to thank you everybody – this has been a really wild 11 years. And I believe you know guys, I’m not calling it but I’m telling you the information that I’m getting. I’m giving you the latest information that we have. It looks very, very good. To be notified tomorrow, and start on Thursday

Let’s just believe for that. We’re gonna pray that in.

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