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A source reveals to “Information” about the hidden American role in “Green Sedition”

Anbar..A high-ranking security source in Anbar province revealed, on Wednesday, that the US forces had prior knowledge of the process of storming the presidential palaces by the demonstrators.

The source said in a statement to the “Information” agency that “the US forces stationed inside the Green Zone building in central Baghdad had prior knowledge of the process of the demonstrators storming the presidential palaces, and they paved the way for this process to spread chaos and find a pretext to drag the opponents into internal fighting to achieve a goal that has become known to everyone.” .

The source added, “The US forces evacuated a number of their forces before the storming process began, in addition to taking unprecedented security measures on the US embassy building and other sites inside the Green Zone.”

He explained, “The security forces, the popular crowd and other types of security services felt the presence of an external plot and refrained from firing at the demonstrators when they stormed the presidential palaces and thwarted the scheme that almost dragged the country into a sectarian war.


You know I hear Rioting and people getting killed and talk of how everything that Iraq worked for is gone and over, that they’ve lost it. Then I hear Sadr I said stop it and go home and they do. I hear their Supreme Court It’s supposed to make a ruling on the 30th, then I hear the 30th is a holiday and they’re not in session so now tomorrow the 31st they’re supposed to make a decision

I hear they don’t wanna make a decision, that they would rather have the United Nations or the United States step in and take the situation over and have them dissolve parliament. It’s all incredibly confusing and half the time I scratch my head wondering to myself was this last move good or bad. Myself like many other people I’m sure Have enough dinar to live comfortably for the rest of their lives and enhance their dependence lives for decades to come.

Being so close to having a life that I could only have dreamed of and being able to take care of my great great great great grand children generations from now is so exciting. But when will this happen some people say within the next several days others say years if ever. So who are you supposed to go ahead and listen to?

Worse than that the Iraqi people law about the strength of their currency and it will be the most powerful in the region. The government has money but no way to make laws and distribute to these people until they form a government and then it gets really creative. These greedy politicians wanting to stay in power and not change anything and continue to steal from the government is the people get poorer and poorer.

There are times I wonder if it will ever change if I get a chance to exchange or get a chance to see the country of Iraq rise to prosperity. I think of all the good things in the world can happen with this money is ready to be reinstated and then revalued…. I do believe it is close but it seems like the closer it gets the harder those bad people wanna push it away and keep it from ever happening

when it looks the worst then! remember Tony said most of his intel was very positive, have rich dreams friends…

Deputy for Law: Iraq is going through a dangerous political State of Law

MP Muhannad Al-Khazraji said that “Iraq is going through a dangerous political turning point.”

Al-Khazraji stressed in a statement that Al-Furat News received a copy of it that this situation “requires everyone to sit at the dialogue table to resolve the situation and formulate a new era in line with the desired change and preserve Iraq from external interference that is clearly interfering in shaping the shape of Iraqi politics.”

And he indicated that “the danger that surrounds the Iraqis is understood by all politicians, except that some of them fear confrontation and others benefit from chaos, which calls them to take responsibility and work with their Iraqi addresses and not rely on the outside in managing the crisis.” 

Al-Khazraji pointed out that “the phase of chaos will not end, but will only worsen unless there is a national will that abandons its sectarian and nationalist labels to formulate a new situation that limits the stalemate that has come to dominate the political scene, since not everyone is safe from what is happening.”turning point that requires the formulation of a new era

Baghdad today publishes the text of Article 81 of the Constitution, which Al-Kazemi spoke about

Baghdad Today), Tuesday, publishes the text of Article 81 of the Iraqi constitution,( .which the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, spoke about

First: The President of the Republic takes the place of the Prime Minister when the .position becomes vacant for any reason

Second: When the situation stipulated in item “First” of this article is achieved, the President of the Republic assigns another candidate to form the ministry, within a period not exceeding fifteen days, and in accordance with the provisions of Article 76 .of this Constitution

And earlier, Al-Kazemi said in a speech addressed to the people after the latest yesterday, which I followed (Baghdad Today), that “I am talking to you today, and I “.am in pain at the situation that the political conflict has brought us to

He added, “I extend my thanks to the security forces, which I wanted to be a party ;)to the conflict (uncontrolled weapons) with (uncontrolled weapons He explained that “for more than two years, we have been adopting a policy of confining arms to the hands of the state, despite all the accusations, appeals and “.missiles directed at us

And he added, “The pure Iraqi blood that fell yesterday sends a warning to every honest and authentic Iraqi that today we must face the bitter facts, and that arms “.should be placed under the authority of the state, in fact, not as a slogan and claim

He pointed out that “we have formed an investigation committee to determine those responsible for placing weapons in the hands of those who opened fire on the demonstrators and shed blood despite the strict directives we issued to prevent the use of bullets, and it must also be determined who opened fire, rockets and mortars on the government area throughout the night, and this shameful reality requires a ”.position.” honest and frank to confront it and confront it

And Al-Kazemi indicated that “the duplication of state and non-state is enough, and the official security system must be linked to all of its orientations, and there is no difference between this and that immediately with the Commander-in-Chief of the “.Armed Forces, and every undisciplined bears legal responsibility

He stressed that “the weapon that was used yesterday is wasted money, wasted blood, wasted opportunities. This weapon should be used to protect Iraq, not in power struggles.” For the armed forces in movements and duties, and politically, we have fulfilled our responsibility to launch a national dialogue between the various .political forces to help them reach a satisfactory solution for all

Al-Kazemi explained, “I say to my Iraqi family: Iraq is greater than everyone, and there is no person, party, or force more important than Iraq, and Iraq’s interests. I have served my people with honor and honesty, and I have never been a party or part of the problem, and I have been patient with all Types of abuse, obstruction, and declared war on all sides to weaken the state and its decision, blackmail it, or reduce everything that was achieved for electoral goals, and for reasons that do not .belong to the essence of Iraqi patriotism He pointed out that “in spite of that, I did not and will not abandon my responsibility before my people, and any option serves Iraq’s interests and security, and achieves political agreement between the various forces, and I was and still am “.with the principle of peaceful transfer of power

And Al-Kazemi said, “I warn from here, if they want to continue to stir up chaos, conflict, discord, and strife, and not listen to the voice of reason, I will take my moral and patriotic steps by announcing the vacancy of the position at the appropriate time, according to Article 81 of the constitution, and holding them accountable before the Iraqis, and before the history of our country.” It has been bleeding for many years, and every day we push to the death thousands of our best youth, why? For what sin and what offense?

And that every drop of blood is caused by chronic political failure, and this surrender to the language of spoils, quotas, and weak “.national affiliation   link

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